Fuji XP-130 element-proof P&S digital camera for $100

It’s a digital camera day at the Adorama daily deal, good until Saturday at 10am eastern time you can get the new condition Fuji XP-130 element-proof P&S digital camera in the yellow or blue or black color scheme for $100 with free US shipping.

LAST CALL: refurbished Panasonic TS25 element-proof P&S for $80 [ends Tue 10am ET]

It’s camera day at the Adorama deal of the day, good until Tuesday at 10am ET [or earlier if sold out] you can get the refurbished Panasonic TS25 elementproof point-and-shoot digital camera for $80 with free US shipping and a 90-day Panasonic warranty. This is the orange color scheme…

Fuji XP-130 element-proof P&S with FREE floater for $100

The current Adorama daily deal good until Tuesday at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out) is the new condition Fuji XP-130 element-proof point-n-shoot digital camera in the “Sky Blue” color scheme going for $100 with free US shipping AND a free Fuji rugged float strap included automagically by Adorama while this promotion is running…

CORRECTION: the camera name is XP-130, not XP-WP130 🙂

Ricoh WG-6 Elementproof with 32GB Extreme and Case for $247

If you are looking for an element-proof digital cameras [yes, some of them still exist ~ because smartphones can’t do it ~ good luck having those beautiful flagships or the trendy new foldables survive the elements, at least cosmetically] B&H Photo is bundling the new condition Ricoh WG-6 elementproof with a 32GB Sandisk Extreme SD card and a camera case for $247 with free US shipping (4/20/20) in your choice of the more conservative black color scheme or the more outdoorsy-shouting orange color scheme…

Saturday: Canon IVY REC waterproof outdoor P&S for $80

One of the Best Buy deals of the day is the new condition Canon IVY REC waterproof outdoor digital camera offered for $80 in your choice from four different color schemes. IVY being close to the Japanese IXY? 🙂

Another one of the Best Buy deals of the day is a sale on software and that includes Adobe’s 2020 Elements, both titles for $90 or Photoshop-Elements or Premiere-Elements going for $60 each…

UPDATE: speaking of daily deals, one of Woot’s is a Drones and Robots sale featuring 11 in-stock items (and 4 sold out items) from Force1, Tenergy, etc…

Thursday (EU): Olympus Sale: E-M10 II, E-PL9 and Tough TG-6

For those of you shopping in the EU, among the Amazon Germany Gold Box deals for Thursday 11/28/19, Black Friday Eve, also known as Thanksgiving Day, there is an Olympus camera sale featuring:

+ E-PL9 with 14-42 pancake for 417 euro in three colors

+ Tough TG-6 for 369 euro in two colors

+ E-M10 II with 14-42 EZ for 455 euro in two color schemes
+ 2-lens kit with 40-150 as well for 540 euro

In-Stock Now: Nikon Coolpix W150 P&S digicam for $167

Don’t you forget about us sing the simple P&S digital cameras. Rare as they may be, camera manufacturer still release new models and one of these is now in-stock and ready to ship for $167, it is the Nikon Coolpix W150 in a white color scheme available and in-stock now at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon where we learn there’s apparently an international model with a flower-y design [it’s currently the second listing in the amazon search results] 🙂

Olympus Tough TG-6 drops $50 to $400

Surviving in the cracks between smartphones and action cams, waterproof/elementproof cameras continue to be alive and new models are getting released. Such as it the case for the recently released Olympus Tough TG-6 digital P&S camera which is getting its first official discount, dropping $50 from $450 to $400 at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon and the official Get Olympus (aka Olympus USA store)…

With Extras: Olympus TG-5 elementproof for $379 [also: Fuji XP120 for $109]

Element-proof cameras have survived the smartphone onslaught despite an increase in IP-something proof-something in smartphones. During this Black-Cyber 5-day weekend, the Olympus TG-5 elementproof is going for $380 with freebies at Adorama and B&H Photo and Amazon itself (no freebies, but 5% Prime credit card cashback).

Speaking of this genre of courses, the more entry-level Fuji XP120 is currently going for #$109 with freebies at B&H Photo and Adorama

Thur: refurb Fuji XP120 or XP125 waterproof for $100

Surprise! An actual digital camera in the Woot daily deals, it is the factory reconditioned Fuji XP120 or XP125 waterproof digital camera going for $100 each with free shipping for Prime members or $5 flat shipping. They come with a 90-day Woot warranty. Sale ends by Friday 1am ET or earlier if sold out.

Panasonic TS30 elementproof for $100 [updated]

UPDATE 5/11/18: the option with a free camera bag and 16GB SD card sold out, but the standard Panasonic TS30 digital camera kit continues to go for $100 with free shipping in new condition at B&H Photo… You do however get 4% promotional rewards ($4 to spend in future B&H purchases)…

Spring is here and more spring/summary activities are in season. If you are looking for an elementproof P&S digital camera that can handle the elements without breaking the bank if put in a high risk situations, for a limited time, B&H Photo is offering the red color scheme of the new condition Panasonic TS30 digital camera for $100 with free shipping along with a camera case and a 16GB SD card included, making it a good “take pictures with” kit for kids or first-time users of digital cameras. Only the red color scheme is on sale. This is a limited time offer.

(SOLD OUT) Refurbished Olympus TG-860 Elementproof P&S for $110

As of a 4:24pm ET recheck, this sold out…

If of all the elementproof P&S digital cameras, it is the manufacturer refurbished Olympus Tough TG-860 in the orange color scheme the one you want, it is currently going for $110 with free shipping and a 90-day USA warranty as part of the refill of the Olympus Outlet Store. It is in-stock as of the time of writing.

Pre-order new Fuji XP130 elementproof P&S

Elementproof digital cameras are surviving the smartphone zombie apocalypse because they offer the elementproofness smartphones can’t offer. So the camera manufacturers keep them coming. Fuji now has a brand new model, the Finepix XP130, offered in five color schemes with a 16mp BSI 1/2.3″ sensor and 5x internal optical zoom, available for pre-order for $229 at B&H Photo. Details and specs at the aforelinked B&H page.

Panasonic TS30 waterproof P&S with Extras for $138

The new condition Panasonic TS30 waterproof P&S digital camera in its three different color schemes is bundled with some freebies for the same price of $138 with free shipping as follows:

+ at B&H Photo you get a a 16GB Sandisk Ultra SD and a Ruggard pouch

+ at Adorama you get a Lowepro pouch, 16GB Sandisk microSD, cleaning kit, and Corel software bundle

Olympus Stylus Tough TG-5 drops to $399

Elementproof cameras have survived the smartphones onslaught because they have something you can’t replicate with a smartphone, their toughness. Which brings us to the Olympus Stylus Tough TG-5, dropping from $449 to $399 with free shipping at Adorama as part of the Black Friday festivities.

Ricoh Elementproof Price Drops: WG-30 for $180, Theta S for $237 with Case, Theta V for $400

Here we go, we start rounding up the Sunday manufacturer instant savings discounting with Ricoh fixed lens cameras! A trio of models went on sale as follows:

+ Ricoh WG-30W elementproof for $180 with free shipping at Adorama in Orange or Black

+ Ricoh Theta S 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera for $237 at Adorama with $9~ promotional rewards free hard case included

+ Ricoh Theta V 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera with Selfie Stick for $400 at Adorama

Olympus TG-5 element-proof camera for $400

Superzooms and waterproof fixed lens digital cameras are surviving the smartphone Zombie Apocalypse because they are offering something a typical smartphone cannot. Which brings us to the new Olympus TG-5 element proof on sale for $400 with free shipping in the black color scheme or the red color scheme by Best Buy, and in black color scheme by Amazon itself (limit 3).

Pre-order new Sony RX0 elementproof 1-inch RAWsumer Action Cam on 9/5/17

It’s IFA time in Berlin, which means more new tech products from all directions. Especially, in the world of photography, since this is an odd year, so there’s no Photokina [see Trade Show Calendar].

Sony had a pretty successful RX-series of RAWsumers, case in point, as you can see at the Fixed Lens Cameras Price Chart all models continue to be available in new condition at authorized dealers!

So it should not be a surprise that Sony would decide to further expand the RX-series.

Which brings us to the new brand new RX0, an ultra-compact elementproof camera but with a 1-inch 21mp sensor, and a 24mm f4 Zeiss-blessed lens, RAW of course (it wouldn’t be an RX-series without RAW!), and various tempting video features. And an RX-series starting price of $700.

In new-typical Sony fashion, pre-orders are not accepted right away. It will be available for pre-ordering on September 5, 2017.

But there are detailed pages for it at B&H Photo and Adorama.

This has been added to the New Cameras of 2017 tracking page, making it the fifth RAWsumer to be introduced in 2017. Try to guess the other four before looking. But we don’t have fabulous prizes if you guess right 🙂

Intova Sport Pro Waterproof HD Video Sports Camera for $79

GoPRO is not the only game in town in action-y and X-Games-y cameras. B&H Photo has a limited time sale on the Intova Sport Pro Waterproof HD Video Sports Camera for $79 with free expedited shipping until 6/30/17 at 8:30pm ET. This too is among their latest Features Sales.

In-Stock Now: Olympus TG-5 elementproof for $450

If you want to be among the first to get the new Olympus TG-5 elementproof P&S digital camera, it is in-stock at its starting price of $450 from various well-known eBay sellers including Kenmore Camera (black) and Kenmore Camera (red) and Best Buy (black) and Best Buy (red) and Camera Shop of Muskegon (Meeeecheeeegaaaan).

Panasonic TS30 elementproof with Corel Software and more for $138

The Panasonic TS30 elementproof P&S digital camera goes for $138 at authorized dealers, and while keeping the same price, Adorama is including some freebies with them, the Corel software bundle (five titles including AfterShot PRO 2, Paintshop PRO X9, VideoStudio 9), a 16GB memory card, a camera case, and the obligatory cleaning kit. These bundles are available in the black, blue or red color schemes as part of the latest Adorama specials.

Olympus TG-870 waterproof P&S for $250 w/free S&H

To the eBay Deals we go where the official Best Buy eBay store is offering the new condition Olympus TG-870 waterproof P&S camera for $250 with free shipping with a limit of up to three per customer. Its regular price is $280.

Speaking of eBay, continuing is the 8GB Sandisk Ultra Class 10 SDHC card, model SDSDUN-008G-G46, for $7 with free shipping from Ritz Camera’s eBay store (98.9%, New Jersey).

UPDATE: speaking of eBay also, the official NewEgg eBay store is offering the new condition Playstation PS4 PlayStation VR – Standalone for $300 with free shipping when you do the “add to cart” song and dance.

Pre-order new Nikon W300 elementproof P&S camera

Another new elementproof/waterproof digital camera emerged, as these cannot be easily replicated by smartphones. It is the new Nikon Coolpix W300 P&S digital camera, available in three different colors, with a pre-order price of $390 at Amazon and B&H Photo.

This poor camera hasn’t even come out yet, and it’s getting trolled in yet another daily bloviation at The Verge 🙂

Pre-order new Ricoh WG-50 elementproof for $280

Ricoh is continuing with their line of elementproof P&S digital cameras, they are, after all, something that smartphones cannot replicate, with a new model. The brand new WG-50 is now available for pre-order for $280 at Adorama.

Pre-order new Olympus TG-5 Elementproof and Underwater Housing

If you are a fan of elementproof cameras and ones that have an official underwater housing, Olympus has announced the new Tough TG-5 and its accompanying underwater housing, available for pre-order as follows:

+ TG-5 Camera for $450 at Adorama and Amazon itself

+ Olympus Underwater Housing PT-058 for $300 at Amazon itself and Adorama

Refurbished Fuji XP90 waterproof P&S for $105

On the waterproof cameras front, the lime-green Fuji XP90 is offered in certified refurbished condition for $105 with free shipping by a 3rd-party seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so you get free 2-day shipping as a member.

NOTE #1: the seller’s name is “Prime Deal” but it has nothing to do with Amazon. I do not know why Amazon allows 3rd-party sellers to use names that can confuse the casual shopper into thinking this is Amazon.

NOTE #2: “certified refurbished” at Amazon is a term Amazon defines products that have a 90-day minimum warranty but they can be refurbished by anyone, manufacturer, 3rd-party, seller, unicorns, etc. They have created a portal dedicated to certified refurbished products over there.

(ENDED) Nikon AW130 waterproof P&S for $300

This limited time offer expired…

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(ENDED) Refurbished Fuji XP90 waterproof P&S camera for $105

This daily deals expired…

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(ENDED) Refurbished Fuji XP90 waterproof for $105

This daily deal expired…

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(ENDED) Saturday: Nikon Coolpix AW130 elementproof for $200

This daily deal expired…

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(ENDED) Refurbished Fuji XP90 waterproof for $105

This daily deal expired…

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Nikon S33 waterproof w/16GB SD, Case, Etc for $107

Splash! The Nikon Coolpix S33 waterproof P&S digital camera is bundled with a Lowepro case, a 16GB Delkin SD and a cleaning kit for $107 with free shipping at Adorama in the white color and the blue color. Both are “temporarily out of stock” at the moment, but you can purchase them to lock the price.

On the other hand, if you need them to ship right away, they are in-stock for the same price but without the three free accessories at B&H Photo. Or if you are comfortable with refurbished, the white color is in-stock for $83 with free S&H.

Panasonic TS6 waterproof for $169

Splash into the summer fun with a waterproof digital camera! Or not 🙂 Regardless, the camouflage color scheme of the Panasonic TS6 waterproof P&S digital camera is on sale for $169 with free shipping at Adorama until 8/6/16 or earlier if sold out… Optionally if you expand the yellow “Special Offer” section there, you can buy this together with 24/7 Traffic camera bags for a combined purchase discount…

Panasonic TS30 waterproof for $138 {or with lots of extras for just S&H more}

Today feels like national Panasonic discounting day, here’s another one, this time on the elementproof front, the Panasonic TS30, in three different color options goes for $138 with free shipping at Amazon.

However, the best bang for the buck is Adorama where you can get a boatload of free accessories and you only pay shipping extra (the camera price is around $138 to $139). The freebies include the Corel Software bundle (AfterShot2 PRO, PSP X7, etc), pouch, 16GB card, cleaning kit, floating strap. This offer is available on the black and blue colors. The red color has a price/technical error. Shipping is under $10 for most zipcodes. (The standard options without the extra accessories get free shipping).

(ENDED) Panasonic TS6 Elementproof and $7 Rewards for $169

This offer expired as expected…

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Pre-order new Olympus Stylus Tough TG-Tracker for $350

Olympus is jumping into the Action Camera segment with their brand new Olympus Stylus Tough TG-Tracker available now for pre-order for $350 in two different colors schemes:

+ black: Adorama and B&H Photo

+ black/green: Adorama and B&H Photo

YMMV Amazon Chase VISA cardholders: Fuji XP90 waterproof for $143

NOTE!!!: this is a YMMV promotion!

If you have an Amazon Chase VISA credit card and you are eligible for this promotion (detailed post explains the promotion), there is a super hot deal [you will only see the offer if you are eligible] for the Fuji XP90 waterproof digital camera for $143~ with free shipping. You have to pay with the Amazon Chase VISA and enter coupon code ARC20SPRING in the shopping cart. The coupon is 20% off the current price dropping it from $179~ to $143~. If the price changes, so will the discount. Camera must be sold and shipped by Amazon itself (not 3rd-party sellers).

The promotion is good for the yellow Fuji XP90 or the blue Fuji XP90.

If all is well, you will see this at the top right corner of the Amazon Checkout page:


Nikon AW130 Waterproof + Corel Imaging Software + Extras for $277

Spring may be an excuse to convince the spouse CFO to “authorize” the purchase of a waterproof camera and if so, and if you are also interested in the Corel imaging software without breaking the bank, Adorama is offering a number of free accessories with the Nikon Coolpix AW130 for the same price of $277 with free expedited shipping: the Corel Software Bundle which includes AfterShot PRO 2 and Paintshop PRO X8 (total of five titles), a floater strap, a 16GB SD card, a Lowepro pouch, and a cleaning kit. This is available in Coldplay Yellow, Blue or Black. Page down over there to locate these among the list of options.

Fuji XP90 Waterproof for $179

The Fuji XP90 waterproof digital cameras is on sale for $179 with free shipping, with a limit of ten units per color per customer at Amazon by Amazon herself in two of the four available colors, in the yellow XP90 and the black/green XP90.

Panasonic TS6 waterproof with $25 Gift Card for $200

Spring is in the air, and if you are looking for a new “adventure” camera that you won’t cry for too long if it gets lost or ruined, the Panasonic TS6 is bundled with a $25 Adorama Gift Certificate, all together going for $200 with free shipping in either the camouflage color option or the Melisandre red color option.

Costco Members Only offers: Olympus TG-3, GoPro {don’t know the prices}

Currently Costco has two camera offers that are members-only exclusives (you can’t buy members-only items with a 5% surcharge if you are not member), which often means the prices are better than the rest of the internets. It is the red Olympus TG-4 waterproof P&S cameras with extras, and the GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition with Li-ion Battery and Dual Battery Charger.

NOTE: Unfortunately I am not a Costco member, so I don’t know what the prices are. Even if you login with a Costco account, you can’t see the prices without being a member. Maybe I need to start a Kickstarter to fund purchases of memberships so I can check prices 😉

Costco: Fuji XP90 bundle for $200 w/free S&H

Your membership dollars at work! Costco is offering the waterproof Fuji X90 in a camera bundle for $200 with free shipping with a limit of three per customer. The bundle includes a case and a 16GB card. This camera goes for $230 without the extras at other retailers (eg Amazon).

Panasonic TS6 with $25 Gift Card for $210

With Spring in the Air, more uses for element-proof cameras emerge, so if you want to use that excuse to convince the Spouse CFO to approve the purchase, Adorama has a Panasonic TS6 flash sale bundling it with a $25 Adorama gift certificate for $210 with free shipping, in your choice of either orange TS6 or blue TS6.

In-stock nao: Ricoh WG-M2 Action Camera for $300

Looking like a cross between a game and a video game creature come to life, the brand new Ricoh WG-M2 action camera is now in-stock and ready for your outdoor adventures for $300 with free shippping at B&H Photo in the orange/black and silver/black (Raiders merchandising opportunity?) color schemes.

Panasonic TS6 with $25 Gift Card for $200

Spring is in the air, the great outdoors are calling, and if you are interested in an element-proof camera, Adorama is bundling the Panasonic TS6 with a $25 Adorama gift certificate for the camera’s current price of $200 with free shipping.

Olympus Tough TG-860 + Floater for $199

Spring is in the air, at least based on the time change, which brings us to a waterproof camera sale, the Olympus Stylus Tough TG-860 is bundled with an Olympus floater, together for $199 with free shipping at Adorama in black or orange or white.

PS: I am having another “Keyboardian Existential Crisis”, so the chances of typos and HTML errors are elevated as I rotate through keyboards. I don’t know why it’s so hard to find a near-perfect keyboard. Maybe because I “hand-write” HTML which makes the bottom right corner of a keyboard a killer zone (the “< >” and Quote and Shift and Enter areas). If you have any keyboard suggestions please leave them in the comments or use the online contact form.

Refurbished Nikon Coolpix AW130 waterproof for $169 OR S6900 compact-zoom for $99

We are taking another break from the Pre-Orders Parade (many more to come still), with a series of refurbished Nikon Coolpix P&S digital cameras offered with a 90-day Nikon USA warranty from authorized dealer BuyDig’s eBay store as follows:

+ refurbished Coolpix AW130 waterproof in yellow for $169

+ refurbished Coolpix S6900 (12x optical; with case and 16GB card) for $99 OR add two to the shopping cart and save 10% off

+ these are among the 100+ refurbished Nikon camera gear eligible for the BuyDig “Buy 1 Get 1 at 10% off” promotion

Pre-order new Ricoh WG-M2 Action Camera for $300

Action cameras continue to survive, despite attacks from cameraphones and dedicated action cameras like the GoPro. Ricoh has a brand new model out now, available for pre-order for $300, in orange or black at Amazon by Amazon herself and B&H Photo and Adorama.

Intova CONNEX Action Camera for $169

On the waterproof end of the action camera spectrum, the Intova CONNEX Action Camera is currently on sale for $169 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo.

(ENDED) Intova Waterproof Action Cameras for $100 and $150

This daily deal expired… For more action, check their Featured Deals page

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