50% to 60% off DRM-free e-Books (ends Wedn 8am ET)

Today is, among many other things (because there are many things and only 366 days per days), is “Day Against DRM”, freedom from artificial digital leashes (insert anti-DRM-rant-ExTreMe-EDiTiOn-2016-rem1x.html here). To celebrate, O’Reilly Books have a 50% off sale with coupon DRM2016. If your order total is $100+, then the coupon gets you 60% off. This only applies to e-books, not print books, not print+digital. Their “Learning Paths” are not eligible for the coupon, but they are on sale for $99 each. Sale ends Wednesday at 8am eastern.

They have mostly technical books, so you can either browse the categories or search for your items of areas of interest, for instance, photography related things to search for:

+ Photoshop, Lightroom, GIMP
+ DSLR, Camera
+ Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc (sadly nothing for Pentax)
+ Photography, etc, etc, etc