Amazon has a Brick and Mortar Black Friday: Spend $60+, Get $15 off (exp Sunday night)

How things have changed! Amazon now has a Brick and Mortar Black Friday Deal. That’s right! This offer is good at Amazon’s brick and mortar “Amazon Books” (bookstores) and “Amazon 4-Star” (B&M stores that stock highly-rated high-demand items). If you spend $60+ on a single purchase, you will get $15 off. The offer ends 11/29/20 at 11:59pm pacific ~ more realistically, at store closing time, I guess the Amazon “terms and conditions” writers have not gotten used to brick and mortar expiration times ๐Ÿ™‚

Excluded are Apple, Bose, Nintendo, Ugg, alcohol, and Oculus products.

Not sure if you have an “Amazon Books” or an “Amazon 4 Star” (not Amazon 4Chan!) store near you? Check this page that lists the (currently modest) amount of Amazon B&M stores. Modest if you don’t count Whole Foods that is ๐Ÿ™‚

B&N coupons: $10 off $50+ online [15% off one item B&M]

Amazon is not the center of the shopping universe, despite the Bezos gazillions in probably a gazillion banks [there’s that $100K FDIC limit after all) ๐Ÿ™‚ If you are fond of giving Barnes and Noble a chance, good until Sunday, coupon code APRILSHOWERS get you $10 off an online purchase of $50+ of eligible items.

For their B&M stores, a personalized coupon code for 15% off a single item can be found at their Offers page

For more deal ideas, check their Clearance/Outlet page or jump directly to the Photography page (over 700 options as of the time of writing)…

Exclusions and restrictions apply to both coupons…

Staples B&M coupon: $20 off orders of $100+

Staples has a limited selection of camera gear in their B&M stores and they also have “degrees of separation” gear (storage, monitors, etc). Good until 3/23/19, coupon code 82991 gets you $20 off an order of $100+ at a Staples B&M store. You can find the coupon if you prefer to print it or show it on your digital device at the Staples coupons page

NOTE that exclusions apply on the coupon, in terms of product types (eg computers, gift cards, etc) but also some brands are not eligible (Apple, Amazon, Bose, SquareTrade, EcoTank, etc). The whole text of exceptions can be found on the coupons page through the aforelinked page…

YMMV (Fry’s B&M): 20% off for first 25 customers twice a day

This is a very YMMV offer. IF you are physically near a Fry’s brick and mortar store, they are running a new type of a promotion so far this week. Twice a day, upon opening and at 5:30pm local time, the first 25 customers in line that mention the daily magic word (which can be found in their daily mailing list emails of course) get a coupon that is worth 20% off purchases of $299+ at the B&M store.

The Wednesday magic word is Get20Extra

Some products from some brands are excluded (Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Bose, LG, Tempurapedia) and of course gift cards are excluded. The maximum discount with the coupon is $1000, in other words, up to a $5000 purchase. If your purchase is over $5000 in eligible products, then you get a flat $1000 off discount.

PS: this post is also a traffic alert if your driving involves areas surrounding Fry’s B&M stores. Granted, it won’t be like Black Friday madness ~ probably.

Staples B&M coupon: $15 off purchases of $75+

Coupon code 88720 gets you $15 off a purchase of $75+ in eligible products at Staples brick and mortar stores. The coupon cannot be used at the Staples website or the Los Angeles Staples Center ~ unless they lose to the Cavs ๐Ÿ™‚ Restrictions apply as usual. They typically have a limited selection of camera-related products, but there’s always six-degrees-of-separation (printer inks, storage, photo paper, etc)…

B&M: 20% off one item at B&N w/coupon

If you are near a Barnes and Noble physical book store, until the end of day on 12/20/18, there is a coupon code promotion at the Barnes and Noble coupons page that gets you 20% off one item at a physical local Barnes and Noble brick and mortar store. Exclusions and restrictions apply as usual. Their stores will be open extended hours… Meanwhile on their website, the clock is ticking for Express shipping as we are just six days away from Christmas Day 2018…

B&M (NoCal) [starts Friday]: 128GB Samsung EVO Plus microSD for $15

This starts on Friday, the actual Black Friday!

This is a brick and mortar offer! If you are in Northern California or happen to be traveling there for work/etc, the Central Computers stores have a B&M doorbuster: the 128GB Samsung EVO Plus microSDXC card for $15. Limit two per customer, so if you need more, be sure to keep a few disguises ready in your car ๐Ÿ˜‰

PS: these are the rest of their Black Friday offers

FREE 24pk AA/AAA single-use batteries with HF coupons

YMMV on this butt this week’s Red Plum weekly circular ads include a page of promotions and coupons from Harbor Freight. One of the coupons gets you a free 24-pack of their AA or AAA single use batteries, the “Thunderbolt” brand. The coupon is good until early May 2018. Limit one free item per customer per day. You don’t even have to buy anything else.

FREE 24pk single use AA or AAA batteries at Harbor Freight with coupon

If you like the idea of FREE batteries but don’t want to deal with Office Depot Rewards, fear not, we have a deal for you too! The current mailbox weekly circular ads (typically bundled with the weekly grocery ads, or stuffed in the mailbox a day before or after) may include a Harbor Freight page that among the freebie coupons you will find a 24-pack of your choice of AA or AAA single use batteries. You may also find their coupon ads in local newspapers and magazines. I haven’t checked their website, maybe it’s there too.

You don’t even have to buy anything. You can show up and get the free batteries and walk out. There is a limit one of freebie per customer per day. Or if you feel like you have to buy something to counter the freebie, they have various small things. Or if all else fails, there should be candy bars at the checkout register ๐Ÿ™‚

Free 24pk single-use batteries with Harbor Freight coupon

Harbor Freight has coupons in many places these days, including printed glossy magazines. This coupon I spotted in the Valpak envelope coupons that come with the weekly grocery ads in the mailbox. The coupon gets you a FREE 24-pack of single use batteries, AA or AAA, your choice. You can walk into their store and get these for free after coupon. Not sure if you have to pay sales tax. Coupon expires 3/1/18.

B&M: 20% off at B&N stores for Members (ends Sun PM)

This is brick and mortar store promotion only! It does NOT apply to online sales!

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(ENDED) Friday’s Shopping Inception: Buy a $25 Amazon Gift Card for $21.25 at Fry’s Brick and Mortar with Email Promo Code

Friday is over, and so is this surprise B&M offer…

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Samy’s B&M stores: Rent for Labor Day Weekend, Pay For One Day

If you are near a participating Samy’s Camera brick and mortar store, they have a new Labor Day weekend promotion. You can pick up a rental during the weekend, return by Tuesday 9/5/17 at 11am local time and pay for ONLY ONE DAY. Details and more questions on their Twitter:

Fry’s B&M with Weekly Coupon: $50 Gift Card with GOPRO HERO5 Black for $399

The Weekly Fry’s coupon for their email subscribers (free to join), running from Sunday until Saturday 8/19/17 PM, including an offer that gets you a $50 Fry’s Gift Card with the purchase of the GOPRO HERO5 Black action camera going for its regular price of $399. The offer is only available at their Brick and Mortar stores. Limit three per customer.

Fry’s B&M stores: 20% off Photo Papers

If you feel like going outside *GASP* and your outside world includes Fry’s brick and mortar stores, good until Saturday 8/19/17 PM, they offer 20% off the photo papers available at their brick and mortar stores. Doorbusters are excluded. Limit five per customer. I’m not sure if the weekly promo code is needed for this offer ~ the box with the offer does not mention the need for a Promo Code. This offer is only available at B&M Fry’s stores.

Vanguard Espod CX 203AP for $35 (Fry’s Promo Codes)

The Fry’s weekly promo codes (running Sunday AM until Saturday PM) for this week, including the new condition Vanguard Espod CX 203AP going for $35. Limit one per customer. You can get this at their B&M stores or online. The promo codes are delivered to your email, and the codes are unique for every shopper. These days this is how Fry’s does the majority of their deals. This goes for $50 elsewhere.

Pay $15, Get $40 to spend through Google Express (new users only)

Speaking of Price Club / Costco (for those not old enough to remember 1993, they merged in 1993), they are among the retailers that are participating in Google Express, along with Fry’s, Tarjay, Staples, etc. For first time Google Express customers, Groupon has a Pay $15, Get $40 to spend thru Google Express promotion. That is a pretty good discount, especially if you can keep your order close to the minimum.

Limit one for you and another one as a gift. The offer is for new Google Express users. I haven’t made a Google Express purchase yet, but I believe tipping for the delivery is expected?

B&M only: Load $20+ Cash to your Amazon Account, Get $10 promo credit

This may sound a bit counter-intuitive if you hadn’t heard of it before, but Amazon has a new feature where you walk into a brick and mortar chain store, you hand them cold hard cash, and said cold hard cash magically appears as a balance in your account. You pay no fees for this service (take that PayPal!).

To encourage people to use this relatively new Amazon Cash service, Amazon has launched a new promotion. If you load $20+ before 7/31/17, you will receive (later via email) a $10 Amazon promotional store credit to spend in the future. So if you load exactly $20, it’s like getting 50% more. The $10 promotional store credit must be spent by 8/31/17. The $20+ balance is a gift card balance, it never expires.

A barcode is generated that is a link to your Amazon account. You show that barcode at the B&M store when you load your cold hard cash. The bar code can be generated with a web browser or using the Amazon app. Details on how to generate and save it at the linked pages. You can even print it.

A number of chain stores are participating in this promotion, including GameStop, CVS, Fred’s, Speedway, KwikTrip, and more.

Make sure you get a receipt of the transaction ~ in case any enterprising employees decide to be “adventurous” with the promotion during the early days ๐Ÿ™‚

I will attempt this promotion the next time I’m near one of the participating stores. I will post another post chronicling my “adventure” ๐Ÿ™‚

It is interesting how Amazon is sending foot traffic to brick and mortar stores in order to encourage customers to shop online ๐Ÿ™‚

B&M: Get $10 store rewards on $50 Google Play Gift Card

If you live in the Android Google PLAY ecosystem, CVS B&M stores offer $10 back in CVS ExtraBucks when you purchase a $50 Google PLAY gift card until Saturday night (June 27, 2017). Limit one per customer for the week. Of interest if you buy camera and photo e-books or apps or photography documentaries (or any other content) from Google PLAY.

Fry’s Doorbuster: 20pk 5×7″ photo paper for $0.49 [limit five sets]

Fry’s Electronics have an online and in-store doorbuster, you can get a 20pk of 5×7-inch photo paper (Meritline brand, glossy, model 175-064) for $0.49. That’s 2.5-cents per sheet. Limit five 20-packs per customer. Offer ends 4/7/17 or earlier if sold out. Inventory varies by store. Store pickup is also an option, along with online shipment and in-person delivery. YMMV based on location and availability.

NOTE: this is NOT a Promo Code offer. Anyone can buy it without signing up for their e-mail list.

Mike’s Camera B&M: $20 off $40+ single item (CO, CA)

At Mike’s Camera brick and mortar stores in Colorado and California (these are the only states they currently have stores in), until Cyber Monday, a coupon found in the print ad in the newspapers and also on the Weekly Ad section of their website gets you $20 off a single item priced $40 or more. The coupon is good until Cyber Monday. The coupon can only be used in-store. Here’s how it looks (it’s in the last page of their current Weekly Ad):


B&M Heads up (June 5-11): 50% off HP, Canon, Epson Photo Paper

According to the sneak peek weekly ad posted on the Staples website, for the shopping week of June 5-11 in 2016 (Sunday AM until Saturday PM), they will have a 50% off sale on HP, Epson and Canon photo papers. The sale price is off the list price most likely, so YMMV as to how good it might be compared to the rest of the market. Particularly of interest if you have Staples Rewards or Store Credit or Gift Cards you want to spend. I don’t know if the sale will be online as well as the Weekly Ad covers their stores mostly.

April 17-23: 50% off Canon Photo Paper (Staples B&M)

For the week of April 17 to 23 in 2016, at Staples brick and mortar stores, they will have a 50% off sale on all the Canon photo paper they carry in the store. No coupon is needed, the prices will be adjusted by their system automatically. Price check these since 50% off may or may not be a good deal depending on the paper. At the same time they will also have a promotion that gets you 25% back in Staples Rewards (if you are a Rewards member), so the combination (assuming photo paper is eligible), could make it a good deal. The promotion is limit two per customer but you can visit the stores multiple times. Keep that wig and fake mustache handy ๐Ÿ˜‰


Heads Up (March 13-19): 16% Plenti Rewards on $50 eBay Gift Card

For the week of March 13-19 (2016), members of the Plenti Rewards program (Rite Aid and others, operated by American Express), can get 800 Plenti points ($8 future buying power) when you purchase a $50 eBay Gift Card at Rite Aid. Limit two per customer during this week. That’s 16% back in rewards. This offer will be available at Rite Aid B&M stores. I do not know if it will be available at the Rite Aid website as well.

Mon Fry’s Promo Codes: 20pk 4×6 photo paper for $1, refurb Panasonic ZS35 for $100, etc

The promo code offers for Fry’s e-newsletter e-subscribers (free to e-join) for Monday 2/8/16 includes:

+ 20pk 4×6 inch ColorWay (brand name) 68lb high-glossy photo-paper for $0.99 total (limit 5)
+ refurbished Panasonic ZS35 20x optical travel-zoom for $100
+ 50-inch Vivitar VIV-VPT-1250 tripod for $5
+ various tech items as usual
+ offers mentioned in this blog-post are good in-store and online, with a limit of one per item per customer unless otherwise indicated in the block above; this style makes posts more readable since most items follow this pattern

Weekly Fry’s Promo Code Offers: unspecified DSLR and Cybershot, Sunpak, Canon, etc

A new week is here and for the week of February 7-13 in 2016, the new Fry’s promo code offers for their email newsletters (free to join) include the following:

+ unspecified Sony Cybershot P&S digital camera (20mp, 2.7″ LCD, 8x optical) for $88 (in-store only)
+ unspecified 18mp DSLR with 3″ LCD with 18-55 lens for $350 (limit 1)
+ Sunpak 6200PG Tripod for $30
+ Canon DSLR backpack for $30
+ Sunpak universal selfie wand for $5
+ Monster Villain action camera for $100 (limit 1; this is there every week it seems)
+ 24pk Sony Alkaline AA or AAA batteries for $5 (limit 3)
+ 60ft x 0.75″ Shaxon electrical tape for $0.49 (limit 10)
+ various tech and storage items as usual
+ offers mentioned in this blog-post are good in-store and online, with a limit of one per item per customer unless otherwise indicated in the block above

Fri & Sat Fry’s Promo Code offers: 72″ Bower Tripod for $20, etc

The Fry’s email newsletter promo codes are now experimenting with 2-day promo codes instead of new daily offers. This round is for Friday and Saturday 2/5 and 2/6 in 2016 and it includes among others:

+ Bower VT6800 Heavy Duty Series 72″ Photo/Video Tripod for $20
+ MANFROTTO MTPIXI Pixi Mini tripod for $15 (two color choices)
+ Cellet selfie stick with AUX cable for $5 (limit 5)
+ unspecified action camera with monopod and 16GB microSD card for $250 (in-store only)
+ various tech items as usual
+ the items mentioned above in this blog-post (not their linked weekly ad) are limit one per customer, with the offers good in-store or at their website – unless otherwise indicated above – it makes it easier to read and write since most of them are “limit 1” in-store or online.

Tue B&M Fry’s Promo Codes: unspecified refurbished Sony Cybershot (16mp, 5x optical) for $50

The Fry’s Electronics promo codes for their e-mail e-newsletter subscribers for Tuesday 2/2/16 include an unspecified refurbished Sony Cybershot P&S digital camera (16mp, 5x optical) to be offered for $50 with free shipping. This particular offer is only good at their brick and mortar stores with a limit of one per customer… In parallel, the Bower TableTop Tripod will be on sale for $4 with a limit of one (up to 10″, in-store or online_…

(ENDED) Mon Frys Promo Codes at B&M: 20pk 5×7 photo paper for $0.49 (limit 5)

These daily deals expired…

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Weekly Fry’s Promo Codes: Sunpak, Lowepro, Sony, etc

If you are signed up for the Fry’s email newsletters, you receive daily and weekly unique promo codes by email that get you discounts on some of their offers. They switched to this approach a few months ago instead of having general purpose sales. I suppose one way to build up their customer email list. Their weekly offers for 1/10 to 1/16 in 2016 include:

+ Sunpak 2-in-1 Monopod-Tripod, model 620-700TM, for $30 (limit 1)
+ Monster Villain Action Camera for $100 (limit 1)
+ unspecified Sony Cybershot P&S camera (20mp, 8x optical, 2.7″ LCD) for $88 (limit 1; in-store only)

(ENDED) Tue Fry’s Promo codes: Monster Villain Action Cam for $100, etc

These daily deals expired…

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(ENDED) Thursday Fry’s Promo Codes: Unspecified Refurbished Sony Cybershot for $50 (B&M only!), etc

This daily offer expired…

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(ENDED) Vanguard Espod CX 234AP Tripod for $40 after $10 MIR

These daily promo codes are dead as a doornail now, but some of these items are recurring offers from the Fry’s promo codes department…

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(ENDED) Tue Fry’s Promo Codes: Battery Holder of 12 AA for $0.09 (B&M only)

This daily deal expired…

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Weekly Frys Promos: Vanguard Tripod, Lowepro Sling

The calendar week may have been disrupted with Christmas being a Friday, but time marches on! The promotional code offers for email subscribers to the Fry’s e-newsletters for the week of December 27 to January 2nd include:

+ limit one of each, good in-store or online

(ENDED) Tue B&M Frys Promo Codes: 4pk Tenergy AA for $0.06 (limit 10) and two Unspecified P&S cameras

These 1-day offers expired…

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Weekly Fry’s Promo Codes: Unspecified Canon DSLR kit for $350, Unspecific Cybershot for $68, Manfrotto, Case Logic, Wolverine, Corel, etc

The Fry’s Promo Code offers for their email newsletter subscribers (free to sign up for that) are revealed for the week of December 20-26 in 2015. They include:

+ unspecified Canon DSLR with 18-55 lens for $350 (limit 1; in-store only; 18mp)
+ unspecified Sony Cybershot P&S (20mp, 2.7″ LCD, 8x optical) for $68 (limit 1; in-store only)
+ they don’t specify the brand names because of MAP restrictions placed on retailers by manufacturers

+ the block below is limit 1 per item per customer, good in-store or online
+ VIVITAR HD Action Camcorder (DVR781HD-SIL) for $25
+ MANFROTTO Compact Advanced Black Tripod – Extends Up to 65″ (MKCOMPACTADV-B) for $60
+ CASE LOGIC KDB-101BK Water-Resist Backpack for $60
+ WOLVERINE F2D MIGHTY – 7 in 1 Film to Digital Converter for $90
+ Paintshop Pro X8 for $34 or Ultimate for $44
+ various tech items as usual

As usual, these offers are available only if you use the unique promo code found in each person’s Fry’s email newsletters. It is free to sign up for it.

Friday Frys Promo Codes: mystery Sony Cybershot (20mp, 8x optical) for $68 (B&M only)

The Promo Codes for subscribers to the Fry’s Electronics email newsletters for Friday 12/18/15 include the following:

+ mystery Sony Cybershot P&S camera for $68 (limit 1; in-store only; 20mp, 8x optical; they don’t publish the model name due to MAP restrictions)
+ SUNPAK 58″ Aluminum Tripod with Photo Video Pan Head (5858D) for $15 (limit 1)
+ Sunpak 1000AVG Action Video Grip for HD Cameras for $10 (limit 1)

(ENDED) Monday Fry’s Promo Codes: 20pk 5×7-inch Colorway photo paper for $0.49 w/free S&H

This daily deal expired…

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Weekly Fry’s Promo Code Offers: $89 Mystery Elph (20mp, 12x optical), Vanguard, Lowepro, Wolverine, etc

Don’t look now, but Black Friday 2016 is less than 51 weeks away already. Just around the corner ๐Ÿ™‚ And with that, we have a new shopping week, which brings us a new round of weekly promo code offers for Fry’s email newsletter subscribers (free to join their email list). Some of the offers are online-only, others are in-store-only, others are both. This is marked next to each offer in their weekly ad that covers the Dec 6-12 (2015) period. In these posts, the default for an item is to be offered in-store and online. If not, I mention it next to each item’s name, eg the mystery Canon Elph right below.

+ mystery Canon Elph (20mp, 12x optical) for $89 (in-store only; due to MAP restrictions they don’t mention the model name or have link to its product page)

+ Lowepro PROTACTIC 350AW SLR backpack for $100 (limit 1)
+ Vanguard VEO 204AB 53″ 4 Section Tripod for $70 (limit 1)
+ WOLVERINE SUPER F2D 4 IN 1 FILM TO DIGITAL for $80 (limit 1)

+ 25% additional discount on ink and toner purchases
+ various tech and storage options as usual
+ $4 Velleman digital multimeter
+ $85 Windows 10 full OEM version – or put that towards a Linux PC. I am kinda starting to lose faith in the Windows 10 promise and premise, but that’s for another day

(ENDED) Wednesday Fry’s Promo Codes: refurb Cybershot for $50 (unspecified model)

These daily offers expired…

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Wedn at Fry’s B&M with coupon: 70″ Sunpak Ultra Tripod/Monopod creature for $30

At Fry’s brick and mortar stores, on Wednesday 11/25/15, using your personal promo code from the Fry’s email newsletters, you can get one 70-inch Sunpak Ultra Tripod/Monopod creature for $30. This is model Ultra 7000TM… Some call these hybrid creatures “Tri-Monopods”.

Fry’s Half-Week Promo codes: refurb ZS35 for $99, Manfrottos, mystery Elph

A lot of brick and mortar retailers split their weekly ads in two on ThanksGiving week. The conventional weekly ad typically covers Sunday through Wednesday night, and the other one is of course the Black Friday ad. Fry’s has posted their half-week (Sun AM to Wedn PM) weekly ad on their website and it includes these camera and photo items (these require unique promo codes that are included in each person’s email subscription to the Fry’s e-mail newsletters):

+ refurb Panasonic ZS35 with card and case for $99 is back again (limit 1)
+ Manfrotto Compact Xtreme 2-in-1 Monopod+Pole for $30 (limit 1)
+ Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod (MKCOMPACTACN-BK) for $40 (limit 1)
+ refurbished 10-inch Sylvania SDPF1089 digital picture frame for $37 (limit 1)
+ 16GB Samsung cyan microSD with fullsize adapter for $6 (limit 2; in-store only)
+ mystery 20mp Canon Elph for $140 (in-store only; you have to call them or visit store for details; most likely because of MAP restrictions)

(ENDED) Sat Fry’s PromoCodes: Canon SX410 IS for $180 (B&M)

This daily deal expires…

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Best Buy In-Store specials on November 7 from 1-5pm (YMMV)

For the early season shoppers, Best Buy is planning to have a brick and mortar sale-a-bration on Saturday November 7 (2015) between 1-5pm local time at their stores. Some of the offers are teased on their website and include a $30 Best Buy Gift Card with the purchase of a Sony a5100 or a5000 kit, and a $40 Best Buy Gift card with the purchase of a GoPro Hero4 Session or Hero+ LCD action camera. The first 100 customers per store will receive an unspecified “free tech gift”. You can find out which ones of your local stores are participating by using the blue location box over there.

(ENDED) Monday Fry’s Promocodes: 20pk 8.5×11″ photo paper for $1, $5 Vivitar tripod, etc

This daily deal ended…

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Weekly Fry’s Promo Code Offers: refurb Pana ZS35, Vanguards, Wolverine

For the week of November 1-7 in 2015, email subscribers to the Fry’s e-mail newsletters can use their unique (personal) promo codes to get their weekly offers, which include:

+ refurbished Panasonic ZS35 with card and case for $100
+ limit one, in-store only
+ this is a recurring offer

+ Vanguard Expandable SLR Backpack (UP-RISE II 34) for $55
+ limit one, in-store or online

+ Vanguard ALTA CA 204AGH 61″ max height Tripod for $55 after $15 mail-in rebate
+ limit one, in-store or online

+ Wolverine F2D MIGHTY – 7 in 1 Film to Digital Converter for $89
+ limit one, in-store only

+ 4pk Battery World AA single-use batteries for $0.25 total
+ limit 8 (4-packs I assume), in-store only

+ various storage and tech offers as usual

Monday Fry’s Promo codes: 20pk 5×7″ photo paper for 99c (limit 5)

For the planning ahead crowd, for Monday 10/26/15, the Fry’s email newsletter promo codes include the following offers of potential chimera and photon interest:

+ 20pk 5×7 inch Meritline glossy photo paper for 99c (limit 5)
+ 4TB Buffalo DriveStation USB 3.0 External HDD for $100 (limit 1)
+ pay $39, get $50 iTunes gift card (limit 1; in-store only; 22% discount)

Weekly Fry’s Promo Code Offers: refurb ZS35 w/extras for $100, Manfrotto, Wolverine

A new week is almost upon us, and Fry’s has a new round of weekly (Sun AM to Sat PM) promo code offers for those subscribers to their free e-mail newsletters. This one runs October 25-31 in 2015:

+ refurbished Panasonic ZS35 with SD card and case for $100 (limit 1; was also running last week)
+ Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod, model MKCOMPACTACN-BK, for $40 (limit 1)
+ Wolverine SUPER F2D 4 IN 1 FILM TO DIGITAL for $90 (limit 1)
+ 8GB Patriot USB 2.0 flash drive for $3 (limit 5; in-store only)
+ various tech offers as usual

(ENDED) Friday: Sony VCT-R100 Tripod for $18 (B&M), etc

These daily promo code offers expired…

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