(ENDED) OUOH 16oz Lens Mug (Nikon 24–70/2.8G Homage) for $11

These lightning deals expired…

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(ENDED) uHome Lens Shaped Coffee Mug for $6.29

This lightning deal expired…

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2pk Lens-Shaped Coffee Mugs for $11.70 after coupon

Coupon code SALE3 drops 10% off the price of lens-shaped coffee mugs at Groupon Goods. The 2-pack goes for $13 before coupon, with the coupon dropping it to $11.70. The 1-packs go for $8, with the coupons dropping them to $7.20.

Free shipping with pre-coupon orders of $34.99 or higher, so you may want to combine these with something else at Groupon if you want to get free shipping. Or you can sign up for their 90-day Prime-like prepaid free shipping service for $15 and get free shipping without the $34.99+ prerequisite (on eligible items sold and shipped by Groupon itself, not 3rd-party sellers).

The coupon expires Tuesday night (10/31/17).

(ENDED) Mango Spot Lens-Shaped Coffee Cup (Leica 180 f3.4 Homage) for $10

This lightning deal expired…

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(ENDED) Mango Spot Lens-Shaped Coffee Cup for $8

This lightning deal expired…

Good until 2:54am ET on Saturday, four different color schemes of the Mango Spot Lens-Shaped Coffee Cup are a lightning deal for $8 each as one of the Lightning Deals of the Gold Box.

Self-Stirring Lens-Shaped Coffee Mug for $12 + $2 S&H [AAA powered]

Lens-shaped coffee mugs are everywhere these days, but what if you want to take your coffee-lensing to the next level? How about a a self-stirring coffee-shaped lens-mug? It is currently on sale for $13 plus $2 flat shipping at Stacksocial. Don’t forget to use any coupons (eg new customer) or credits you may have. The self-stirring is not powered by your love of coffee, but by two AAA batteries.

This is listed as 11 ounces, so if you are buying coffee at coffee shops, it won’t match the standard 12/16/20/24 sizes. You can try to convince them to sell you the kids size (8 oz) if they have it 🙂 However, if the coffee shop has free refills (eg Starbucks Gold Rewards), then losing an extra ounce is no big deal. Then again, with some places, you don’t want to drink any more of their coffee, even with unlimited free refills 🙂

If you plan to use this regularly, this 4-pack of Eneloop AAA Pre-Charged NiMHs currently goes for $7.60 at Amazon. They are not Add-ON, so Prime members get them in 2~ days without the need to buy anything else. These AAA are 750 mAh minimum (800 mAh “type”), with up to 2100 recharges. They are also eligible for “Subscribe and Save” as well. Limit one set for each purchase option.

Speaking of Stacksocial, their Pay What You Want Photography Bundle continues. $1+ gets you two classes, while meeting/beating the average price of $12.84 gets you all nine items (seven classes, two assets (stock photos to be experimented upon for class learnings)). More Pay What You Want options at our previous post.

Today’s entertainment video, the self-stirring coffee mug:

Did you know? Leica has Three Official Lens-Shaped Coffee Mugs for $30 to $35

Did you know that Leica has officially licensed lens-shaped coffee mugs, sold under their brand? They have multiple models even!

The iconic Noctilux-M 50 goes for $35 with free shipping at Amazon (Prime eligible; price is exactly $35, so non-Prime members get free shipping too) along with B&H Photo and Adorama.

Meanwhile, the Summarit-S70 homage lens-shaped coffee mug also goes for $35 with free shipping by Ace Photo thru Amazon (NOT Prime eligible; ships directly from “Ace Photo”). Adorama has the same price and it is in-stock but charges shipping. B&H Photo has free shipping but it’s a “Special Order” (ships 7-14 business days).

We are not done yet, there is also the iconic Leica RED dot coffee mug which goes for $30 with free shipping at B&H Photo but it’s a “Special Order” (ships 7-14 business days). Meanwhile Adorama has it in-stock but charges shipping ($5+ based on zipcode/etc). Adorama also offers it thru Amazon but the S&H fee is fixed at $9~, so you are better off buying directly from Adorama unless your lowest S&H fee is over $8.85.

Now that you’ve spent all your coffee money on the Leica coffee mugs, how about a deal on coffee to make up for it? 🙂 Amazon itself is offering 12-ounce Caribou Coffee Costa Rica (Bag, Light Roast, Ground) for $3.44 with a limit of four 12oz bags per customer at this price. This is an ADD-ON item, so you need a $25+ order to buy it.

UPDATE: there’s also this Melitta Cone Filter Coffeemaker 10 Cup going for $4.99 (limit 4 per customer). Also an ADD-On item. It includes a 10-cup glass carafe and a plastic coffee cone (takes #6 filters; filters not included but 100pk brown for $2 at Trader Joe). No AC power, this is pour-over and modular. Even if you don’t drink coffee, you can use this in “hipster coffee” stock photos 😉

12oz Coffee Lens Mug for $9 w/free shipping

Daily deal style website Tanga.com has a free shipping promotion with 500+ items included, including this new condition 12oz Coffee Lens Mug by Whetstone offered for $9 with free shipping for all. No memberships, no minimum quantity purchases, the above items get free shipping. Limit six coffee lens mugs per customer.

Self-Stirring Lens-Shaped Coffee Mug for $13 w/free S&H

I suppose this falls squarely into the Dads and Grads gift season, it’s not just a Lens-Shaped Coffee Mug, BUT a Self-Stirring One! No, it does not use gravitational waves harvested from the soul of the universe, but two AAA batteries to power the self-stirring which is activated with a button on the side of this 11oz lens-shaped coffee mug going for $13 with free shipping with a limit of five per customer at Stacksocial. There is a short video demonstrating the stirring over there. Delivery estimate is two weeks from today.

PS: I have only used the non-powered ones, so I don’t know how well the stirring works on this one.

Two 12oz Lens-Shaped Coffee Mugs for $11

And now to lenses that dosn’t need a DxoMark test score. From the gifts and decorations department, a 2-pack of 12oz lens-shaped coffee mugs is on sale for $11 at the Staples website. They can hold up to 12oz of liquid and come with a screw-on lid, and stainless steel construction ~ per the specs there.

Free ship to store. Rewards members get free shipping with an order of $15+. For ideas on how to get to $15+, check their Daily Deals.

Lens-Shaped Coffee Mug for $10 [was $11]

And now to a lens of a different kind, a novelty gift with some semi-practical use, Groupon is offering this lens-shaped coffee mug for $10 (was $11) each, with a limit of five per customer. Free shipping with orders of $34.99 so you may want to add it to a future order if not planning to buy anything else now. Shipping is $4 for sub-$35 orders. The specs say this is 12oz but keep in mind, in general, most of the coffee cup listed measurements are usually fully full (which no one uses that way because you get spills all over).

Also of interest if you have any Groupon store credit or coupons or gift cards.

Two Coffee Lens Mugs (Canon 24-105 f4) for $11 total

The burst mode of posts continues! You have to try really hard to convince Dxomark to measure these “lenses”… Among the latest Staples website deals, you can get two Coffee Lens Mugs in the homage-image of the Canon 24-105mm f4 lens, for $11 total. Free shipping to a local store, or free shipping if you are a Staples rewards member. The page says they hold up to 12oz of liquid per lens. Judging by the picture, it looks like they have screw-on lids. These are online only, so there’s no store pickup option. Offer ends by 9/1/15.

Whetstone 12 oz. Camera Lens Coffee Mug with Lid for $7

The Staples.com website is trying to increase its profile by having a Daily Deals section and among them you can get the Whetstone 12 oz. Camera Lens Coffee Mug with Lid for $7 each. Limit 10 per customer at the discounted price. Free Ship-to-Store or free shipping if you are a Staples Rewards member (free to join).

Also there, they have another variation of the portable studio in a box going for $32 with the same free ship-to-store or free shipping if you are a Staples Rewards member. This one is branded as the Electric Avenue Deluxe Table Top Photo Studio Photo Light Box, model 82-55614 and comes with four different background colors (not just the blue of other models).

Of strategic interest here, you can use any available Staples Rewards to pay (partially or fully) for these!