(ENDED) Tuesday Lightning Deals: Neewer Mania 2017, Feiyu, Tripods, Backdrops, Etc

These lighting deals expired… For future ones in the future, check the Amazon Gold Box and Camera & Photo page

Neewer once again is headlining the Amazon Gold Box and Camera & Photo lightning deals with a healthy side dish of Tripods and a few “seasonal” backdrops…

+ starts 5:10am ET: 120 inch 16:9 Excelvan Outdoor Portable Movie Screen (PVC Fabric; price before sale $43)

+ starts 5:30am ET: NEEWER Vertical Battery Grip Hold 2PCS LP-E10 Li-ion Battery for Canon (price before sale $27)

+ starts 5:35am ET: Neewer Four Filter Kit for DJI (price before sale $27)

+ starts 6:10am ET: Neewer Tripod/Stand Padded Carrying Bag with Strap (28″x7″x8″ aka 70x18x20cm; price before sale $27)

+ starts 7:05am ET: Neewer 2×160 LED Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Lighting Kit Includes: (2)CN-160 Light, (2)5.9×6.7 inches Softbox, (2)Battery Replacement, (2)6 feet Light Stand, (1)Bag (price before sale $130)

+ starts 7:25am ET: Picture Keeper 16GB USB Photo Backup Device (price before sale $55)

+ starts 7:50am ET: LinGear Slim USB 3.0 and 2.0 Portable CD/DVD-RW Combo Plug and Play Optical Drive for All Devices (price before sale $34)

+ starts 9am ET: 8pk EBL rechargeable AA 2800 mAh (price before sale $14)

+ starts 9:10am ET: Neewer DSLR Movie Video Making Rig Set System Kit includes Shoulder Mount, 15mm Rail Rod System, Matte box (price before sale $67)

+ starts 10:15am ET: Feiyu SPG Plus(2pcs batteries) 3-Axis Dual Handle Gimbal face tracking (price before sale $299)

+ starts 10:30am ET: Neewer 24″/60cm Handheld Stabilizer with Quick Release Plate 1/4″ and 3/8″ Screw (price before sale $83)

+ starts 10:35am ET: Fiona (not Apple) 5x7ft(150x210cm) Nature Green Grass Backdrop (price before sale $32)

+ starts 11:40am ET: Fiona 7x5ft Blue Sea Background (price before sale $32)

After 12pm eastern

+ starts 1:55pm ET: LIKEA 70-Inch Camcorder Tripod With Bag (price before sale $55)

+ starts 2pm ET: Neewer 40m 130ft Underwater PC Housing Camera Waterproof Case for Sony A6000 with 16-50mm Lens (price before sale $210)

+ starts 2:30pm ET: Kate 6.5x10ft(2x3m) Summer Beach Photography Backdrop (price before sale $63)

+ starts 3:25pm ET: InnerTeck 65-Inch Professional Video Camera Tripod with 360 Degree Fluid Drag Head (price before sale $120)

+ starts 3:45pm ET: Dolica ST-500 68-Inch Lightweight Tripod (price before sale $25)

+ starts 5:45pm ET: G-raphy Portable Flexible Professional Aluminum Tripod (price before sale $119)

+ starts 6:05pm ET: SublimeWare GoPro Silver Housing and Filter (price before sale $23)
+ I tried to “translate” the product name because it was an ugly mess

+ starts 6:25pm ET: Lightdow PC-K128C LED Video Light (price before sale $30)

+ starts 7:50pm ET: Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit (price before sale $9)

+ no updated “Elsewhere at Amazon” segment here, but you can check the last previously posted one. I have to figure out how to do this better 🙂