Tuesday: Sunpak Video Light for $22, Wooden, Bushman, PlatyPOD, Laptops, Etc

The Adorama daily deals continue to be in “Top Deals” mode where they feature a variety of deals, instead of the usual “deal of the day”.

THEN at the B&H Photo daily deals we have a fresh six-pack of offerings but no lens today:

+ Wooden Director’s Monitor Cage v3 with Dual Carbon Fiber Handgrips for $179
+ I’m sure some would rather buy a Director’s Cage – there are some impossibly narcissistic ones out there 😉

+ Sunpak LED-330 Video Light with Barndoors for $22
+ you have to provide your own barn animals though
+ I promise, this is the last time I use this joke 🙂

+ Bushman Claremont Bushman Monopod for $82

+ PlatyPOD Platyball Ergo Ball Head for $189

+ SynCO Mic-D2 Hypercardioid Shotgun Mic for $139

+ CaseLogic 13.3″ Laptop and MacBook Sleeve (Galaxy) for $9
+ they either have a sense of humor or they didn’t realize it – naming an Apple accessory with the Samsung flagship brand name (Galaxy) LOL

THEN at Amazon we find some new potentially interesting offerings:

+ Laptops sale from ASUS, Acer, MSI, Dell, Samsung, Lenova, etc
+ there’s a mix of “regular” and gaming laptops

+ five pages of name-brand Office Supplies including a gift set type of Schools Supplies kit that includes Sharpie, EXPO, Elmers and Papermate products for $21~
+ it has 38 pieces
+ you can probably do a lot better buying them piecemeal as needed BUT this can make a fun gift for kids of all ages, eg if you are buying school supplies as gifts for children or adults that could use a little boost in excitement from a packaged gift type thing or are in tough situations or are under-priviledged, etc, etc, etc
+ yes, I’m getting soft and emotional in my old age 😉

+ Amazon Clip-On Coupons page from many brands, it’s not just Amazon-brand products anymore
+ I don’t think Amazon knows how many coupons are being offered 😉