10% off HDMI cables with coupon (price start at $1+)

HDMI cables are used by more and more devices these days, so if you want to stock up and never run out (ha! no matter how many you have, you can never find one when you really need it), for a limited time, Monoprice is offering an extra 10% off on various HDMI cables using coupon code HDMI. They come with a lifetime warranty.

Price before the coupon start at $1.19. Sizes range from half a foot up to 330 feet.

Used 25 foot Monoprice 22AWG CL2 HDMI Cable for $6

Participating in the previously mentioned 20% off Earth Week promotion at Amazon Warehouse Deals is the USED 25 foot Monoprice 22AWG CL2 High Speed HDMI Cable for under $6 with free Prime shipping in “Used – Good” condition.

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