B&H celebrates 50 Years with BILD Expo [Sept 6-7]

B&H Photo is celebrating 50 years and to celebrate this, they are planning The BILD Expo in New York City, on September 6-7 in 2023!

They have some videos on this matter as well, YouTube-embedded below…

Day #2 of B&H Depth of Field is LIVE!

Day #2 of the B&H Photo Depth of Field Conference is now live on the Youtubes! You can find them all, past, present and future at the B&H YouTube channel. Note that as of late YouTube is putting live streams under the “LIVE” sub-tab over there, not the “Videos” sub-tab as before. You can also find today’s live stream YouTube-embedded below…

And speaking of the conference, B&H is also running accompanying Trade Show specials

LIVE NOW (and FREE to Watch): B&H Depth of Field Day #1

Time for some e-learnings! Today is DAY #1 of the B&H Photo Depth of Field Conference. It runs for two days, day #2 is February 8!

You can watch it LIVE or tape-delayed, there are two stages, and they are both streaming and getting archived on YouTube! You can also find them YouTube-embedded below:



Save the Date: B&H Depth of Field is February 7-8 in 2023

Save the date! Now you have a choice! You can attend in-person or through the interwebs! It is the B&H Photo Depth of Field conference scheduled for February 7-8 in 2023!

You can tab on the “Archives” tab over there and view the content of previous year conferences to get a feel for what to expect…

Reminder: B&H’s OPTIC 2022 is June 12-15

Our last reminder, the 2022 B&H Photo OPTIC 2022 Trade-Show/Conference event is taking place June 12-15 in 2022 in The Big Apple! This is a hybrid in-person and virtual event! Registration is FREE! You can find, at the aforelinked page, the schedule and details and also check which events are in-person (eg photo-walks) and which are virtual and which are both.

FREE Registration: B&H Depth of Field on March 23 and 24 [online conference]

If it’s FREE, I’ll take THREE! The fifth annual B&H Photo Depth of Field conference takes place on March 23 and 24 in 2022, and you can register for FREE for the online experience!

The usual content is expected, webinars, classes, lectures, critiques, contests, brand booths, and of course special offers and promotions. Kelby and Duane Michals are the keynote speakers with lots of other well-known photographers (McNally, Baird duo, Hurley, etc) participating…

FREE OPTIC 2017 Conference (New York, June 4-7 (2017)

If you are going to be near New York City or near a computer with a broadband connection between June 4-7 in 2017, that’s when the B&H Photo OPTIC 2017 Conference will take place. You can attend in person or stream it online. There are four days of events planned, the scheduled of which you can find at the aforelinked page. Registration is FREE! Brook Jensen and Art Wolfe are among those scheduled to speak.

The first two days will have two parallel tracks of speakers. The other two days will have a mix of portfolio reviews/critiques, photo walks in the outside world, and such. Check the website for all the details.