(ENDED) 3-Year Subscription for $13 total for either Pop Photo or Outdoor Pho or Digital Pho

This weekend sale expired…

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(ENDED) 3-month Prepaid Texture Premium Netflix-like Magazine Subscription for $9 total (includes Shutterbug, Pop Photo, Outdoor Photographer)

This daily deal expired…

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1-Year per Print Magazine for $4 each: Pop Photo or Outdoor Photographer

This weekend’s sale at Discount Mags is a Top 100 Best Prices of the Year type of a promotion, featuring two photography magazines among the many others. Both are printed glossy magazines delivered to US addresses, without auto-renewal. You pay $4 per magazine per year for Outdoor Photographer or Popular Photography. You can sign-up for up to three years per individual magazine, and individually select whether it’s a gift or new-subscription or a renewal. Offer ends Monday night.

(ENDED) Make Your Own Magazine Bundle: 3 for $12 or 5 for $18 or 10 for $30

This weekend sale ended as expected…

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Printed Photo Magazine Sale: $4/year on Pop Photo or Outdoor, $5.25 for Digital Photo PRO

Magazines too are having a black friday sale, Discount Mags is offering 1-year delivered-by-mail print subscriptions to “Popular Photography” or “Outdoor Photographer” for $4 per magazine per year, “Digital Photo” for $4.25 per year, and “Digital Photo PRO” for $5.25 per year. These are some of their lowest prices. The usual terms apply, up to three years, good for new subs, renewals or gifts. These printed magazines delivered to your doorstep (USA addresses only) and they won’t renew automatically. The sale should be good until Sunday night.

Weekend Magazine Sale: $5 per year Pop or Outdoor

Another weekend is here which means a new weekend sale at Discount Mags. This is the “default safe”, with 1-year subscriptions of glossy-printed-by-mail Popular Photography or Digital Photo or Outdoor Photographer going for $5 per magazine per year. “Digital Photo PRO” goes for its “default sale price” of $8 per year. The aforementioned are printed glossy magazines. Also participating is a 1-year Zinio digital subscription of Shutterbug for $15 per year. It is interesting to see such a price delta when you consider a print-magazine is more expensive to deliver. Offer ends Monday night as usual, with the usual terms (no auto-renewals, new subs or gift subs or renewals, adjust duration per magazine from 1 to 3 years, etc).

Prime Members: read Nov issue of Pop Photo for FREE

If you are a Prime member, one of your benefits is Prime Reading. For the month of November 2016, you can borrow a selection of single Magazine issues, including the November 2016 issue of Popular Photography and Imaging. Magazines count as one of your “ten out” selections but you can return them at any time to free up the slot. You don’t own these, they are digitally borrowed. As far as I can tell, these digital magazine issues can only be read on iOS and Android, not Windows.

$5 per magazine per year: Pop Photo or Outdoor Photographer

The weekend sale is here at Discount Mags and this round, good until Monday night, includes two photography magazines, each offered for $5 per magazine per year, with the usual terms (up to three years, renewals or new subscribers or gifts; no auto-renewals; you have to manually renew IF you want to do so; printed magazines delivered by snail mail to physical addresses).

Photography Magazine Weekend Sale returns

It’s the weekend and the Weekend Sale at DiscountMags is back offering lower than usual discount prices for printed magazines delivered to USA addresses as follows:

  • Outdoor Photographer for $4.71 per year
  • Digital Photo for $4.73 per year
  • Popular Photography for $4.79 per year
  • Digital Photo PRO for $7.83

The usual terms apply, up to three years, individually adjustable per magazine, good for gifts, renewals or new subscriptions. Their subscription are not auto-renewal; they won’t renew unless you manually do so.

(ENDED) Weekend Magazine Sale: $5 per year for the usuals

The weekend is over, and so it this sale…

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(ENDED) 4 Months of Pop Photo for $0.99 total (renews at full price)

This offer expired but they seem to have similar type of things every few weeks/months…

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(ENDED) 1-Year of Shutterbug (Digital Subscription) for $9

This weekend sale expired… This weekend’s magazine sale at Discount Mags has a slightly different set of featured magazines with a fall theme of sorts. None of the usual printed photo magazines are participating, but they offer a 1-year digital subscription (Zinio) of Shutterbug for $9 for new subscribers or renewals. Their weekend sales now feature a mix of print or digital or “print + digital”, so be sure to check the box of each magazine there. The sales are good until Monday night.

(ENDED) 3 Magazines for $12 total for 1-Year (Ends Mon PM)

This weekend sale ended but another one will come next weekend…

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New Prime Benefit: borrow latest Shutterbug, Consumer Reports Magazine Issues and more, plus borrow 1000+ ebooks for FREE

A few days after adding free Audible content to Prime memberships, Amazon is back with a new feature for Prime members, Prime Reading. This feature has two components:

  • you can read over 1000 e-books for FREE. You do not own the books, but you can read them for free and take as long as you like to finish them
  • monthly selection of Magazine Issues you can borrow and read for FREE, the current selection includes the latest issues from Shutterbug and Consumer Reports, N-Geo Traveler, Pop Mechanics, among others

This is essentially a “Kindle Unlimited Lite” membership, it contains a subset of the ebooks available through that for-pay membership.

You can read as many of them as you like but there is a checkout limit of ten at a time. This of this as your local library, you can only have ten items out at any time, but you can return them and borrow new ones as many times as you like. The magazines count towards the ten item limit.

The magazine selections will change monthly, so there’s no guarantee the same magazine will be available next month. Magazines can only be read using the iOS and Android Kindle apps. You cannot read them with the Cloud Reader, nor the Windows Kindle app, nor using e-readers. eBooks can be read with all options including Cloud Reader and e-readers.

Of the 1000+ books, only one is photography-related (as far as my searches can tell), “How to Archive Family Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Organize and Share Your Photos Digitally” by Denise May Levenick.

As usual with the Netflix-style membership, you don’t get to keep any of them, but you can keep reading them as long as you are a paying member.

UPDATE: indeed this is single issues, which you can download to your Kindle app for later reading (eg if without internet connection). Here’s a screenshot of the app with Shutterbug, the October 2016 issue:


To celebrate (okay, sale-a-brate) this new Prime benefit, Amazon is also discounting some of their Kindle e-book readers for Prime members (so they can read all these 1000+ e-books) as follows:

+ Kindle Voyage e-reader for $150
+ Kindle Paperwhite e-reader for $90
+ Entry-Level Kindle e-reader for $50
+ for all the Kindles, you see the discount after you add it to the shopping cart and proceed to the Checkout page

(ENDED) $5 per year Photo Magazines (Print OR Digital) includes Digital Photo PRO

This weekend sale ended…

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(ENDED) Sat only: 3-Month Subscription of Texture (Netflix-style magazine service includes Shutterbug, Pop, Outdoor) for $10 total [NEW SUBSCRIBERS ONLY!]

This daily deal expired…

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(ENDED) Photo Magazine Sale: $5 per magazine per year

This weekend special ended, but they typically have new offers every weekend…

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Weekend Magazine Sale: Multi-Year Discounts, 3-YRS Pop Photo or Outdoor Pho for $13 per Magazine

The weekend is here and so is a new Weekend Sale at Discount Mags. Their weekend sales now end on Monday night instead of Sunday night. The theme of this sale is multi-year discounts, the more years you sign-up, the bigger the discount. For example, 3-years of Pop Photo are $13, 2-years are $9, 1-year is $5. So you get the better price per year if you sign up for three years. Digital Photo and Outdoor Photographer have similar prices, while Digital Photo PRO is 3-years for $25. These are printed magazines delivered to your front door. You can sign-up as a new subscriber, or renew an existing subscription or buy it as a gift for someone else. These options are individually adjustable per magazine.

If you prefer digital magazines, the Zinio coupon promotion of 40% off with coupon FRESH40 expires Monday night as well. They have a lot more Photography Magazines including many international titles [see earlier post for more on this]

40% off Digital Magazines with coupon (many photography options)

Digital magazine seller Zinio has a new coupon promotion, coupon code FRESH40 gets you 40% off almost all the magazines they carry. The sale is good until 9/19/16. Use the search bar to look for magazines of interest, the ones shown on the aforelinked page are just a subset of what’s eligible. This is a link the Photography Category.

These are digital magazines that you can read using the Zinio website (eg desktops/laptops) along with their iOS and Android and Windows Metro app. This type of a sale is great for international photography magazines whose shipping fees make them too expensive for a physical subscription. The mainstream US photo magazines (Pop, Outdoor, etc) are more expensive at Zinio (even with the coupon) than the weekend DicsountMags physical magazine sales.

To test the coupons, you need a Zinio account and a credit card on file. Here’s an example of 1-Year Amateur Photographer UK subscription (51 digital issues), the price drops from $88~ to $53~ after you enter the coupon (screenshot below):


If there are any magazines you want me to “coupon test”, please leave a comment or use the online contact form.

(ENDED) Magazine Sale: $5 per magazine per year, Etc

This sale ended but another is coming every weekend…

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(ENDED) Five Magazines for $20 total per year (four Photo options) {ends Tuesday Night}

This sale ended but there are new sales every weekend…

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(ENDED) Ends Mon PM: Photo Magazines for $4.80 per magazine per year (Pop, Outdoor, Digi, Vid)

This weekend sale expired but there will be another next weekend…

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$5 per printed magazine per year: Pop Photo, Outdoor Photographer

The weekend magazine sale at DiscountMags.com is a $5 per magazine per year sale on select titles, including Popular Photography and Outdoor Photographer. These are the only photography magazines participating this time around. These are printed magazines delivered to your doorstep for USA addresses. The usual terms apply, no autorenewals, up to three years per magazine, good for new-subscribers or renewals or gifts for other people. This sale ends Monday night.

Magazine Sale, under $5/year per magazine

The DiscountMags Weekend Sale is good until Monday night, and features the usual three printed photography magazines to be delivered by mail for under $5 per magazine per year: Pop Photo or Outdoor Photographer or Digital Photo. The Digital Photo PRO is $8.54 per year. The usual terms apply, up to three years per magazine, renewals or new subscriptions or gifts. No auto-renewals. These are printed magazines delivered by mail to USA addresses.

Speaking of magazines, if you are a fan of international photography magazines but don’t want to pay high prices for them (cross-border shipping costs more and takes longer) and if you like to read magazines digitally, digital magazine service Zinio has a sale on select Art and Photography magazines. Their US-based magazine prices are not as competitive as DiscountMags above, but their international subscriptions beat the prices of physical subscriptions. These can be read in the Zinio apps or the Zinio website with a browser.

Digital Subscriptions of International Photo magazines for around $10 per year

If you like to read digital editions of international magazines (which are typically a lot more expansive as a printed subscription), digital magazine seller Zinio has an Art & Photography Magazine Sale for around $10 per magazine per year.

Their big publisher US-based magazines (Pop Photo, Outdoor, Digital Pho) prices are not competitive with the weekly printed offers from DiscountMags (eg this weekend’s sale), but they offer Australia’s “Photo Review” for $10.62 for 1-year (four issues), Professional Photography for $10 for 1-year (three issues), Digital Camera World for $10 for 1-year (three issues). You may recognize many of them from back when there were bookstores will fully stocked newsstands on almost every street corner 🙂

PS: there are magazines with very similar names that are published in different countries, so do pay attention to the detailed listings.

PS2: Zinio magazines can be read with a web browser on a computer or using their mobile apps (iTunes, Google Play, Windows).

Weekend Magazine Sale – $5/year/magazine as usual

UPDATE: the sale continues on Monday 8/8/16…

Another weekend, another Weekend Sale at DiscountMags which recently added digital subscriptions, so now you have to pay attention to the listings. The digital subscriptions say (Digital) after the magazine’s name and have a “Powered by Zinio” tagline. This weekend sale is the standard weekend sale:

Printed Magazines
+ $5 per magazine per year for Pop Photo or Digital Photo or Outdoor Photographer
+ $9 per year for Digital Photo Pro
+ the usual terms, up to three years, new/renewal/gifts, magazines delivered by mail to USA addresses

Digital Subscriptions
+ $6.75 for 1-year of Smart Photography
+ $7.60 for 1-year of HD Video Pro
+ digital subscriptions through Zinio
+ only 1-year available, either New or Renewal

Some Printed Magazines include Digital Downloads
Some of the printed magazines delivered by mail also include a digital download, sometimes it’s the magazine itself, sometimes it’s bonus items. Items with this option have a “Digital Download Included”, eg look at the listing for Wired or ESPN or Vanity Fair

(ENDED) Three Magazines for $12 Total for 1-Year (ends Wedn PM)

Oops, I did the time-math wrong, this expired Tuesday night, not Wednesday night…

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1-Year Digital Photo for $5 (Digital Subscription)

The DiscountMags Weekend Sale post got me looking for magazines, and sure enough, for a limited time, you can get 1-Year Digital Photo digital subscription through the Zinio service and apps for $5 for 1-year. This is part of their Limited Time Sale (no expiration date is mentioned). Zinio subscriptions can be read in a Web Browser along with their apps for iOS, Google Play, Windows Metro (Kindle Fire can sideload the Android apk).

DiscountMags adds Digital-Only Subscriptions: Shutterbug for $9/yr, Smart Photography for $6.68/yr; also some Printed Mags get Digital Content

The weekend is upon us and with it we have another Weekend Magazine Sale at DiscountMags, now with a new addition. In addition to printed magazines, they are also offering digital subscriptions (redeemed through the Zinio service/app). Digital subscriptions mention this in the listings (Digital) and have a “Powered by Zinio” with a “?” explainer. Here’s a screenshot of a digital one:


Of camera and photo interest:
+ Popular Photographer for $5/year, up to 3 years, PRINTED
+ Shutterbug for $9/year, 1 year only, DIGITAL
+ Smart Photography for $6.68/year, 1 year only, DIGITAL
+ various $5/year magazines: Wired, Popular Science, ESPN, CNet, etc
+ see them all at the Weekend Magazine Sale

Some Printed Magazines now include Digital content
Another new feature at DiscountMags is that a subset of the Printed magazines now include Digital content to go with it. The eligible magazines mention this with the “Digital Download Included” in their section. You can use your browser’s in-page search feature to search for that phrase. Pop Photo is not eligible for this, but other non-photography magazines are, here’s a screenshot for Wired:


Digital content varies by magazine. For example, Wired offers this using their own Wired app (iPad, Nook, Kindle Fire [not sure why they don’t have a Google Play option]). ESPN offers ESPN Insider access, and such. Check each magazine of interest to see what and how they offer this.

PS: I haven’t tried any of the digital options yet, so I don’t know how they work. If you have any existing subscription, it may also be eligible if the offer is available through the publisher’s website. Simply follow the instructions as given by the magazine’s website.

2-Year Photography Magazine Subscription for $9 per magazine (Popular Pho, Outdoor Pho, Digi Pho)

The weekend is here, and so are the DiscountMags Weekend Magazine Specials, the theme this time around are discounted 2-year subscriptions, with three photography magazines going for $9 per magazine per 2-year subscription (Popular Photography, Digital Photo, Outdoor Photographer), while Digital Photo PRO goes for $15 for the 2-year period.

Other options include the ESPN Magazine or Popular Science for $5 each for a 2-year period, Wired for $9 for the 2-year period. The only subscription duration option is 2-years for this promotion. These are good for new subscribers or renewals or gifts. These are printed magazines delivered to USA addresses. Offer ends Sunday night.

PS: “Pho” in the blog-post title is for Photography/er. Actual Pho dishes or recipes are not included 🙂

(ENDED) 6-month Subscriptions for 99c Total (then becomes Auto-Renewal) ~ includes Pop Photo

This offer ended too…

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(ENDED) $5 per magazine per year: Pop Photo or Outdoor Pho

This weekend ended but rumor has it another weekend is less than seven days away 🙂

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$5 per magazine per year: Pop Photo OR Outdoor Photographer or Digital Photo

This weekend’s DiscountMags Magazine Sale ends on Tuesday night and it is the standard weekend sale, $5 per year per magazine for Pop Photo OR Outdoor Photographer OR Digital Photo and $9 per year on Digital Photo Pro. A variety of other non-photo magazines are participating. The usual terms apply, printed magazines delivered to USA addresses, no auto-renewals, up to three years, offer good for new customers or renewing subscriptions or gifts.

Thursday: 1-Year Pop Photo for $5 with coupon

The Thursday deal of the day at DiscountMags is the Popular Photography magazine going for $5 per year when you enter coupon code 99790 over there. The usual terms apply (up to three years, renewals or existing subscriptions, shipped to USA addresses, no autorenewal).

(ENDED) 3-Year Magazine Subscription for $13 total (Pop or DP or Outdoor) [Digital Photo PRO for $19]

This weekend sale ended…

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(ENDED) Ends Mon PM: $5 per magazine per year: Pop Photo or Outdoor Photographer

This weekend offer ended…

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(ENDED) Weekend Magazine Sale: $5 per magazine per year for the Big Three

This weekend sale ended but there’s a new sale every weekend…

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(ENDED) Magazine Sale: Pop Photo for $4.61, Outdoor $4.64, Digital Photo non-PRO for $4.75

This sale ended but there’s a new sale every weekend…

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(ENDED) Five Magazines for $20 Total Per Year (four Photography options among others!)

This 3-day Memorial Day weekend sale expired…

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(ENDED) Weekend Magazine Sale, Status Quo prices ($5 per magazine per year for Pop/Outdoor/Digi)

The weekend is over and so is this sale. But there’s always a new sale every weekend…

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Magazine Sale: $5/yr on Pop Photo or Digital or Outdoor [$9/yr Digital Photo Pro]

It is the standard sale prices of photography magazines at this Weekend Sale at DiscountMags with one twist, they also include a free E-card for Mom (does not explain the details). Three of the four available photography magazines go for $5 per magazine per year (Pop Photo, Digital Photo, Outdoor Photographer), while Digital Photo Pro goes for $9 per year. The usual terms apply, limit up to three years per customer, good for new subscriptions or gift subscriptions or renewals. These are printed magazines delivered to USA addresses. These do not renew automatically unless you manually renew them (Amazon switched most of their offers to auto-renewing subscriptions which some do not like). Offer ends Sunday night as usual.

(ENDED) 2yr Magazine Subscriptions for $10 Total (Pop Photo, Digital Photo PRO, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo, etc)

This weekend sale ended…

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YMMV Email Only: 1-Year of National Geographic Digital Subscription for $6

For people in their emailing list, National Geographic has a limited time offer getting you a 1-year Digital National Geographic subscription (not the printed magazine) for $6. The promotion appears to be built into in the individual email links, because I can’t get the link to load stand-alone on a browser without clicking to it first from the email. So YMMV.

(ENDED) Weekend Mag Sale: 1yr CR for $20, 2yr NatGeo for $30

This weekend sale ended with the weekend 🙂

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(ENDED) Pick 3 Magazines for $12 Total Per Year (choices include 4 Photography magazines)

This particular weekend sale ended…

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Prime members: Free 4-month subscription On Up To Three Magazines (options include Pop Photo) [new subscribers only]

If you are an Amazon Prime member, Amazon has yet another Prime exclusive promotion, you get four free months on up to three different magazines from a list of 14 choices. Click on the arrow widgets there to see all the options. The options include Popular Photography, Wired, and Popular Science.

AFTER the 4 months end, this converts to an auto-renewing subscription. The first year will be $10 per magazine per year, and then will auto-renew at the then going rate. Your credit card will be charged around the 3 month mark, if you cancel before the 4 month window closes, you will get refunded.

This is good for new subscribers only. It does not work with existing subscribers. US addresses. These are printed magazines. Check terms and conditions for all the details. Promotion expires 4/8/16.

(ENDED) Magazines $4.80 per magazine per year (including Photo related)

This weekend sale ended…

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(ENDED) Multi-Year Magazine Sale (four options)

This weekend sale ended…

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Popular Photography for $4.95 per year [printed magazine]

The weekend magazine sale at Discount Mags has only one photography magazine this time, Popular Photography going for $4.95 per year, with the usual terms (up to 3 years at this annual rate, good for new subscribers or renewals or gift subscriptions). This is a printed magazine delivered to USA addresses. Offer ends Sunday at 11:59pm ET.

(ENDED) Weekend Photo Magazine Sale: under $5/year (Pop, Outdoor, Digi)

This weekend sale expired…

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