Thursday: Metz flashes (10 options), Spydel LENS CAL, Moza, edelKrone, Dracast, Etc

Thirst-DAY is here, so drink plenty of water 🙂

We …brighten your day [sorry, I cannot resist the low-hanging-fruit type of jokes, please feel free to throw organic tomatoes at me] with the Thursday 2/25/21 [yes, Black Friday is just 9 months away, get ready!] Meh daily deal, it is the new condition “C by GE” connected smart lamp with Alexa going for $59 plus shipping…

We continue at the B&H Photo daily deals good until Thursday at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out). Note that B&H is closed for shipments until Sunday AM, but you can place online orders as usual…

+ MOZA Mini-P 3-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer for $139

+ DataColor SpyderLensCal Autofocus Calibration Aid for $39

+ Dracast LED500 Silq Bi-Color LED Panel for $269

+ Metz flash sale, 10 options, $60 to $140
+ includes models 52AF1, 44AF2, 26AF2 and more
+ compatibility options include Pentax, Fuji, Oly-Pan-Lei, Samsung (NX), Canon, Nikon
+ *GASP* no Sony

+ 64GB Silicon Power Mobile C80 USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $17

+ Edelkrone JibONE Motion Control Jib Tripod Attachment for $829
+ optionally buy it together with edelKrone PAN PRO for $1328

Picking up from yesterday, the Adorama daily deals have indeed been refilled, and this set is good until Thursday at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Datacolor Spyder-Lens-Cal Autofocus Calibration Aid for $39

+ 10pk RSA KN-95 masks for $10

+ MSI GT76 Titan DT 10SGS-055 laptop for $3899
+ price NOT a typo!
+ 17.3″ Ultra HD 300Hz, VR-Ready, Core i9-10900K 3.70GHz, 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER (with 8GB), Windows 10 Pro, etc