Thursday: GVM, Vello, Pelican, Marantz, Etc

And just like that, Thursday is here again, so I can reuse “Thirst-DAY” 😉 Spoiler alert: more like Thrifty ThirstDAY today 🙂 Good until 11:59pm ET tonight (4/29/21) are the following B&H daily deals:

+ CaseLogic USB Flash Drive Case for $1.49

+ 60pk Sensei Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes for $3

+ ReVo Bluetooth Selfie Stick for $5

+ Vello VB-2000 ActionPan Pro Stabilizing Action Grip/Handle for $20

+ Marantz PMD-602A 2-Channel DSLR Audio Interface for $69

+ Pelican 1615Air Wheeled Check-In Case with Pick-N-Pluck Foam (Orange) for $222

+ GVM GT-120WD Wireless Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider (47″) with Bluetooth Remote for $299

+ flash deal ends 10am ET: EddyCam Fashion -1- Camera Strap (Medium, Natural/Natural with Natural Stitching) for $89

+ flash deal starts 10am ET: EDDYCAM Fashion -2- Camera Strap

+ flash deal starts 6pm ET: EDDYCAM Fashion -1- Camera Strap