(ENDED) Consumer Reports website is FREE to READ (limited time)

As of a 2/15/18 PM recheck, the free to read promotion expired… Consumer Reports has now launched new for-pay membership options

If you had been curious about the content hiding behind the Consumer Reports paywall, for a limited time, you can satisfy your curiosity for FREE! For a limited time, Consumer Reports is offering their content FREE to read (without login) at their website. You can find various product categories of interest using their A to Z index.

This is their Cameras main page (categories include DSLR, Mirrorless, Superzoom, Advanced P&S, Waterproof, and P&S) and this is their Camcorders and this is their Printers and single use batteries pages…

Of related interest, this is their Electronics stores evaluation, CR-style, broken down by sub-categories, along with their Extended Warranties talk…

But mayhaps the most highly anticipated of all is their Fast Food restaurants ranking of 65 different chains. A bit of an apples and oranges though as meal prices of included restaurants range from $5 to $20 🙂

Enjoy and debate them while it’s free 🙂