They Are Back: Seagate External and Internal HDDs (1 to 10TB)

All your terrabytes are belong to you! A Seagate Storage Sale featuring 19 external and internal hard drives ranging from 1TB to 10TB is also part of the Black Friday festivities at the Gold Box. Some of them:

+ 8TB Backup Plus Hub External for $150
+ 8TB Backup Plus Hub External for MAC for $150 (hoooray no Apple Tax!)
+ 8TB Expansion External for $142.49
+ 5TB Backup Plus External for $120 (four different colors if you like to color-code backups)
+ 4TB Backup Plus External for $94

+ Ironwolf and Barracuda internal models ranging from 1TB ($40) to 10TB ($300)

+ limit three per item per customer
+ offers end Sat 3am ET (or earlier if sold out)

Rumors that a vial with “Tears of Western Digital” is included with every purchase are COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED!

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