Weekly Fry’s Promo Code Offers: $89 Mystery Elph (20mp, 12x optical), Vanguard, Lowepro, Wolverine, etc

Don’t look now, but Black Friday 2016 is less than 51 weeks away already. Just around the corner 🙂 And with that, we have a new shopping week, which brings us a new round of weekly promo code offers for Fry’s email newsletter subscribers (free to join their email list). Some of the offers are online-only, others are in-store-only, others are both. This is marked next to each offer in their weekly ad that covers the Dec 6-12 (2015) period. In these posts, the default for an item is to be offered in-store and online. If not, I mention it next to each item’s name, eg the mystery Canon Elph right below.

+ mystery Canon Elph (20mp, 12x optical) for $89 (in-store only; due to MAP restrictions they don’t mention the model name or have link to its product page)

+ Lowepro PROTACTIC 350AW SLR backpack for $100 (limit 1)
+ Vanguard VEO 204AB 53″ 4 Section Tripod for $70 (limit 1)
+ WOLVERINE SUPER F2D 4 IN 1 FILM TO DIGITAL for $80 (limit 1)

+ 25% additional discount on ink and toner purchases
+ various tech and storage options as usual
+ $4 Velleman digital multimeter
+ $85 Windows 10 full OEM version – or put that towards a Linux PC. I am kinda starting to lose faith in the Windows 10 promise and premise, but that’s for another day