20% off Photography e-books with coupon

Good until the end of November 2015, coupon code categorysalecp gets you 20% off Photography e-books, along with e-books that fall under the Art, Computers, Nature, and Self-Help categories at eBooks.com. Use the categories in the left hand side of their website to find these categories, or use your in-browser search feature to look for “photography”. It will find it after you type “pho”, you don’t even have to type the whole thing.

PS: as with many category-based sales, eligible items are what their computer thinks belong to those categories. There could be false-positives and false-negatives. I can’t check the coupon on every one of the 4000+ photography e-books they have over there. They are available in ePUB or PDF. They have DRM. You can also read them in a web browser.