(ENDED) Tuesday: 20% off Camera Patent Prints (three options)

This coupon expired as well…

Touch of Modern, a website/shopping-club for male shopping interests is having a 20% off sale on many (but not all) items on their website (the “Iconic Collection” is excluded). The sale includes a trio of camera-related patent prints. Shipping is a extra and increases as your order total increases. Mayhaps they should have called it a “A Touch of Shipping” 🙂

+ Walsh Camera parent (1938) for $14.50

+ H. A. Bing patent (1966) for $17.50

+ E. Sauer patent (1962, camera with exposure meter) for $17.50

All sales are final! Sale ends Tuesday 3/20/18 night. The price you see is the price you pay. Eligible sale items are discounted on their website. No coupon code.