Imported Nikon D7200 Body for $680 w/free S&H

If you are comfortable with imported grey-market DSLRs that come without a warranty [there’s no mention of any warranty included in the eBay listing], then to the eBay Deals we geaux…

… yes, Mardi Gras time, so “geaux’ is the official spelling of “go”, where eBay seller “Photo4Less” (100%, Brooklyn) is offering the new condition imported grey-market Nikon D7200 body only for $680 with free shipping. Limit up to five per buyer. Over 1700 units got sold from this listing per the eBay data over there.

Lensbaby Limited Edition Velvet & Twist Gift Set for $1000 [C/N/E]

Lensbabies have been growing up and getting fancier, if you are a fan of, you are in luck, because B&H Photo has the Lensbaby Limited Edition Velvet & Twist Gift Set on sale for $1000 with free expedited shipping in the Canon, Nikon DSLR systems, and the Sony E mirrornyet system. This set includes two custom cases, the 60 Optic with straight body, and the Velvet 56/1.6 and 85/1.8 lenses, along with a strap and cleaning cloth.