Ten premium Photography Apps FREE (with free in-app purchases) as part of the new Amazon Underground

The Amazon free premium Android-y app of the day is DEAD. But it has a more user-friendly replacement. It is called the Amazon Underground. Hundreds of premium (normally for pay) Android apps are available for you to download and use for FREE. In-app purchases are free too. No ads. Amazon will pay the developers for use of the apps using the experimental scheme they launched with Kindle Unlimited earlier in the year. You must get the Underground version of the app, not the regular one. Amazon estimates a value of over $10,000 if you get them all.

Of those Underground apps, there are ten under Photography at the moment, including PhotoSuitePro 4, Perfectly Clear, pFolio, FlickFolio, etc. The Underground apps have a distinctive logo in their thumbnail as you can see below:

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You can grab them from a web browser, just like the other Amazon Android-y apps. If you have an Amazon device, you will see them as part of your apps. If you have a “real” (Google Play) Android device, you can get to them through the new Amazon Underground app, which is not available through Google Play because The Google does not allow other app-stores to be offered through their own store.

How To Tell An Underground App vs A Normal One
For Underground apps, Amazon has created a separate listing. Essentially a separate app. We are using PhotoSuite Pro 4 as an example. The one on the left is the new Underground version. The one on the right is the regular for-pay version. The free app is not ad-based. Here’s a screenshot of the two of them:


Aside from photography, some of the other well known apps that are part of the Underground include Wifi Explorer Pro, Polaris, mSecure, Goat Simulator, Angry Birds, Docs To Go, Fruit Ninja, ezPDF Reader Annotate, etc.