(ENDED) 30% to 50% off Dell Refurbished Store computers

This coupon promotion expired…

This is a series at the Dell Refurbished store. This was formerly known as Dell Financial Services. They mostly have off-lease computer gear. This should not be confused with the regular Dell Home and Small Business stores. They are running a series of coupons until 12/12/2016 at 11:59 PM CST as follows:

+ 50% off any Dell Laptop $499 & up with Coupon code LAP50$499 (the dollar sign is part of the coupon)

+ 50% off any Dell Desktop $299 & up with Coupon code DESK50$299 (the dollar sign is part of the coupon)

+ 40% off any Dell Monitor $99 & up with Coupon code MON40$99

+ 30% off any Dell Server $999 & up with Coupon code SERVER30$999

+ free shipping