Thursday: Auto Exposure Tube Sets, Cinetics, Tamrac, Shinoda, GVM, IDX, VAXIS, Etc [CORRECTED!]

Thursday, aka Thirst-DAY [drink coconut water!] is here with a new set of B&H Photo daily deals [CORRECTED! thanks to one of our readers for the email alert!] good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Vello Auto Exposure Tube sets for $55
+ five options of sets in Canon, Nikon, Fuji X, M43rds, Sony E

+ Cinetics Lynx 3-Axis Motorized Slider for $1250

+ GVM LED Light Panels Studio Soft Video Light Bi-Color 2-Pack with Stand MB832-2L for $349

+ Lectrosonics IFBR1a-VHF Multi-Frequency Beltpack IFB Receiver (174.100 to 215.750 MHz) for $349
+ Fun Alt-Fact: Lectrosonics was the previous name of the Seattle Supersonics 😉

+ CAD GXLIEM Single-Mix In-Ear Wireless Monitoring System (T: 902 to 928 MHz) for $99

+ VAXIS Atom 500 HDMI Wireless HD Video Transmission Kit (Basic) for $299
+ SDI for $399

+ IDX DUO-C198 191Wh High-Load Battery with D-Tap Advanced, Standard D-Tap & USB Port for $274

+ flash deal ends 12pm ET: Shimoda Carry-On Roller (Blue Nights)
for $180

+ next flash deal starts 12pm ET: Tamrac Stratus 8 Shoulder Bag
+ price before sale $120

And now let’s take a look at some of the other daily deals staring with the Woot website offering Pixel 2/2XL options ($60 to $100) and Pixel 3/3XL ($100 to $150; gets new Android version) and Surface PRO tablet bundles and such…

Another option if you want a Pixel 3* smartphone is the Thursday NewEgg daily deals, the Pixel 3a XL fully unlocked going for $130. This too gets the new Android version (in fact its updates last a few months longer than the 3, because the 3a came a few months later)…

Then at the Best Buy dailies they have the 512GB Sandisk Ultra Plus microSDXC going for $95…

DNA testing for your dog(s) is among the headliner deals for Thursday 4/22/21 at the Amazon USA Gold Box

Finally the Adorama daily deal [refreshes Friday 10am ET] is the new condition Hoya SOLAS IRND 0.9 62mm Infrared Neutral Density Filter going for $25 with free US shipping…