Vintage 26×18″ Camera Patent Prints for $45 + S&H

Touch of Modern is having a Vintage Patent Prints sale running until 4/14/18 at 3pm eastern and among them they have the Vintage 26×18″ Camera Patent Print of the “Camera with Coupled Exposure meter” going for $45 plus shipping. But if you prefer an even larger size, they have the 40×26″ for $75 and the 60×40″ for $230. Shipping is always extra at Touch of Modern, no such thing as Prime shipping 🙁

(ENDED) Photography Patent Prints for $16 with free US shipping

This offer expired…

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Patent Print: Camera with Exposure Meter for $15 + S&H

Touch of Modern has a big Art Clearance sale running until 4/10/18 at 3pm eastern time. Among the offerings is this Camera with Exposure Meter Patent Print offered for $14.70 plus shipping.

UPDATE: the H. A. Bing Bellows patent print is also on clearance for $14.70 plus shipping…

I am going through the many other offers they have. If I find any more camera related items, I will add them to this post.

Camera Patent Pillow for $19 + S&H

You can nap or rest or sit on a camera patent …pillow! A new blueprints pillow sale at Touch of Modern includes one of the classic camera patent prints. Search (using the in-browser search feature) for “photo” or “camera” to quickly locate it. Sale ends 4/5/18 at 3pm eastern.

(ENDED) Tuesday: 20% off Camera Patent Prints (three options)

This coupon expired as well…

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Photography Patent Prints for $17 with free US shipping

It’s geeky decoration for the home or office or the studio! Massdrop, a shopping club that is free to join is offering a series of Inked and Screened Patent Prints going for $17 each with free shipping to US addresses. Because of the way their offers and pricing works, an account is needed to see all the details (it is free to join).

There are a couple of photography-related patents included in this set. Page down on the page to see them all. One is the 1963 Polaroid patent by Herbert A. Bing [Google Patents] and the other is the 1938 “photographic camera” by Gustave Fassin [Google Patents]. Look for these in the image carousel over there.

The prints are size 18×24 inch and they are available in your choice of background: chalkboard (black) or blue or white with a grid. The offer runs for three days and a few hours from today (today = 3/13/18). All sales are FINAL.

These will be printed and shipped to you with estimated shipping date being April 6 in 2018. There is no express shipping option. Massdrop products ship slowly, they are the opposite of Amazon’s Prime and PrimeNOW instant gratification deliveries 🙂

If you don’t want to wait, there are various camera-themed patent-prints at Amazon that are Prime eligible.

PS: if you are a fan of cars/automobiles, they have a separate sale on Automotive Patent Prints going for $14 plus shipping each. This offer runs for six days from today.

18×24″ Iconic Polaroid Patent Print for $16 with free S&H

The iconic Polaroid patent US 3253528 of 1966 [see Google] is one of the many 18×24 inch prints sold by for $16 with free shipping to US addresses. You can select this during the checkout process among the various other options.

All sales are final. The orders will ship in late December 2017. If you are not familiar with Massdrop, they are a different type of a website, more of a “shopping club” than a conventional online retailer. They specialize in “Group Buys” like this. You can purchase this for the next four days. Because some of their prices are lower than MAP, you have to create an account and login (free to sign-up) in order to see pricing.

Here’s a screenshot of the camera patent print: