Money Maker (YMMV): Use/Link PayPal as payment method and make up to $25 in PayPal Cash

This is a rare money maker deal. PayPal is offering its members a chance to make up to $25 in PayPal cash. You earn $5 per app if you make PayPal the payment method (or link it with the service) with the following apps: Uber, Spotify, Hulu, GrubHub and HomeChef. You then have to use PayPal to make a payment in any of the above five apps and then the up to $25 will be yours. Offer ends when it is used 30,000 times or on 12/31/19 whichever happens first.

You must be invited by PayPal to participate. Check your PayPal connected email accounts and/or the offers/messages section or the splash ads at the PayPal website or apps.

Uber and GrubHub are the easiest to make a payment quickly because you can use them at any time. The other three are subscriptions which means you have to make sure the payment happens within the transaction window and before the 30,000 rewards are used up…

Then you can use the (up to) $25 bonus towards camera and photo (or any other) purchases 🙂

PayPal coupon: $20 off $199+ at Mac Of All Trades

If you use PayPal and want to make a $199+ purchase at “Mac Of All Trades”, good until APR-06-2019, coupon code PAYPAL20 gets you $20 off a purchase of $199+ at that site. PayPal must be the only payment method for the coupon to work. Exclusions/restrictions apply as usual…

Various PayPal Policy Updates effective April 19

PayPal is updating various Policies with the new changes taking effect on April 19 in 2018. I don’t know if any of the changes are influenced by eBay’s decision to phase out PayPal in the next few years. You can read the whole thing over there. Among the changes:

+ the “Pay After Delivery” option is going away

+ customers with unverified identifying information cannot use their PayPal balance
to make purchases or send money (they can still keep it or transfer it to a bank or debit card)

+ sending money (PayPal balance; not credit/debit) to friends/family outside the US
will have a flat fee of $3 to $5; not a variable percentage rate

+ business accounts who select faster withdrawal to a linked debit card will now pay a 1% flat fee

+ updates to “Unauthorized Transactions” and “Purchase Protection Program”

+ updates to the Privacy Policy

+ various other changes

YMMV PayPal Coupon: $10 off a $50+ eBay order

If you are subscribed to PayPal offers by email (I think this is on by default, you’d have to manually turn it on their settings), they have sent today personalized email coupon codes for $10 off an eBay order of $50+ that is paid with PayPal (is there any other way to pay these days?). The coupon is a long mess of characters and numbers, which means it is unique for each customer, that’s why I’m not posting it here.

Coupon expires 11/22/17, and has the usual coupon exclusions.

IF you are eligible for this, it can be a perfect couponing storm, because running until Thursday night is a 8% eBay Bucks promotion (YMMV on who’s eligible) and running until Monday AM is a 20% off eBay coupon promotion.

I believe all three should be stackable because the PayPal coupon is a payment coupon (PayPal checkout coupon), while the eBay coupon is a purchase (eBay shopping cart) coupon. The rewards happen regardless of whether you use any coupons as long as you activate them before making purchases.

PayPal Users get FREE 2-Year ShopRunner subscription

If you have an American Express, you may already be getting (or eligible to get) a FREE 1-Year subscription to Shoprunner. But now PayPal is coming in with an offer of their own, PayPal members can get a FREE 2-Year Subscription.

Shoprunner is a Prime-like service in terms of free shipping that includes a variety of online retailers (not Amazon), NewEgg, Staples, and many fashion brands.

Shopping News: PayPal now lets you set a Credit Card as Default Payment Method

After wasting the time of millions of online shoppers who had to frantically change the PayPal payment method to a credit card every single time they made a purchase so iffy eBay sellers wouldn’t raid their checking account directly, PayPal, now in trouble because there are LOTS and LOTS of other alternative payment methods, FINALLY allows you to set a default payment method to …the one you like, including a …credit card (*GASP*).

I’m sure they’ll make a full length documentary about the amazing scientific struggles PayPal had to go through for this mind-blowing technological breakthrough, twenty years in the making 🙂

This is a relatively recent change and PayPal has been sending email reminders of this change. Here’s a screenshot from them:

YMMV: 1% Back on PayPal purchases (max $10 benefit)

Once upon a time PayPal reigned supreme as an online payment method. Now it’s getting attacked from all directions, so they discovered new technologies, like customer service and customer benefits 😉 They are now running a targeted promotion, it is a YMMV since I have no clue what percentage of their customers is getting this offer. If you are eligible, you should see it in your emails or PayPal website. You have to manually opt-in the offer by clicking on the Activate button in the mail. The benefit is this: you get 1% back on PayPal purchases until November 20, 2016 (of course they exclude Black Friday shopping!). The maximum cashback you get from this is $10 (=== $1000 in purchases). Here’s a screenshot from that email:


PayPal increases time for Buyers to file disputes from 45 to 180 days [effective 11/18/14]

Just in time for Black Friday shopping (new policy effective November 18 in 2014), PayPal is updating their Policy with some changes. The most notable from a buyer’s perspective, they are increasing the window to file disputes for undelivered or not-as-described items from 45 to 180 days. Check your email registered with PayPal for an email message describing these… Cut and paste of the relevant parts below…

“+ We’re increasing the time for buyers to file merchandise disputes (Item Not Received and Significantly Not as Described) from 45 days to 180 days.
+ We’re extending buyer protection to include item not received claims for custom made products.”

PayPal is splitting up from eBay at some point in 2015. I don’t know if the split factored in the decision to make this buyer-friendly change in policy.