Wednesday: Gitzo Backpack, SmallRig Flex Tripod, Battery Pouch, SYRP 82mm CPL, Etc

When you play The Game Of Cables, You Win Or You Become Lightning 😉 Covering all bases, the Wednesday 10/4/23 Meh daily deal is a 12-pack of Statik GloBright Magnetic Universal Charging Cables with 3 Tips offered for $24 plus shipping. A great stocking stuffer too, you can fill 12 different socks with them 😉 Each pouch/package has three tips: USB-C, Lightning and micro-USB.

You can’t call yourself a “BAG the BAGS” aficionado if you don’t have a Gitzo in your collection! Which brings us to the Wednesday B&H Photo daily deals good until Wednesday at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out.

NOTE that B&H is holiday-closed until Monday October 9 (2023), so any orders placed before then, they will get processed on Monday+!

+ Gitzo Adventury Backpack (30L, Green) for $176
+ BaG the BAG!

+ SmallRIG DT-01 Portable Flexible Tripod for $10
+ another stocking stuffer!

+ SYRP 82mm Circular Polarizer Filter Kit for $40

+ Ruggard Battery Pouch for 4 AA Batteries (Black) for $4.50
+ yes, batteries have their very own BAG the BAGS!

+ JOBY 1/4″-20 Hub Adapter for $8

+ GVM Teleprompter for Tablets and Smartphones with Bluetooth Remote and App for $249
+ a must-have if you want to become a professional YouTuber with scripted long-form video content and embedded infomercials every 5 minutes and YouTube Ads every 3 minutes 😉
+ now it’s becoming more common, the embedded infomercials in YouTube videos get “interrupted” by YouTube Ads. Yes, it’s Ads Inception!

Modern photography learnings in the Wednesday free-to-stream classes starting at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE On-AiR, it is a 2 hour and 15 minute class, “Anatomy of an Epic Photograph” with Benjamin Von Wong. Includes a Q&A and interview!

IF you only have 60 minutes to spare, and you are interested in productivity, workflow and time management for creatives, also free-streaming is the “Fast Class” (condensed version to about 1 hour – condensed based on longer full classes) “Workflow, Time Management and Productivity for Creatives” with Lisa Gordon.

PRO TIP: you cannot purchase “Fast Classes” at Creative LIVE. They are to watch ONLY for paying members. Or individually during free-streaming windows such as this one.

Thank you for your interest in Deal Science!