B&M only: Load $20+ Cash to your Amazon Account, Get $10 promo credit

This may sound a bit counter-intuitive if you hadn’t heard of it before, but Amazon has a new feature where you walk into a brick and mortar chain store, you hand them cold hard cash, and said cold hard cash magically appears as a balance in your Amazon.com account. You pay no fees for this service (take that PayPal!).

To encourage people to use this relatively new Amazon Cash service, Amazon has launched a new promotion. If you load $20+ before 7/31/17, you will receive (later via email) a $10 Amazon promotional store credit to spend in the future. So if you load exactly $20, it’s like getting 50% more. The $10 promotional store credit must be spent by 8/31/17. The $20+ balance is a gift card balance, it never expires.

A barcode is generated that is a link to your Amazon account. You show that barcode at the B&M store when you load your cold hard cash. The bar code can be generated with a web browser or using the Amazon app. Details on how to generate and save it at the linked pages. You can even print it.

A number of chain stores are participating in this promotion, including GameStop, CVS, Fred’s, Speedway, KwikTrip, and more.

Make sure you get a receipt of the transaction ~ in case any enterprising employees decide to be “adventurous” with the promotion during the early days 🙂

I will attempt this promotion the next time I’m near one of the participating stores. I will post another post chronicling my “adventure” 🙂

It is interesting how Amazon is sending foot traffic to brick and mortar stores in order to encourage customers to shop online 🙂