(ENDED) Woot-OFF for Electronics and Computers and others

This morphing Woot-OFF ended on Thursday at 1am ET after the customary 48 hours…

Wednesday is here in the Central (Texas) time zone and the Woot-OFF has shifted gears. The main Woot is done, but joining the party is Woot Electronics which is the most likely candidate of all the sub-Woots to offer camera and photo gear. Having said that, I have no clue what items and what prices they have planned, so it is a big YMMV.

Also participating is Woot Computers which could feature digital imaging related products (monitors, hard drives, computers, etc). The rest of the sub-Woots are participating except for Shirt, Main and Sellout… Woot offers change at 1am Eastern every night, so this is good until at least 1am ET on Thursday.