Google Pixelbook + $50 Gift Card + 6 months of Netflix for $899

The early bird catches the Pixelbook! The new condition Google Pixelbook (i5, 8GB, 128GB) is on sale for $899 (instead of starting price of $999) at Amazon by Amazon itself with up to three per customer at the sale price. But that’s not all, you also get a FREE $50 Amazon Gift Card. Simply add both the Pixelbook and the $50 gift card to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. While this offer is running, the price of the gift card will be automatically deducted by the shopping cart.

This only applies to the Pixelbooks sold and shipped by Amazon itself – as it is often the case with these type of promotions. You can find the offer mentioned under the “Special offers and product promotions” part of the product page.

The bundle with the Pixelbook Pen is also discounted by $100 but does not get the $50 Amazon gift card. But fear not, you can buy the Pixelbook Pen on its own for $99, which is the difference between the two bundles anyway.

UPDATE: this dropped to $1100…

The 256GB Pixelbook is discounted too, from $1200 to $1100 [WAS $1120] and it is also eligible for the FREE $50 Amazon Gift Card. The bundle with the Pixelbook Pen goes for $99 more and does not get the free gift card, so if interested you can buy the Pixelbook Pen on its own for $99…

IF you are a PRIME STUDENT, they have a promotion that gets you 10% off. I don’t have a Prime Student account, so I can’t test it.


The above are what Amazon gives you. After you receive the laptop and activate it, and BEFORE 12/31/17, you can get the FREE Chromebook Offers. The Pixelbook is eligible for:

+ 6 months of Netflix (a $66~ store credit)
+ two years of additional 100GB Google Drive
+ $60 game currency for the Asphalt 8 game


This is currently sold-out: For about half the price of the Pixelbook, you can get the Samsung Chromebook PRO which we mentioned a couple of days ago and it continues to be in-stock. The PLUS continues to be out of stock.

IF you prefer Chromebooks from other than these companies, there are a few more that participate in the $50 Gift Card promotion as well…

(ENDED) 1-Year of Dropbox PRO and $50 Gift Card for $100

This daily deal expired…

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Canon Pixma PRO 100 Printer and 50pk 13×19″ Paper for $50 after $250 MIR (AMEX GC)

Never a dull moment in the eBay Deals, printer and rebate action now, the BeachCamera not BuyDig; but they are the same actual company) eBay store is offering the new condition Canon Pixma PRO 100 Printer and 50pk of 13×19″ Paper for $300 with free shipping. This is eligible for the $250 Canon mail-in rebate (prepaid American Express gift card) as BuyDig/BeachCamera is/are authorized Canon dealers, making it a $50 after MIR (GC) offer. Over 400 printers got sold from this offer so far.

Pay $85, Get $100 iTunes Gift Card by email

Speaking of the eBay Deals, if you happen to need an iTunes gift card yesterday, the PaYPal Digital Gifts offer is back, Pay $85, Get $100 iTunes Gift Card by E-Mail. Limit four per customer. Think camera and photo apps, photography and camera guide ebooks (some are iBooks-exclusives or have special editions for iPads), photography documentaries, and so forth.

This is not the lowest percentage, but it’s available right now. If you don’t need it immediately, you can wait for better iTunes offers, online or at brick and mortar.

Speaking of eBay and Gift Cards, this is a pre-filled search query that shows the eBay Daily Deal Gift Cards.

Pay $88, Get $100 Sears Gift Card by email (limit 3)

The digital side of Sears is among the eBay Deals, where PayPal Digital Gifts is offering $100 Sears Gift Cards by email for $88 with free email delivery. Limit three per customer. Over 2600 sold so far. Sears sells cameras but they also have a number of well-known online dealers selling there (Cameta, Adorama, BuyDig/Beach, etc).

(ENDED) Pay $90, Get $100 electronic eBay Gift Card (limit 1) [updated]

This limited time offer ended…
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