(ENDED) Free Premium app (Thur): TouchUp Pro Photo Editor

This daily deal expired… The Amazon Android app store free premium app of the day for Thursday is the TouchUp Pro Photo Editor by esDot Development Studio. The offer ends at 3am ET on Friday.

(ENDED) Free Premium apps include Pho.to Lab PRO

This limited time offer expired…The Amazon Androidy app store is having another free premium apps promotion to celebrate the new year, a total of 33 Premium apps are FREE for a limited time, including the Pho.to Lab PRO app by VicMan LLC. This is a limited time offer.

(ENDED) Limited Time: four free Amazon Android Premium photo apps

This limited time promotion ended but every few weeks, Amazon’s Android-y app-store has free premium app promotions…
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(ENDED) Get $6 Reward on $25 Google Play Gift Card at Rite Aid B&M

This limited time offer ended… At Rite Aid brick and mortar stores, for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you can get a $6 Reward back when you purchase a $25 Google Play Gift Card. Limit two per customer during this promotional period. This is essentially a 24% off discount. Think along the lines of Android Camera and Photo apps (including the two Photoshop Touch versions) along with camera and photography e-books in Google Play Books… UPDATE: for iTunes fans, buy iTunes $30 multipack (three $10 gift cards), get $10 Walgreens gift card (effectively a 33% off discount) at Walgreens brick and mortar stores (expires Saturday night).

(ENDED) Ends Tue 3am ET: Free Premium app: Image Blender Instafusion

This daily deal expired… The Amazon Android-ish Free Premium app of the day ending by 3am ET on Tuesday 11/11/14 is Image Blender Instafusion which does as the name suggests.

Amazon Prime members: FREE Unlimited Photo Storage [updated]

UPDATE (11/8/14): One of our readers pointed out in the comments that one of the Cloud Drive pages makes it sound like you only get unlimited photos only for photos taken with a Fire Phone or Fire Tablet. However, that looks like they messed up the wording – it looks like a failed attempt to market the Fire devices. Judging by multiple responses to Twitter questions by the official Cloud Drive Twitter account, it suggests that the offer is unlimited regardless of devices. For example, in the tweet below, one person asked them if 1.8TB (terabytes) was okay and they said yes as long as they are a Prime member…

One thing to note is that the offer is only for photos, not videos.

Another thing of note, if you are using uncommon file formats, their system may not recognize them as pictures and instead count them against the cloud quota. If so, contact their customer service and they should be able to fix it since they don’t have a restriction against RAW files philosophically.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, or if you are on the bubble as to whether to sign up or renew the membership, Amazon just revealed another Prime member benefit. Unlimited photo storage with Amazon Cloud Drive Photos.

They are multiple ways you can load up your Cloud Drive with photos: it has a Google Play Android app (Android 2.3.3 or later), an iTunes iOS app (iOS 7 or later), and Amazon Android-ish app store and Desktop PC apps (the pages for those try to automatically start a download so I’m not putting them here because that’s rude).

I haven’t read the full terms and conditions, so I don’t know how “unlimited” unlimited is. There are physical limits, although I guess there are also physical limits on how much and how fast one can upload as well 🙂

Free Premium Photography Apps: Lapse It Pro, BeFunky Photo Editor Pro, XnInstant Camera Pro, Plex (ends Sat PM)

Amazon has another free premium app promotion. These are apps that you have to otherwise pay to get. This promotion is good until the end of day on Saturday 11/1/14. A total of 40 premium apps are participating. You can scoop up as many as you want (including all of them). The photography-related ones:

If your device is not compatible with the app, you can still get it by using a web browser. When the popup tells you that the app is incompatible, just tell it to go ahead and scoop it up… Another helpful thing, the latest version of the Amazon Android (Google Play) app is now able to sideload your Amazon-purchased Android apps, so you don’t have to install the separate Amazon AppStore app… You may need to have at least one Android device connected to your Amazon account before it lets you get any apps. I haven’t tried this with a disconnected account in a while, so I don’t know if they changed this…

20% off sale on iTunes Electronic Gift Cards (think apps and ebooks)

Back to the land of the eBay Deals we go where we have a flexible 20% off sale on iTunes Electronic Gift Cards offered by eBay seller “paypal_digital_gifts” (99.6%). These will be delivered electronically, no plastic cards in the mail. The limit is four per customer. They are available in three denominations:

  • pay $20, get $25 electronic gift card
  • pay $40, get $50 electronic GC
  • pay $80, get $100 eGC

As always, these are limited time offers. Over 5000 got sold through this offer so far. Of photography interest, you can use these to buy any of the camera and photography apps (including Photoshop Touch) and the many camera and photography eBooks, some of which are iPad-exclusive/iPad-enhanced so that may be the only place to get them digitally.

Free iOS app: ProCam2 (thru Starbucks iOS app)

The Starbucks iOS app (under “Messages” in the app) has weekly freebies. This week’s freebie is the ProCam2 iOS camera app. There’s a code there that makes the app free in iTunes. The ProCam2 app requires iOS 7 or later to run, but anyone can claim the code. The promotional code is good until 12/30/14. If reading this at a later time, page down and down in your Starbucks Messages iOS app until you find it… Note: the freebie in the Starbucks iOS app is typically different from the one in the Starbucks brick and mortar stores…