15% off Clearance Sale (650+ options) with BuyDIG coupon

Things are picking up deal-wise as you may have noticed by the increase in posts today! This one is a DIY adventure until I can find time to dig into them. Good until 1/31/18, coupon code CLEAROUT15 gets you an additional 15% the prices of the 650+ items that are currently part of the BuyDIG Clearance Sale. A number of the items may be open-box or in various conditions, so check each listing individually.

You can use the left hand side of their website to filter them by product type (eg, Photography, Camera Accessories, Drones, Lenses, P&S Digital Cameras, Sony A Lenses, Nikon lenses, and on and on and on). Or you can filter by brand by paging further down the page over there. You have to click on the actual square next to the name in the left sidebar, not on the actual name.