PNY Sale (18 options in SD* and microSD*, up to 256GB)

B&H Photo is running a PNY SD* and microSD* sale until 5/28/16 featuring 18 different products with storage capacities ranging from 16GB to 256GB. They include the “PRO Elite” (32GB for $20, 64GB for $30) and “Elite Performance” (Water / Shock / Magnet Proof) lines of PNY storage cards.

The 256GB Elite SDXC goes for $80, while the 128GB for $45, the 64GB for $23, the 32GB for $13, the 16GB for $8. So the bang for the buck is in capacity order, 256GB “wins”. Free shipping with orders of $49+ unless a particular card is participating in a free shipping promotion (eg the 1286GB Elite SDXC).

64GB Sony SDXC for $15 or 32GB for $8 or 128GB for $35 [the up to 70MB/s models]

More memory card action now, the 64GB Sony Class 10 UHS-1 SDXC (up to 70MB/s model SF64UY2/TQ) is on sale for $15 with a limit of 30 per customer at Amazon by Amazon itself, while the 32GB version goes for $8 (limit 30 as well). Meanwhile the 128GB version goes for $35 (same limit).

And to think that once upon a time we thought a 32MB Smartmedia card could hold so many pictures 🙂

Speaking of storage, here’s a few other ones buzzing around:
+ 128GB PNY microSDXC for $30 (“defeats” other options in its own lineup)
+ 128GB PNY USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $25

The usual free shipping terms apply. Free 2-day for Prime members (remember you can get some digital credits or Prime pantry credits if you select slower shipping). Non-Prime members get free shipping with an order total of $49 or more in eligible items, or if your order contains at least $25 in books (I don’t remember if used books fulfilled by Amazon count towards the limit).

(ENDED) Lexar Sale: 64GB 1000x SDXC for $30 or 128GB for $53 [also: microSDs, Flash Drives, SSDs, etc]

This specific sale ended but storage sales are recurring promotions at the Amazon Gold Box…

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Sony SD and microSD card sale (14 options; 32GB to 256GB)

Trios are a theme today, we have three memory card posts back to back, starting with a Sony memory card sale at B&H Photo featuring 14 SD* and microSD* cards, with storage capacities ranging from 32GB to 256GB. The SD cards include the “up to 70MB/s”, the “up to 94MB/s” and the “up to 95MB/s” models. This sale ends on 4/9/16 at 11:59pm ET.

1TB WD Elements USB 3.0 HDD for $50, 32GB Lexar microSD 633x for $8 shipped

Storage offers are among the Trending Top 100 eBay Deals as follows:

+ 1TB WD Elements Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0, WDBUZG0010BBK-NESN for $50 with free shipping by NewEgg’s eBay store (limit 5)
+ if they run out or you need more, they go for $51 with free S&H by Best Buy on eBay

+ 32GB Lexar microSDHC 633x for $8 with free shipping in bulk packaging by Beach Camera on eBay (limit 5 per customer; over 4300 units sold)

+ 240GB SanDisk Ultra II 2.5″ SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD), model SDSSDHII-2, for $65 with free shipping by NewEgg’s eBay Store (limit 5)

(ENDED) Ends Tue 3am ET: Sandisk Storage sale including SD, microSD, SSD, USB Flash Drives

This sale ended but memory cards and storage sales cycle through every few days/weeks at the Gold Box daily deals…

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64GB Samsung EVO element-proof microSDXC w/adapter for $18 (limit 3)

If you have some of the newer smaller cameras that take microSD cards or use other non-camera cameras (smartphones, action cams, etc), and like the idea of element-proofness in memory cards (Water proof, Temperature Proof, X-Ray proof, Magnetic proof), the 64GB Samsung EVO Class 10 Micro SDXC Card with full size SD Adapter (up to 48/MB/s, model MB-MP64DA/AM) is on sale again for $18~ with a limit of three per customer at Amazon by Amazon itself. A marketplace seller (fulfilled by Amazon) has it for $0.55 less for the more adventurous shoppers. This currently “defeats” all the other options in its own line-up (16GB to 128GB). Note that the prices of this change very often, probably a combination of market-driven price-changes, price-matches, and things like that.

Free shipping if you are a Prime member, or with a order of $49+. Or if your order contains $25+ in books. More details on Amazon’s new free super saver shipping terms.

UPDATE: while we are talking microSDXC cards, the 128GB PNY microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1, model P-SDUX128U160G-GE, is on sale for $35 at B&H Photo (no limits) and Amazon itself (limit 3). Neither has unconditional free shipping. B&H has free shipping with a $49+ order, Amazon with a $49+ order (or if you have $25+ in Books OR if you are a Prime member). Maybe I need to create a free shipping flowchart graphic 🙂 [actually this sounds like a good idea!]

(ENDED) PNY Storage Sale: 256GB Elite SD for $65, 64GB PRO Elite for $25, 128GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive for $20 [14 options]

This PNY sale expired but Amazon has recurring memory card and storage promotions from various manufacturers every few weeks…

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1TB WD External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with 256-bit AES as low as $52 (volume discount) or $59 (one unit)

I keep preaching about the importance of backups, yet I can’t even recall the last time I did a full proper backup of everything that needs backing up 🙂 With prices continuing to drop, $50 or less is a reasonable price to set for 1TB external hard drives unless you want more advanced features. One such model with more advanced features, optional 256-bit AES hardware encryption, is the 1TB WD My Passport Ultra USB 3.0 Secure Portable Hard Drive which is currently on sale for $59 with free shipping at B&H Photo (expires 2/13/16). But that’s not all. This qualifies for volume discounts. If you buy more than three units, the price drops to $54 per HDD. If you buy 10+ units the price drops to $52 per HDD. The volume discount is only on the black color scheme. The other three colors also go for $59 but they don’t have a volume discount promotion.

This is the first time I recall seeing a Volume Discount at B&H. Here’s an annotated screenshot crop of the above product page to help you locate it if you are not familiar with it:


If you need more, or want to color-code your backups by type (personal, work, landscape, clients, etc), or have gift cards from the holiday season, they are also on sale for $59 each in five colors, with a limit of five per color per customer at Amazon by Amazon itself. No volume discounts at Amazon because rockets are expensive 🙂

Back to B&H Photo, they have two offers on 128GB microSDXC memory cards (with full SD adapters). The 128GB PNY UHS-I U1 C10 (P-SDUX128U160G-GE) goes for $35, while the 128GB Sony UHS-I U1 C10 (SRG1UY2A/TQ) goes for $40. Free shipping if your order total is $49+. You can buy multiple units of each card. Both are limited time offers.

(ENDED) Lexar and Crucial Storage Sale: 240GB SSD for $55, 128GB Lexar 633x SDXC for $45, and many more

These daily deals expired…

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64GB Samsung EVO microSDXC w/adapter for $19

More memory card discounting. The orange cream soda that is the Samsung EVO element-proof memory card line-up, more specifically the 64GB version is on sale for $19 (was $17.29) at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of three per customer. Free 2-day shipping for Prime members or with a $35+ order (eg three of these, or any other combination of items). This is model MB-MP64DA/AM… UPDATED 10pm ET (the price is changing often on this one)

Free 32GB microSD and Assassin’s Creed with select Samsung SSDs

Adorama is running a promotion on a dozen Samsung SSDs). Buy one of those and receive with it a free 32GB Samsung EVO microSDHC card and a digital download of “Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate” (PC Game Download Code). Offer ends 12/6/15.

3TB WD HDD for $100 [expired: 128GB microSD for $36]

To the eBay Deals we check upon where we find:

+ 3TB WD My Passport Ultra External Hard Drive for $100 w/free S&H by Adorama on eBay (limit 5)
+ expired: + 128GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC (C10, UHS-I, SD adapter) for $36 w/free S&H by BuyDig on eBay (limit 5)

UPDATE: there’s also 12 PNY SD and microSD cards on sale at Amazon (including 256GB Elite Performance for $75 [limit 4]), along with five USB flash drives.

128GB PNY Turbo USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $25 [also PNY and Sandisk Memory Card sales]

Storage and backups on the go, the USB flash drives can be. The 128GB PNY Turbo USB 3.0 Flash Drive, model P-FD128TBOP-GE, is currently on sale for $25 at Amazon by Amazon itself. Limit one per customer. If you try to adjust the quantity in the shopping cart, the shopping cart will grab you by the ear 🙂 The usual free shipping terms apply (2-day Prime or with a $35+ non-Prime). This is standard size USB flash drive.

Speaking of PNY, a total of 11 PNY memory cards are on sale at Amazon featuring SD and microSDs. The SDs are 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

In other storage related sales, Amazon has a sale of 15 Sandisk products featuring SSDs, SD, microSD cards and flash drives (both regular and wireless). Of the Ultra SD cards, the 64GB Class 10 SDXC UHS-I goes for $25.60 (limit 5) and the 128GB Class 10 SDXC UHS-I goes for $52.39 (limit 5). These go up to 80MB/sec transfer speeds. They are elementproofs with a 10 year warranty.

There’s also the previously mentioned 128GB microSDs for $40. In an ideal world all these would have been rounded up in a single post, but we are now entering the Chaos and Disorder of Black Friday season 🙂

128GB Samsung and PNY microSDXC cards for $40 ea

And now we resume our countdown to the madness, posting deals here, while in parallel updating the Black Friday Ads breakdown. We start with a few 128GB microSD memory card sales, of interest for phones, tablets, and some of the newer smaller digital cameras and action cameras that take microSD instead of full-size SD. The Samsungs come with a full-size SD adapter. Both PNY and Samsung are of the element-proof variety.

+ 128GB Samsung EVO microSDXC for $40 (limit 3)
+ 128GB PNY microSDXC for $40
+ 64GB Samsung EVO Class 10 MicroSDXC for $17 (limit 3)
+ 128GB Corsair USB 3.0 Slider Flash drive for $38 (limit 5) or 64GB for $20 (limit 3)

UPDATE: oops, I forgot to add this one to the list, the 200GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC is on sale for $100 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself (limit 5) and also at Adorama. It comes with a full SD adapter. Interesting that they went from 128GB to 200GB instead of 256GB.

Samsung PRO, PRO+, EVO, EVO+ microSD and SD memory sale

A total of 25 Samsung SD and microSD memory cards in the PRO* and EVO* designations are on sale at Adorama with storage capacities ranging from 16GB to 128GB. Samsung is color-coding their different kinds, so you get black (PRO+) and grey (PRO) and orange (EVO) and red (EVO+). Shockingly none of them are named Galaxy (yet) 🙂 Offer ends 12/5/15 or earlier for any that sell out.

(ENDED) PNY Storage Sale: 128GB SDXC for $40, 64GB for $20, 32GB for 12 [also microSD*, USB Flash Drives]

These daily PNY deals expired…

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(ENDED) Sony SDXC, microSD, USB Flash drive sales (15 options)

These daily deals ended, but if you missed it, fear not, they typically have various SD/microSD/flashDrive specials throughout the holidays…

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128GB Patriot microSDXC element-proof for $45

If you have some of the smaller/newer P&S cameras or action cameras or cameraphones or Android cameras-phones that take microSD cards, the 128GB Patriot MicroSDXC card, with up to 70MB/sec Read and up to 20MB/sec Write is currently on sale for $45 with free shipping, by a 3rd-party seller, with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so it is eligible for Prime shipping, and customer support is handled by Amazon’s CSRs. The card is described as “Magnet Proof, Shock Proof, Temperature Proof, and Waterproof”. It is model PSF128GMCSDHXC10 and a full-size SD adapter is included.

It is part of a complete lineup of 4GB to 128GB cards occupying the same product listing, with over 400 customer reviews. This particular 128GB model has 36 customer reviews, including this gem of a review 🙂

(ENDED) Storage sale: Crucial SSD, Lexar 633x microSDXC, Lexar USB 3.0 Dual Slot reader (CF, SD) for $19.50

These daily deals expired…

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64GB Samsung EVO Class 10 MicroSD for $20 [max 3]

We interrupt the Canon madness with something of general interest. The 64GB Samsung EVO Class 10 Micro SDXC (up to 48MB/s) with full-size SD Adapter, model MB-MP64DA/AM, is on sale for $20, with a limit of three per customer, at Amazon by Amazon itself. The orange is not seasonal pumpkin flavor, it’s like that all year, it is part of their “Water proof, Temperature Proof, X-Ray proof, Magnetic proof” line-up.

Lexar and Sony Memory Card sale (27 options)

B&H Photo has a sale on select memory card products from Lexar (8 options, SD*, CF, reader, flash drives) and Sony (19 options, SD*, microSD*).

(ENDED) Monday: Narrative Clip wearable cameras for $100

This daily deal expired…

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64GB Silicon Power SD or microSD for $22 to $23

The 64GB Silicon Power SDXC C10 UHS-1 Elite Memory Card (up to 85MB/s, model SP064GBSDXAU1V10) is on sale for $23 with free shipping with no purchase quantity limit, sold by the maker with the order fufilled by Amazon. It averages 4.6 out of 5 with 214 customer reviews with mostly 5-star, 4-star and 1-star reviews.

The 64GB Silicon Power MicroSDXC UHS-1 Class 10 card (up to 85MB/s) with full-size SD Adaptor, model SP064GBSTXBU1V20SP, is currently on sale for $22 each at Amazon by Amazon herself with a limit of five per customer. It averages 4.7 out of 5 with 76 customer reviews but interestingly it mostly has 5-star, 4-star and 1-star reviews. This is not a lightning deal.

(ENDED) Sun: Refurbished Nikon S9600 for $80 (also Samsung microSD sale)

This daily deal expired…
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Four 8GB Samsung microSD cards w/SD adapter for $15 w/free S&H

On the value frontier at the eBay Deals, you can get four 8GB Samsung microSDs with SD adapter for $15 with free shipping total. These are Class 4 cards. These are standard microSD cards, not waterproof/elementproof. These are sold by BuyDig’s eBay store with a limit of five 4-packs per customer. Over 1100 4-packs sold so far from this eBay listing.