(ENDED) 15% off Monoprice coupon (ends Thur PM)

This mid-week coupon expired…

It’s a mid-week Monoprice site-wide coupon 😉 New coupon code MIDWEEK gets you 15% off almost everything at the Monoprice website. They have a variety of bang-for-the-buck type of camera and computer accessories, and given that site-wide free shipping is uncommon there, the coupon can help if you want to make a big purchase of small things, or a buy something expensive.

Some items and brands are excluded for various reasons, you can click on the coupon “Details” link in the shopping cart after you enter the coupon code there to see the list of excluded items, or add items of interest and see if they get discounted or not. The coupon ends the night of 9/22/16.