Woot Plus: GoPro accessories, Goggle action cams, Duracell batteries

Woot Plus are Woot’s lesser-known longer-term running offers that last more than the usual 24 hours. As of the time of writing, the following offers are in progress:

+ GoPro Accessories from Polar Pro – eight items are in-stock, $18 to $70
+ ends 2/17/15 at 12am CT

+ Liquid Action Goggle Camcorders – five items, $70 to $150
+ for the speed readers, it is Goggle, not Google 🙂
+ ends 2/21/15 at 12am CT

+ Duracell batteries including single-use AA and AAA mega-packs and bundle of two chargers with 4 AA and 4 AAA rechargeables for $20
+ ends 2/18/15 at 12am CT

+ Hard Disk sale with nine models in-stock, most of them factory reconditioned ($30 to $70)
+ ends 2/23/15 at 9am CT

Doctor Who segment: Woot shows the expiration date as “12am” which is confusing (and inaccurate strictly speaking). It is best to say either 11:59pm or 12:01am. There is a Wikipedia entry talking about this midnight confusion.