Amazon Devices On Sale for SuperBowl

Amazon is among the companies paying big bucks for high profile SuperBOWL ads and to go along with their ads, their Gold Box has a sale on various Amazon devices that are Alexa-compatible. You don’t need an Alexa device to buy these, they are devices that run Alexa!

+ Fire TV Stick with Alexa for $35
+ Echo Dot (2nd Generation) for $40
+ Echo (2nd Generation) for $85
+ Echo Spot for $115
+ Echo SHOW for $150
+ 10 inch Fire HD with Alexa for $120
+ various other combo options on each listing above

They also have a couple of Valentine’s gift bundles for their latest generation Kindle Paperwhite e-reader:

+ Kindle Paperwhite Valentine’s Bundle for $147 (Paperwhite e-reader, Leather Cover, Kindle Tote bag; limit one per customer)
+ another Kindle Paperwhite Bundle for $150 but with a Shoulder Travel Bag instead of a Tote bag (limit one per customer)
+ the Shoulder Travel Bag on its own goes for $50, while the Leather Cover goes for $40, and the Paperwhite on its own goes for $100