YMMV Targeted AMEX Offers: Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Google Play, Sam’s Club, etc

American Express has a number of new targeted offers. To see if you are eligible, you have to login to your account(s) and check the Offers section. Their computers decide on how and when to offer these, probably a combination of all the data they have hoarded on the accounts 🙂 You have to first add the offer to your account, and then make the purchase. AMEX is pretty good at this, you usually get an email confirmation shortly after an eligible transaction goes through. Needless to say, you have to pay with the AMEX credit card that the offer is on. If you have multiple cards on the same account, make sure you pay with the one that has the offer activated! Some of the floating offers:

+ Spend $5+ at Amazon, Get $5 statement credit
+ Spend $5+ at Google Play, Get $5 statement credit
+ Spend $20+ at Sam’s Club, Get $20 statement credit
+ Spend $79+ at Walmart, Get $15 statement credit
+ Spend $250+ at Best Buy, Get $25 statement credit
+ Spend $250+ at Unique Photo, Get $50 statement credit

Some may be good online only, others in-store only, some both. Check the details of each particular offer. Some may be one time use during the promotional period, others may have multiple uses.