Mac OS: Corel Software Bundle for $40 includes Aftershot PRO 3 and Toast 17 Platinum

This offer is only available for Mac OS computers! Stacksocial is running a Corel software bundle for $40 and for that you will digitally receive these four software titles:

  • Aftershot PRO 3
  • WinZip
  • Particle Shop
  • Toast 17 Platinum

Check the details and prerequisites of each software package further down the page over there…

iPads: Adobe accepting Beta Testers for Photoshop CC (iPad)

According to the interwebs, Adobe is taking in beta testers for its upcoming release of Photoshop CC for the iPad devices. The invitations were sent to select Creative Cloud subscribers but they use Google Forms to collect candidates and the Google Forms are open to everyone. Not sure if during the selection they might be filtering for subscriber/invited emails. I’m sure now that this news is making the internet rounds, they’ll see a spike in beta-tester applications. And a new wave of iPad upgrades among photographers. Or mayhaps it’s a viral marketing attempt to get photographers to buy the latest iPads 😉

Google Play Android Apps: HD Camera PRO (silent shutter) 99c, Photo Studio PRO $1.99

The Google Play store now has a dedicated section of limited time sales, and among them there are two photography apps that are on sale for a limited time:

+ HD Camera PRO, a silent shutter app, by “HDM Dev Team” (Japan) for $0.99 with Android 3.2 and higher support

+ Photo Studio PRO “by KVAD Group” (Florida) for $1.99 with Android 4.0 and higher support

FREE (Google Play): Silent Camera app

Free for the next five days and change (from blog-posting date) is the typically not-free Google Play app Silent Camera (Silent Mode) by Gazami software. The purpose of the app is to silence your smartphone’s built-in camera if you can’t turn off all the annoying consumer-y sounds from your phone’s own camera menus.

FREE: Fontmania (iOS app)

Free time! The Fontmania app by Avalon Apps is currently FREE at the iTunes store. You can grab it with an Apple devices but also using iTunes for Windows. This apps lets you write on photos. It requires iOS 9 or later to run but you can grab it regardless.

FREE (iOS app): Enlight by Lightricks Ltd

Free at the moment is the Enlight app on iTunes by “Lightricks Ltd”. It won a 2017 Apple Design award, calling it the “Best all in one editor”. It is a 105~ MB download. It requires iOS 10 or later.

PS: you can also use the Windows iTunes version to claim it for future use (if you don’t currently have a compatible iOS device with you).

(ENDED) Framelapse PRO (Neximo) for $0.99 [GPLAY]

This sale ended… For a limited time, the PRO version of the Framelapse time-lapse Android app by Neximo Labs is on sale for $0.99 (instead of its regular price of $2.99) at Google Play. Note that MediaTEK devices are NOT supported.

Pixomatic photo editor by Qube (iOS) for $3

The Pixomatic photo editor by Qube LLC is on sale for $3 for iOS through the iTunes store. This is a limited time offer. It was last updated in late December 2017, and requires iOS 8.0 and later. This latest version is doing very well review wise. It is a 121 MB download.

(ENDED) Affinity Photo for iPad for $10 (limited time)

This limited time sale expired…

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Now shipping: Pinnacle Studio 21 software

Adobe gets the lion share of the attention and the profits from the world of digital photo imaging but they are certainly not the only company making software out there. One of The Others has a new product release, the Pinnacle Studio 21 software is in-stock and shipping in a software box/disc by mail, going for $60 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself.

FREE (Google PLAY): Fast Camera HD Camera

If you are part of the Google PLAY ecosystem, for a limited time, the premium (for pay) app Fast Camera – HD Camera is FREE to own. It typically goes for $1.99. The developer makes three versions of this app, this is their most advanced app that is free for a limited time.

Speaking of app stores, one of the Apple announcements that flew under the radar, starting with the new iTunes version 12.7, the App Store will be removed from the desktop iTunes software. If you used that to manage or download apps (eg your iOS device wasn’t compatible with an app, but wanted to grab it for the future because it was free or it was on sale), make sure you keep one iTunes installation at a previous version.

FREE (iOS): 8mm Vintage Camera app by Nexvio

Free camera app for iOS users! The 8mm Vintage Camera app by Nexvio is currently FREE to get on iTunes. Previously it went for $2. Some features however are only available via in-app purchase (99c themes). This requires iOS 8.0 and later.

If you have an older device or don’t have an iOS device now, but you may be getting one in the future, you can still grab the app for future use. You obviously can’t get it from a non-existent iOS device, but you can grab it using iTunes for Windows ~ if you are willing to run that Beast 🙂

Photo Studio PRO for 99c [Google Play]

A limited time offer at the Google PLAY Android app store has the Photo Studio PRO app by KVAD Group on sale for 99c instead of its standard price of $4.99. Per the Play page, they offer a full refund if returned within two hours.

The app averages 4.6 out of 5, and it has over 100,000 downloads per Google Play. It is currently #31 in the Top Paid apps over there.

1-Year of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan with select Wacom Pro Tablets

If you are interested in getting a Wacom Intuos PRO tablet, for a limited time, at B&H Photo, they are bundling a 1-Year of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan with the purchase of select models of Wacom PRO graphics tablets with prices ranging from $350 to $550.

Corel Painter Essentials 5 for $20

The Corel Painter Essentials 5 software is currently on sale for $20 in the PC/Mac Disc at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three units per customer. Only the disc by mail option is on sale, not the digital downloads. This is not a lightning deal.

99c GooglePLAY Photo Apps: ProShot and Afterlight

If you are of the GooglePLAY persuasion, a couple of photography apps are currently on sale for 99c each:

+ ProShot by Rise UP Games
+ AfterLight by the Afterlight Collective

FREE (iOS): Paint FX Photo Effects Editor by Sprite Labs

Free photo app time for iOS users! The Paint FX Photo Effects Editor by Sprite Labs is currently FREE to grab at the iTunes store, good for compatible iPhones and iPads. The latest version of the app is early March 2017, 218 MB big, and requires iOS 6.0 or later, so it should work with older i-devices.

FREE for iOS: ACDSee PRO app

For a limited time, ACDSee is offering their “ACDSee PRO” app for FREE for iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPods with compatible hardware/specs) in the iTunes store. No coupon code is needed, it is marked as FREE over there while this promotion is running.

Pixemator (iOS) app for $0.99

The Pixelmator iOS photo editing app is currently on sale for just $0.99 at the iTunes store. This is a limited time promotion… If you are a regular iTunes shopper, you can buy iTunes gift cards when they are on sale, further discounting the apps and digital content you buy from them…

Corel AfterShot Pro 3 for $40 [was $30]

The latest version, Corel’s AfterShot Pro 3 is on sale for $40 [was $30] at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of up to three per customer. This is a “key card” delivered by mail. The digital download goes for $10 more.

If you are curious and tempted by the price, but not sure whether to get it, you can get a 30-day free trial through the Corel website.

(ENDED) 1-Year Adobe Photographer Cloud (CC, LR) + Wacom Pen and Touch Tablet (Medium) for $350

This bundle discount expired…

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FREE on iTunes: ACDSee PRO (iPhone/iPad)

Free app time! The ACDSee PRO app is currently FREE to get at the iTunes app store. Even if you don’t currently have an active iPhone or iPad device, you can still get it using iTunes on Windows or Mac, and install it in the future if/when you get a compatible iPhone/iPad. Free is free 🙂 With iPads getting bigger and more powerful, networks faster and cloud storage cheaper, mobile photography is getting easier and more powerful than before.

In-stock now: Corel Paintshop Pro X9 (and Painter 2017)

Adobe is not the only one making digital imaging software, Corel is back with a new version of their Paintshop PRO software, X9 is now available at the official Corel store for $80 full version or $60 for eligible upgrades. The digital download adds an optional +$8 “download insurance” which you can remove by clicking on the Trashcan next to its name. If you prefer boxed software to be delivered to your door, shipping is additional.

Also in-stock now is their Painter 2017 software, with the full version going for $429 and the eligible Upgrades going for $229.

Wait, it’s 2017 already? 🙂

You can start another Free Trial of Adobe’s Creative Cloud

In an email probably written by a committee or by a high ranking executive who is out of touch with the plebs, Adobe is announcing that you can start another free trial of their Creative Cloud products, even if you had previously started free trials. Their email “explaining” this:


PS1: I don’t know if this applies to everyone or a subset of former free-trial users

PS2: speaking of which, good until 3am ET on Wednesday, Amazon is offering as either a Key Card or a digital download a 1-Year PrePaid Subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan (LightRoom and Photoshop CC) for $95.

(ENDED) 1-Year Prepaid Creative Cloud Photography Plan for $95

These daily deals for 8/16/16 expired…

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Pay $85, Get $100 iTunes Gift Card by email

Speaking of the eBay Deals, if you happen to need an iTunes gift card yesterday, the PaYPal Digital Gifts offer is back, Pay $85, Get $100 iTunes Gift Card by E-Mail. Limit four per customer. Think camera and photo apps, photography and camera guide ebooks (some are iBooks-exclusives or have special editions for iPads), photography documentaries, and so forth.

This is not the lowest percentage, but it’s available right now. If you don’t need it immediately, you can wait for better iTunes offers, online or at brick and mortar.

Speaking of eBay and Gift Cards, this is a pre-filled search query that shows the eBay Daily Deal Gift Cards.

Pay $85, Get $100 iTunes Gift Card (by e-mail)

If you need iTunes gift cards yesterday, among the latest eBay Deals, PayPal’s Digital Gifts is offering $100 iTunes Gift Card by email for $85. Limit three per customer. These are delivered within minutes by e-mail (other things equal). Of interest for camera and photo apps, and photography e-books and camera guides and such.

99c Photo Apps on Google Play: Photo Lab PRO Photo Editor and Camera Zoom FX Premium

Google Play is having another 99c app play and among the options available in this sale are two popular photography apps, Camera Zoom FX Premium by androidslide and Photo Lab PRO Photo Editor! by VicMan LLC. This is a limited time sale (I don’t know when it expires). Other well known apps participating include Nova Launcher Prime, PowerAmp Full, and Ultimate Guitar Tabs.

In-stock now: Corel Aftershot PRO 3 for $80 [or $60 Upgrade]

The brand new version of Corel’s flagship AfterShot PRO software, version 3, is now available for purchase for $80 Full Version and $60 Upgrade at the Corel website.

If you are curious, they offer free trials of the software for Windows, Mac, Linux RPM and Linux Debian.

If you are curious about the software without even touching it, they have a 230-page PDF User Guide available for all to read.

NOTE: when you add the software to the shopping cart, they automatically add an $8 “download insurance” thing. You can remove it from the shopping cart if you don’t want it. It’s a bad practice for them to do this in the cloud era, but compared to Adobe’s practices, this is small change 🙂

Pay $40, Get $50 iTunes Gift Card via email {limit 4}

The current headliner deal at the eBay Deals is an offer by PayPal Digital Gifts like this: Pay $40, Get $50 iTunes Gift card delivered by e-mail, with a limit of four per buyer. This is a 20% discount, not the lowest ever, but one you can get right now. This is good on anything at iTunes, including apps (many photo apps), e-books (various camera guides and photography books), videos, music, etc.

Eight Photography Apps for $1 each on Google Play

For a limited time, celebrating something or so, Google Play has a variety of nice digital content sales. Of photography interest, they have a $1 App Sale that includes eight different photography apps: Paper Camera, Photo Lab PRO, SuperPhoto Full, Cameringo+, DMD Panorama, Photo Editor Color Effect PRO and Color Splash and Photo Editor HDR FX PRO (the last three by Lyrebird Studio). Also part of the sale are other well-known apps such as the Nova Prime Launcher, PowerAMP, and a couple of Calendar apps.


TIP: if you are reading this on an Android device, you can easily get to the sale by going to the App section of the Google Play store. This is the second to last promotion shown in the featured slideshow of special offers.

Get 300 Plenti Points ($3 eq) with $10 iTunes Gift Card

If you are looking to buy camera and photo apps or ebooks (or anything else) from iTunes, there is a 30% promotion for Plenti rewards members running at Rite Aid until the close of business on Saturday 2/13/16. You get 300 Plenti Points back with a $10 iTunes Gift Card purchase. 300 points can get you $3 off future purchases at Rite Aid or other places participating in AMEX’s Plenti rewards. Limit two per customer during this week.

Pay $75, Get $100 iTunes e-Gift Card [pay $40 get $50 Michaels plastic GC]

To the eBay Deals we return, with a Gift Card round-up:

+ Pay $75, Get $100 iTunes electronic Gift Card delivered by e-mail from PayPal’s Digital Gifts
+ a 25% off discount, limit 4 per customer
+ of interest for camera and photo iOS apps, along with photography e-books and camera guides, some of which may be iOS-exclusive

+ Pay $40, Get $50 Michaels physical gift card delivered for free by mail by GiftCardMall’s eBay store (they manage the gift card stalls in many brick and mortar chain stores)
+ a 20% discount, limit 3 per customer

20% off iTunes Gift Cards delivered by e-mail ($25 only – others sold-out)

Back to the eBay Deals, where PayPal’s Digital Gifts is offering iTunes Gift Cards (delivered by e-mail) with a 20% off discount, in three different gift-card-amount denominations as follows:

+ Pay $20, Get $25 iTunes Gift Card (limit 4)

+ this sold-out too: Pay $40, Get $50 iTunes Gift Card (limit 4)

+ this sold-out: Pay $80, Get $100 iTunes Gift Card (limit 4)

+ these are electronic gift cards delivered by e-mail after the order is placed
+ can be used to purchase anything at iTunes, including the various camera and photography apps, and various photography e-books and more

(ENDED) Photo Studio Pro by KVADGroup (Google Play) for $2

This limited time sale ended. It is back to $4 as of 10/6/15… The Photo Studio Pro all in one Android photography app by KVADGroup is now on sale for $2 at Google Play. Requires Android 2.3.3 or later. It averages 4.6 out of 5 with 21K+ ratings… If you want to get a feel for it, they have a free non-Pro version.

Free (iOS 8+): Hipstamatic Camera app

The Hipstamatic Camera app is celebrating version 300 (already on version 301), and as part of the festivities, the app is currently FREE to get at the iTunes Store. It supports devices running iOS 8 or later. Version 300 was a major update, adding more features including manual controls and more editing options.

Pay $75, Get $100 iTunes Gift Card via e-mail (limit 4)

To the eBay Deals we go, where PayPal’s Digital Gifts has an e-doorbuster offer of sorts, Pay $75, Get $100 iTunes eGift Card by e-mail with a limit of four per customer. According to my detailed calculations, this is a 25% off discount, not the lowest ever, but certainly better than 20% or 15% or 0% 🙂 You also earn eBay Bucks on the purchase (if a member). This can be used to purchase digital content on iTunes. Of on-topic interest, they have various photography and camera apps, photography and camera e-books, camera guides, and such.

40 Free Premium Android Apps include PhotoLab Pro, Elements, XnRetro Pro, HandyPhoto

It’s that time again, the Amazon Android-ish App Store is offering around 40 premium (typically they cost money to buy them) apps for FREE for a limited time only (typically go through the end of a weekend). Of photography interest, they have Photo Lab Pro by VicMan LLC and Elements of Photography Pro by Arkenstone, and XnRetro Pro by XnView, and Handy Photo by ADVA Soft.

You can get as many (including all of them) during this promotion. This round includes a diverse variety, from the all-important Goat Simulator, to AVG AntiVirus Pro, to Docs To Go Premium to Tiny Scan Pro to The King Of Math and a handful of games.

Pay $40, Get $50 iTunes Gift Card via email (limit 4)

To the eBay Deals we travel where you Pay $40 to get a $50 iTunes Gift Card (via email). A 20% off discount. The seller is PayPal Digital Gifts with a limit of four per customer. You can use these on iTunes content (apps, ebooks, music, video, etc).

Speaking of eBay, Acer’s official Outlet store is offering the manufacturer refurbished 11.6″ Acer Chromebook for $110 with free S&H and 90 day Acer warranty, limit 5 per customer (2GB RAM, 16GB SSD, model CB3-111-C8UB).

(ENDED) Thur (FREE): Photo Transfer App by ERCLab

This daily freebie expired… The free premium app of the day at the Amazon Androidy app-store is Photo Transfer App by ERCLab. The offer ends around 3am ET on Friday (apps don’t sell out).

Coming Today: Google Photos app with unlimited backups (up to 16mp)

During today’s Google I/O 2015 (see video), Google revealed a stand-alone Google Photos app that will be available on Android, iOS and the Web. It will sync with Google Drive, and has a number of features including free unlimited backups for images up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p. Not sure yet what happens for images over 16mp.

Samsung Device Owners: 10 Free VSCO Cam Presets

If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, one of the Samsung Owners Hub offers is ten free presets for the VSCO Cam photo app. I don’t know if every Samsung (Galaxy) device is eligible or some of them or if this depends on registration status and such. Samsung works in mysterious ways 🙂 The offer is available through the Samsung+ app on Google Play which is the new name for the Samsung Owner’s Hub. Once you install that app, go to the Promotions tab, and page down until you see the VSCO Cam offer. There is a little link thing to press in a circle on the left side (see screenshot below) to get you to VSCO Cam. There’s also an offer that gets you two years of an extra 100TB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage there.


PS1: I don’t know if these offers are stackable with the Galaxy Perks.

PS2: by the time you read this, it will probably be renamed to Galaxy Owners Plus Hub, or Milk Galaxy Apps or Galaxy Prime Alpha App Store 😉

(ENDED) Free Premium Apps include Photo Studio PRO, PicShop, etc [more added!]

This limited time promotion expired…
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Pay $40 shipped, Get $50 plastic iTunes Gift Card (limit 2)

If you have a short term need of iTunes Gift Cards and don’t want to wait or beat the bushes for a better discount, among the latest eBay Deals you can get a $50 plastic iTunes Gift Card for $40 with free shipping, with a limit of two per customer. The seller is GiftCardMall which oversees a lot of brick and mortar store gift-card stalls. This is a 20% off discount. I have seen discounts as low as 33% at brick and mortar but I don’t know where/when they will return. Of on-topic interest, there are plenty of iOS camera and photography apps and also many photography e-books and camera manuals at the iBooks store.

(ENDED) Free Premium apps include “A Better Camera”

This promotion ended, but every few weeks Amazon has bundles of premium (aka for-pay) apps offered for free.
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(ENDED) Free Premium Apps include Elements of Photography Pro by Arkenstone

This limited time offer expired but every few weeks the Amazon App store has free premium app promotions…

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Facetune app for $0.10 (Google Play)

Google Play is celebrating its three year birthday, and as part of the celebrations, they are offering various digital items at heavily discounted prices including the Facetune app for just 10 cents. They have a variety of other non-photography specials, check your Android device or the Google Play website for more.

UPDATE (3/6/15): Google added more freebies, the Transformers HD movie and latest Coldplay album (Ghost Stories). These are limited time offers!

Pay $80, Get $100 electronic iTunes Gift Card [or Pay $40, Get $50]

If you buy photography apps or photography e-books (or anything else) from iTunes, the current eBay Deals featured deal is a sale on the $100 iTunes Electronic Gift Card for $80. This is delivered by e-mail. Limit 2 per customer. The seller is “PayPal Digital Gifts”. Over 4800 sold so far. This is a limited time offer.

In parallel, a similar offer is running, Pay $40, Get $50 electronic iTunes Gift Card with a limit of two here as well.

David Ziser Photo apps for $2 each (or all 3 for $5) [iOS]

Photographer David Ziser (who you may know from his Digital Pro Talk blog) has launched three photography apps on iOS for iPhones and iPads. Each app goes for $2 on its own or $5 for all three as an iTunes bundle. More details at the apps page. The three apps are the Wedding Hot Shots series (Composition, Lenses, Lighting).

(ENDED) Free app: Simple Camera by Obvisity (Android)

This limited time offer expired…
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