Tuesday: Lens Bag, GVM BiC Wands, Shape Tripod, Kindle e-readers, Etc

Tuesday is here with a 7+1 formation in the B&H Photoo daily deals as followz:

+ PortaBrace LB-1B Lens Bag (Black) for $149~
+ because the lenses deserve their very own dedicated BAG the LENS BAGS!

+ GVM BD25R Bi-Color RGB LED Light Wands, 24-inch for $169 or 48-inch for $300
+ you get more inches per $ with the 48-inch option 😉

+ Shape Pro Video Carbon Fiber Tripod with 100mm Bowl & Fluid Head (33 lb Payload) for $999~
+ or you can buy 99 Ritz Camera $10 tripods 😉

+ SmallRIG cases for BlackMagic cameras, two options, $47 to $59

+ Vello COOLTOOL Camera Plate Combo Tool for $5

+ also: Samson mic and PC Mover software

+ flash deal: Sunpak Mobile Vlogging Kit with Tripod & Accessories for $20
+ yes, ideal for Accessories Hoarders 🙂

MEANwhile the headliner Woot deal of the day is another variant of the refurbished Kindle eBook reader sale with prices starting at $20. These come with a 90-day warranty, unlike the certified refurbished sold at the Amazon website (for more) that come with a 1-year warranty.

As regular readers know, I have a little bit of a Kindle fetish soft spot 😉 The sale includes “basic” Kindles, Paperwhites and Oasis models. If I needed/wanted an e-reader from this sale, I would go for the 2018 Paperwhite (starting at $40) or the 2019 “basic” Kindle (starting at $30) or Oasis models. I had the 2015 Paperwhite ($20) a few years ago and it was already getting too slow, so unless you have the patience of a saint or are buying a specific price point, or you plan on reading lightweight ebooks (eg poetry, smaller ebooks without graphics, etc), I’d go with the more recent / less older models.

The sale also includes a bunch of Fire tablets ranging from $15 (yes, $15 for a color tablet) to $70. I bought the original “Kindle Fire” tablet on the hype train excitement of that time, but haven’t followed with them closely since. The last few years I’ve been using smaller touchscreen Chromebooks as tablet stand-ins.

Having said that, the price is definitely right, especially if you are part of the Amazon media ecosystem (Prime Videos, Kids programs, Kindle Unlimited reading, Amazon Music, non-stop Prime shopping, etc, etc, etc).