(ENDED) 17% off orders of $50+ at B&N website with coupon

This coupon expired…

If you are worried you are going to forget how to read a book (I am already impatiently tapping the edges of print book pages waiting for them to turn automatically; I also attempt the zoom finger-gesture to magnify small diagrams and pictures; and finger-highlight text too), practice is the key! Keep reading print books 🙂

With that totally unnecessary preface, good until Sunday night, coupon code LUCKY gets you 17% off orders of $50+ at the Barnes & Noble website. Exclusions apply to the coupon as usual. Some product types (ebooks, LEGOs, Nooks, gift cards, etc) are excluded from general purpose couponization. At the same page, position #1 in the screen rotation, you can get a coupon for 17% off a single item at B&N brick and mortar stores.

Strategically this is a good idea IF you are looking to buy any photography/camera (or any other) books that have the same prices everywhere you look, or they rarely get discounted or you can only find at B&N (exclusives and such).

The Clearance section is another place to look for deals. You can drill down the sub-categories or go directly to the Photography Clearance section. There’s also this 30% – 75% off Clearance page.