Adorama’s Best of Canon, Nikon and Sony

Adorama has created a nice visual page with their Best Canon, Nikon and Sony offers from the latest round of instant savings. This is very handy because I can’t find time to create summaries or even go through all the Instant Savings promotions of every manufacturer. For next Black Friday, I am definitely merging with IBM’s Watson 🙂

Impromptu Lightning Deals Updates
These expired…

In the meantime, it’s time for another dive into the Lightning Deals to see if they have any late night surprises…

UPDATE: this doesn’t justify its own post, so I’m just appending it here, good until Friday 1:10am ET you can get the Pelican 1200 Camera Case With Foam for $33 with free shipping.

Ending by Friday 1:20am ET, you can get the new condition Buffalo TeraStation 3410DN 4-Bay 4 TB NAS TS3410DN0404 Hard Drives Included for $482 with free shipping. It is 33% claimed as of 10pm ET.

In case of relationship emergencies or as a gift, this “Coffee Mug” (yes, a late night clickbait!) goes for $10 until Friday 1am ET and it is 63% claimed as of 10pm ET 🙂

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