64GB Samsung EVO Select microSDXC returns to $20

If you are a fan of the Samsung green-gray (“EVO Select”) microSD cards, their 64GB UHS-3 card has oscillated back down to $20 at Amazon by Amazon itself with up to ten per customer at the sale price. It comes with a full SD adapter. The 128GB goes for $40, and these two “defeat” the 256GB and 32GB options in this line in $/GB.

On the other hand if you are a fan of the Sandisk, their 64GB Ultra microSDXC [CORRECTED LINK!] UHS-I A1 also goes for $20, so price is a wash, you can decide on the merits of each card. Their 128GB goes for $39 which actually defeats in $/GB their 200GB Ultra microSDXC which goes for $65. [MATH CORRECTED]

None of these are lightning deals, so expiration time is unknown…