Bag The Bags: $10 or $18 Lowepros shipped, Manfrottos, Kelly Moores, Tenba, Brenthaven, Tamrac

And now we have a new installment of “Bag the (Camera) Bags”. Free shipping on the items mentioned in this post:

+ Lowepro Nova Sport 7L AW Shoulder Bag for DSLR or CSC Cameras, in Pepper Red color scheme, for $10
+ ends 8/10/15 or earlier if sold out

+ Lowepro Passport Sling II Camera Bag in Black/Red for $18
+ ends 8/5/15 or earlier if sold out

+ Manfrotto Stile MBSH-2BB Solo II Holster for DSLR for $18
+ ends 8/5/15 or earlier if sold out

+ Tamrac Travel Pack 73 Photo Backpack for DSLR with Lens Attached, Extra Lenses and Flash, Black for $30

+ Brenthaven BX2 Camera Messenger Bag – fits MacBook Pro 13.3″, 14″, 15.4″ & DSLR Camera for $60

+ Tenba Switch 7 Mirrorless Camera Bag, Faux Leather Flap, Black for $60

+ Manfrotto Advanced Gear Backpack, Large, Black for $75
+ ends 8/4/15 or earlier if sold out

+ Kelly Moore Bag Sale
+ 22 options available there, price range $99 to $199