REI Lifetime Member Kinda-Free [have to make two purchases]

If you want to become an REI Member (membership is lifetime, you only pay for membership once in your life), they have a limited time offer until 12/30/23 at 11:59pm Pacific. You make a $50+ purchase plus add the $30 lifetime membership to your cart. Then you’ll receive a promotional $30 Member Bonus card via email that can/must be used for future purchases by 1/10/24. Assuming you’ll use it before it expires, you become a lifetime member for kinda-FREE! Kinda-FREE because you have to make a $50+ and then a $30+ purchase. Full terms/conditions at the bottom of the aforelinked page.

20% off One Outlet Item for REI Members

If you are an REI member (you only pay for membership once, not an annual subscription), until 12/15/21, coupon code OUTLETWARM gets you 20% off one REI Outlet item. Terms, conditions and details over there…

REI Mastercard: $100 Gift Card, Rewards, Cellphone Protection, Non-Profit Donations, and Other Benefits

REI hippies and hipsters of the world unite and take over! REI’s e-newsletter is promoting the current promotion for their REI Mastercard credit card (powered by US Bank). If you apply and get approved and make a purchase within 60 days, you will earn a $100 REI gift card as a bonus. The card has a rewards program, 5% on REI purchases, 2% on mobile wallet purchases and 1% on everything else.

These rewards are stackable and separate from the REI Annual Dividend program for REI members (membership is a one-time lifetime-activity, not an annual fee milking).

The card also offers a no-cost cellphone protection (damage or theft) if you pay your cellphone bill with this card. There is a $50 deductible, up to $800 per claim, two claims per year, up to $1000 per 12-month period. Details at the Cellphone Protection page…

Other benefits include “extra savings” on REI travel, automatic REI donation to non-profit nature projects, and no foreign transaction fees, and such, within of course limitations, terms and conditions and such.

Speaking of which, be sure to read up on all of them before applying. And the usual caveats, use credit responsibly, etc, etc, etc…

20% off one item with REI Outlet Labor Day coupon

REI Outlet fans, your time has come! Coupon code LABORDAY20 gets you 20% off a single item at the REI Outlet [formerly “REI Garage”]. Coupon expires Monday at 11:59pm… Restrictions and limitations and such apply [read them here]…

Buy $100+ REI Gift Card, Get $10 promotional gift card

A new REI promotion is running until 6/25/20, if you purchase a $100+ gift card at their website you will receive a $10 promotional digital gift card [which must be used between July 10-20 in 2020 in a single transaction]. Limit one per customer. These are the Terms & Conditions of the offer…

REI Outlet: $20 off a $100+ purchase [ends 6/18]

Good until 6/18/20, an automatic in-cart discount gets you $20 off a purchase of $100+ at the REI Outlet/Garage. Outlet (eligible) item prices rhyme with .73 in their price. This is good for all, not just members…

REI members: 20% off Outlet Item, 20% Regular Item (ends 4/6/20)

If you are an REI member (you sign up and pay the membership fee once, not an annual membership), good until 4/6/20 at the end of day, coupon code MEMPERKS20 gets you 20% off one item at the REI Garage-Outlet and 20% off one full priced item at Exclusions and restrictions apply as usual…

REI Outlet sale of 70% or more

Outdoors photography goes hand in hand with outdoor-sy shopping and if you are of that interest, the REI Outlet is having a handpicked sale offering discounts of 70% or more on the preselected sale items. Over a dozen pages of items are participating…

PS: if you are an REI member, keep in mind you only earn dividends on full price items. Outlet, sale and clearance items do not get dividends. Dividends are a profit sharing plan and profits are a lot less when you are not paying full price 🙂

Extra 25% off with REI Outlet coupon

Good until 12/9/19, coupon code CYBERDEAL19 gets you an additional 25% off on a single eligible item at the REI Outlet store. Outlet items are already discounted, the coupon is a further haircut on that. Terms, conditions, exclusions, limitations and so forth…

20% off one item at the REI Outlet with coupon

Some people are fans of the Great Indoors, others are fans of the Great Outdoors. Some are fans of none and some are fans of both. Especially if you are a fan of the Great Outdoors, coupon code LABORDAY19 gets you 20% off one item from the REI Outlet store (formerly known as the REI Garage). Terms, conditions and restrictions apply.

UPDATE: not eligible for the coupon above, but REI is also running their Labor Day sales featuring a variety of outdoors-y products. Not that anyone stops you from using them indoors or in your yard or in the parking lot 🙂

REI is free for all to shop but if you join as a member by paying a one-time fee [not an annual fee] you get extra benefits including an annual member dividend (a percentage of your annual purchase that were not on sale/clearance)…

REI Outlet: $20 off $100+ order until 7/22

REI fans, unite and take over! Good until 7/22/19, orders of $100+ at the REI Outlet will get an automatic shopping cart discount of $20 off. Terms, conditions and restrictions apply…

Separately, they have a seasonal sale on North Face products. Sorry to say but fans of “East Face” and “West Face” and “South Face” will have to wait for a future sale ^_^

PS: REI is a (hippy) co-op, so unlike annual membership plans, with REI, you pay a one-time fee to join the cult collective, and then you are a lifetime member. You also earn annual dividends on select (non-sale) purchases…

25% off one item at REI Outlet with coupon

Hello REI commune/hippies! Until 12/2/18, coupon code 25OUTLET gets you 25% off a single item at the REI Outlet store, formerly the REI Garage. Six degrees of separation from photography, especially the outdoors kind. Terms/conditions/restrictions as usual apply.

REI Outlet sale until 11/22/18

Especially if you are of outdoor photography interest, there is a limited time sale of handpicked products running until 11/22/18 at the online REI Outlet store. The sale is online only, not at their B&M stores…

REI Members: Promotional Dividend Match on eligible $50+ purchases (on June 9 and 10)

If you are part of the REI Commune (aka their membership program, the Co-Op; you pay a one time $20 lifetime membership fee and you are in; no annual fees), on June 9 and 10 in 2018, at their stores and their website, they are matching your dividend on eligible purchases of $50+ with a promotional dividend. The terms of the bonus dividend are the same as the regular dividend. Only full price items are eligible and exclusions apply. The “bonus dividend” will be issued in June, and must be spent between June 15-25. So you don’t have to wait for the annual dividend to get this bonus. The regular dividend part of your purchase will arrive with your annual dividend as usual. Check their website/stores for more details…

Future Coupon: 20% off REI (Members Only) [March 23 – April 8]

This is a future coupon! Running between March 23 and April 9 in 2018, coupon code MEMPERKS gets you 20% off ONE regular price item, and 20% off one REI Garage (formerly outlet) item. The coupon is for REI members only. Unlike most other places, you pay only one time for a membership at REI, and you get a lifetime membership. If you are a frequent or even infrequent REI shopper, $20 is not an unreasonable membership for the extra perks.

REI Garage Handpicked Sale (4 pages of items)

From the “Six Degrees of Separation” department, of potential interest to outdoor and nature photographers, the REI Garage (formerly known as the REI Outlet store) is having a Handpicked Deals sale with a variety of products. There are four pages of sale items.

$20 off $100+ REI Garage orders

The REI Garage is the new name for the REI Outlet store. Until 12/20/17, automatically (no coupon code needed), their shopping cart will give you a $20 off discount if you purchase $100+ in REI Garage products. This discount only applies to item purchased from the “REI Garage” website, not the main REI website. They don’t have camera gear, but they have a lot of items of interest to photographers who spend a lot of time in nature.

50% off on 240+ items at REI Garage

Of interest to outdoor/nature photographers and fans of the great not-indoors (aka outdoors), the REI Garage (formerly the REI Outlet store) has a 50% off sale on 240+ REI Garage items. No coupon is needed. The sale prices are factored in over there.

REI: $100 Gift Card with REI Co-Op Mastercard

If you don’t have (or had) an REI Mastercard, they are running a promotion that gets you a $100 REI Gift Card if you open an REI Co-Op Mastercard and make at least one purchase with it (any purchase, any amount) within 60 days of account opening. The usual thing with credit cards, “on approved credit”, etc, etc, etc. With this card you earn 5% back on REI purchases and 1% on all other retailers/places. This is stackable with the annual REI Membership Dividend because co-op hippies like to give money back 🙂 On top of that, until 12/31/17, REI will donate 10c to the National Forest Foundation (up to $1 million) for every transaction made with the card.

Members: 20% off One REI Outlet Item with coupon

REI has a coupon of its own as well, for members only. To become a member you pay a one time lifetime membership fee of $20 to join the outdoorsy Borg collective. Coupon code REIMEMBER2016 gets you 20% off one REI Outlet item (outlet items have prices ending in .73 cents). The same coupon also gets you 20% off one full price item (online, in-store or by phone). Click on the “Details” link there to see the terms/conditions of this offer. REI has some camera-related items, mostly of the outdoorsy kind (eg action cameras). Coupon expires 5/30/16.

25% off at REI Outlet store (one item only)

If you are an outdoors photographer and/or need/use outdoors gear often, the REI Outlet store is offering 25% off the purchase price of one outlet item. The shopping cart will automatically select the highest priced item in your shopping cart and discount it. No coupon needed. Offer ends 8/14/15. Details and exclusions listed at the bottom of the aforelinked page.

PS: prices of REI Outlet items rhyme with “.73” (eg $9.73, $126.73, $569.73, etc).