128GB Sandisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Type A for $17 [limit 4]

If you need USB 3.1 Type A flash storage of the compact kind and don’t want to wait for the next big Sandisk sale, at the moment, Amazon itself is offering the new condition 128GB Sandisk Ultra Fit flash drive, model SDCZ430-128G-G46, for $17 with up to four per customer at the sale price. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order (eg two of these).

I had one of these (not sure if it is this exact model) that I was using as storage for one of those small OTA Antenna budget-chinese DVR boxes and it worked without missing a beat. Problem was that the budget DVR recorded things at MPEG2, so you’d use about 4GB per hour (depending on how it was transmitted, 1080i? 720? etc?)…

PS: “Fit” is the name Sandisk uses to describes the small USB flash drives. It is a bit longer but decidedly thicker than a microSD memory card. You can even forget you have them in your laptop’s or desktop’s USB port.