Thursday: PROGRADE CFExpress, Pixel 7 & 7a

Thurs-day is PRO-Grade day at the Adorama daily deals:

+ 160GB Prograde CFexpress Type-A 2.0 for $249

+ 2pk of 325GB Prograde CFexpress Type-B 2.0 for $540

MEANwhile the headliner of the post-Prime-Dayz Amazon Gold Box is a Kindle ebook sale with nearly 200 options, because Amazon wants you to start e-filling-up your new Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets 🙂

Of Google Pixel interest, the Pixel 7a goes for $450, while the Pixel 7 goes for $500 (128GB) or $600 (256GB). These are for all shoppers, not Prime-exclusive.

The Pixels are eligible for Amazon’s optional Trade-In promotion that can get you up to $400 in Amazon gift card credit, depending the old device you are trading in, its condition and things like that.