(ENDED) 20% off a singe Book with coupon (Leap Day only)

The Leap Day promotion expired…

A lot of retailers (online and offline) are celebrating Leap Day with various discounts. If you need any books (including camera and photography books), especially ones that have the same price everywhere or ones that rarely get discounted, coupon code BNLEAP20 gets you 20% off a single item at the Barnes and Noble website.

They currently have over 28,000 books in the Photography Category plus more under various other categories (eg camera guides, LR/Photoshop tutorials, etc).

Free shipping with an order of $25 or more OR if you are a B&N member (membership is $25 per year).

If you buy multiple items, the price of the more expensive item will be discounted. The usual exclusions apply. More details on their Promotions page. Offer ends Tue 3/1/16 at 2:59am Eastern.