(SOLD OUT) Fuji X100S with EF-20 flash drops to $850

This is sold out and cannot be ordered as of a 12/3/14 recheck… We have another price drop on the Fuji X100S! You can get it for $850, with 4% promotional rewards and a free Fuji EF-20 flash automatically included at Adorama… Meanwhile the price also dropped to $850 at B&H Photo (no free flash but free 32GB SDHC and Lowepro).

(ENDED) Fuji X100T for $1160 (imported)

This limited time offer expired… For future updates, check the Fuji X100T stock status page…

We finally updated the Fuji X100T stock status page and there is an interesting development, the camera is on sale for $1160 with free shipping by DigitalRev. The camera does not come with a Fuji USA warranty but DigitalRev offers what they call a Local Warranty where they either pay for the repairs or you send the camera to their global repair service center. The normal X100T price is $1300. There is a countdown on the sale at DigitalRev, if my time math is correct, it should expire by 12/1/14 at 11:59pm eastern.

(OLDER POST) Fuji X100S black with free EF-20 flash drops to $888

A newer blog-post has a better price… The black Fuji X100S with free EF-20 flash was going for $1000 when we started our Deals Summary but as of the time of writing, the price has dropped to $888 with free shipping at Adorama (with the free EF-20 flash) and $900+ at Amazon (no free flash).

Imported Fuji X100S for $685 (Gray Market)

If you are comfortable buying imported (grey market = no manufacturer USA warranty) digital cameras, the Fuji X100S can be yours for $685 with free shipping at Abe’s of Maine using coupon code LOYALTY15 ($15 off). Again, this is an imported model, you don’t get a Fuji USA warranty. If you are not sure what this means, do not buy.

(ENDED) Thur Lightning Deals: Tamron 70-300/4-5.6, Roki 85/1.5, Fuji S8200, etc

At this point in time, the lightning deals are pretty much happening on a round the clock basis at the Amazon Camera & Photo Lightning Deals… Expired highlights for Thursday after the jump…

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(OLDER POST) Fuji X100S black with EF-20 flash for $1000

This is an older post… Big Sensor Prime action. The black Fuji X100S with the Fuji EF-200 flash included for free is offered for $1000 with free expedited shipping and 4% promotional rewards (= $40) at Adorama. The free flash offer is mentioned right below the price on the right side of the page. No coupon needed.

Fuji X100T in-stock at more places, including Amazon itself

We just updated the Fuji X100T stock status page and we have good news, the camera continues to be in-stock at multiple retailers, and now, Amazon itself has it in-stock along with Beach Camera and many others. Check the aforelinked stock status tracking page for more details.

More retailers have the Fuji X100T in-stock for $1300

Some of the first wave Fuji X100T retailers sold out, but there is a new wave of retailers that have it in-stock! I just updated the Fuji X100T stock status page with the latest details. As usual, there is a “Latest Updated” timestamp. The page is manually updated, so the further away you are from the timestamp, the higher the chances that things may change.

Fuji X100T starting to ship for $1300 from US sellers [updated]

UPDATE: the black Fuji X100T is now in-stock at some places for $1300 including Kenmore Camera (eBay) and Amazon (via 3rd parties)… For more, check the Fuji X100T Stock Status page (now HTML only, no widgets!)

The Fuji X100T is arriving before our eyes! We just updated the Fuji X100T Stock Status page and the silver version of the camera is in-stock and shipping for $1300 at Best Buy… As usual with new releases, there may be some initial bumps… Please note I can’t stay all night updating the page, so for the latest updates, you can do DIY-checks using the links in the Fuji X100T Stock Status page.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (Yellow) for $62 (limit 2)

In a world dominated by digital, instant film still lives! It even goes on sale! The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (Yellow) is on sale for around $62 with free shipping, with a limit of two per customer, at Amazon by Amazon herself… Now when are they going to put this instant camera’s innards inside a Fuji X-T1 body? 🙂 [joke!]

Wedn only: Fuji S4830 superzoom with extras for $120

At the bottom of the pile of the Best Buy Daily Deals for Wednesday 11/12/14 there is a Fuji S4830 superzoom bundle offered for $120 with free shipping. It is the camera kit plus a Fuji camera case and a Fuji 8GB memory card.

Fuji X100T Stock Status Tracker launched (in-stock from DigitalRev)

We are about a week away from the Fuji X100T getting officially released, so this was a good time to launch our first WordPress-era Stock Status tracker page! This is done with HTML, no more Javascript widgets like we used in the previous generation of Stock Status pages. You can find this at the main blog, here is the permalink of the Fuji X100T stock status tracker… You can also find a link to the active stock status pages (currently only this one) in the right sidebar of this blog over there —->

And as of this update, the silver version of the Fuji X100T is in-stock for $1300 by DigitalRev.

New arrivals at B&H: Canon G7x, Pana LX100, 35-100/4-5.6, GoPros, Leicas

If you are a B&H Photo fan or have Gift Cards waiting to be spent, they have the following new camera gear in-stock and ready for shipping:

+ Canon G7 X for $700
+ Panasonic LX100 for $900
+ Panasonic 35-100mm f4-5.6 M43 lens for $400
+ GoPro Hero4 Black for $500
+ GoPro Hero4 Silver for $400
+ Leica X-E (Type 102) silver for $1800
+ Leica V-Lux (Type 114) for $1350
+ BlackMagic Design URSA 4k (Canon EF) for $6000
+ Fuji X30 (both colors) for $600

Fuji S6800 superzoom for $130

Fuji makes a lot of superzoom digital cameras. One of them is the Finepix S6300 superzoom and it is one of the featured deals at the Staples website going for $130 with free ship-to-store or free shipping (for Rewards members). They don’t have this in their stores, only on their website.

Fuji Instant Savings at B&H Photo with freebies/rewards (X-System, X100S)

The new round of Fuji Instant Savings for both their X System and their X100S “Big Sensor Prime” have arrived at B&H Photo, you can find them all nicely organized in a single page. Some of them come with free extras, some of them come with 4% promotional rewards, and all of them get free expedited shipping.

New Fuji X Instant Savings on Cameras and Lenses

Fuji has a new round of Instant Savings (no mail-in rebates) running between October 26 until November 29 in 2014. It includes both cameras (X-T1, X-Pro1, X-E1, X-M1) and some lenses. You can see all available options at the nicely organized Fuji Instant Savings page at Adorama.

Fuji X100S with free EF-20 flash for $1100

Adorama is offering the black Fuji X100S with a free EF-20 flash along with 4% promotional rewards (= $44) and free 2-day shipping for $1100 total. No rebate, no coupon. Just add to cart and checkout.

Fuji X100S with extras and 4% rewards for $1100

A recent price drop has the Fuji X100S Big Sensor Prime down to $1100 with free shipping and 4% promotional rewards ( = $44) and free 32GB Ultra SDHC and free Shoulder bag at B&H Photo. Orders will be processed on 10/19/14+.