YMMV: Send $50+ Amazon eGift Card via SMS, Get $5 promotional store credit

This is a YMMV as you would have to have been preselected for this offer by Amazon’s all-knowing and soon all-powerful AI. The gift card offer is this: send a $50+ Amazon e-Gift card via SMS using coupon code SMS2019 and you will receive a $5 promotional Amazon store credit.

You can obviously send the gift card to yourself as it is often the case with these type of promotions. The offer runs until late December 2019 so there’s no hurry to get it done right now ~ unless you want to that is 🙂

You may be able to see this type of an Amazon on-site banner follow you around [screenshot crop below]:

The terms and conditions and to find out whether you are eligible can be found at the aforelinked page. You have to be logged on to your Amazon account in order to find out if you are eligible since it is a YMMV / by-invitation type of offering…