10% off Goods, 20% off Local at Groupon with Coupon

Groupon has a new site wide coupon, coupon code JUMBO3 gets you 10% off on Goods (most of the camera-related gear is here), and 20% off Local (a lot of the photo prints and services and classes are here). You can navigate by categories and sub-categories or simply use the search bar to search for brands or product categories (eg prints, DSLR, etc) of interest at the Groupon website. The coupon expires at the end of day on 1/22/16 (Friday). The promotion has been extended by an additional day (1/21/16 (Thursday))

The restrictions on the coupon are as follows: you can use it up to three times in Goods, up to three times in Local and up to three times in Gateways. You can only get one unit of each offer discounted. For example, you can buy three different cameras (X1, Y1, Z1), but only one unit of each camera (one X1, one Y1, one Z1) will be discounted by the coupon. The maximum discount is $50 per deal.