Black Friday at NEWEGG!

It’s Black Friday time at the NewEGG website as well with a variety of tech products and discounts. You can use the various filters on their website to narrow it down to the products and brands of interest. Way too many to list here individually 🙂

Black Friday arrives at Monoprice

The party is already in progress at the Monoprice Black Friday sale that features a number of their home-made monitors (Zero-G and Dark Matter lines), Monolith audio, cables, charging gear, and the usual assortment of the techie gear they specialize in.

As part of the promotions, coupon code WM20 gets you 20% off Wall Mounts – there’s a soccer world cup in progress after all.

Separately they have a promotion that gets you December coupons if you make qualifying purchase over preset amounts.

Adorama launches Top 100 Black Friday Deals

If you are drowning in Black Friday information overload, Adorama has your back. They have just now published their Top 100 deals for Black Friday 2021, so you can peruse without the risk of drowning in a sea within a sea of deals 🙂

Black Friday arrives at Amazon USA

Black Friday (aka 11/26/21) has arrived at the Amazon USA website including:

+ what they call a Content Creators sale that includes:
++ Fuji X-E3 body for $560, with 23/2 R WR for $760, w/18-55 for $800
++ seven Rokinon prime lenses
++ DJI Mavic Mini Combo for $299
++ GoPro HERO10 Black with Dual Battery Charger + Battery for $450
++ four tripod-y things

+ two pages of PC Components and Accessories, from $14 to $430, including WD, Crucial, ASUS, Thermaltake, Intel, Gigabyte, MSI, Corsair, and more

+ two pages of Laptops, Desktops and Monitors, from $120 to $2430, with Dell, Acer, Sceptre, LG, Alienware, CyberPowerPC, AOC, ASUS, MSi, BenQ, iBuyPower, Razer, Skytech, Viewsonic, HP, and more

+ Amazon’s own hardware including Fire TV stick for $20, Echo Dot (4th gen) for $30, Echo Show, Kindles, etc

+ Samsung Galaaxy Tab S7 and S7+ from $500 to $730, 14 options

+ Anker charging things from $7 to $110

+ six pages of real-world watches from $16 to $390
+ by “real world” I mean non-smartwatches 🙂

+ networking gear sale, $14 to $350, from the usual suspects

+ powered toothbrushes and Waterpik Sonic Fusion and such, because a nice clean smile is more authentic than Photoshop? 😉

+ Ninja blenders and other cooking things

+ Keyboard, Mice and Such, from $11 to $148
+ also Samsung SSD sale

+ all the usual consumer electronics, TV, audio, video, shiny coffee machines, shiny kitchen machines, etc

+ over 220 Kindle Best Selling eBooks
+ if you like bang for the buck ebooks, for $6 you can get a Kindle-crashing 4855 pages (!!!), eight books in the Sarah J. Maas “Throne of Glass” book series
+ that’s over 800 pages per $1 😉

20% off select categories with eBay coupon

The eBay website is offering a Black Friday coupon, 20% off on select product categories using coupon code PINBF2021 in their shopping cart. Maximum discount $50 using this coupon.

Better yet, the coupon can be used up to FIVE times per eBAY account until 12/10/21

You can see all eligible categories and such at the offer’s Terms and Conditions

Black Friday sale at NewEgg Now

Famous rapper “Shopenim” is famous for the “Will the real Black Friday please stand up?” line and indeed it is getting harder and harder to figure out which one of the sales is the “Real Black Friday” sale 😉 Regardless, NewEgg has launched what they call their Black Friday Now that features the usual assortment of tech and electronics and computer-y items NuevoHuevo is famous for.

They do have a Camera & Photo segment that had a Canon SL2 with 18-55 for $439 by Ted’s Electronics that it is marked as SOLD OUT as of the time of writing. Other offers there include the DJI Osmo Action with extras for $279, various DJI Osmo kits, “those type” of DSLR bundles of a million accessories no one asked for, a $13 Neewer lens spanner and $26 tripod with 3-way, etc…

NewEgg Black Friday Preview sale

One week before the actual Black Friday so the “Black Friday sales” are ever-so-increasing. One such is the latest NewEgg BF Preview sale, a 4-day sale of sorts with a variety of products. The products that have a promo code next to them require that you sign up for their email e-newsletter in order to use them. The same old (annoying) NewEgg song and dance…

COMPLETED: Black Friday Ads 2019 Digest

A couple of days late but better late than never as they say! We have now completed our brand new Black Friday Ads Digest: Camera and Photo edition for 2019. There’s still a few stores that will be added as their BF Ads become available and get “digested”. This edition includes Best Buy, Target, Costco, Staples, Office Depot-MAX and more…

As usual, the headliners are the entry-point DSLR two lens kits for Canon (D-Rebel T6) and Nikon (D3500 with its insane battery life ~ not to jinx future models), along with some APS-C and full frame options in both DSLR and mirrorless. Needless to say, instant cameras and action cams and drones continue their ascend…

B&H Website Has Re-Opened!

The B&H Photo website has re-opened after their usual Sabbath closing! If you haven’t finished with your Black Friday weekend shopping there, you can get started again. Some places to look at B&H Photo:

+ 2017 Black Friday Specials page with 146 options

+ Massive Apple Sale (Macbooks, iPads, etc)

+ Sigma Lens Sale (92 options)

+ Featured Sales page

Top 100 Adorama Black Friday deals

Are you pressed for time and don’t want to sift through a lot of things? Adorama has created a handy Top 100 Black Friday Deals offered on their website. You can browse through the top 100 or use the sub-categories on the left-hand side to zero-in on areas of interest. This is a new visual style, more user friendly!

NewEgg 24-hour Black Friday sale

NewEgg too launched a brand new 24 Hour Black Friday sale with a variety of offers. As usual with NewEGG, some of the offers may require the use of promo codes which you can use by signing up to their email newsletters. It’s easier than it sounds, they have details at the top of the page. I am too brain-dead to go through the NewEgg BF sale, so that’s a DIY adventure 🙂

Microsoft Store Black Friday Sales

I am posting faster than Doug Flutie is throwing passes during a two-minute warning 20-point comeback attempt 😉 The official Microsoft Store too has their Black Friday sales, featuring a number of Microsoft’s own hardware including Surface bundles of different kinds, a showcase of various Windows 10 products, Xboxes, their Cortana powered speaker (made by Harman Kardon who is now part of Samsung), Mixed Reality headsets and bundles, and more. Speaking of the Cortana-powered speaker, you can get it for FREE with purchase of select Surface Laptop bundles.

eBay launches Black Friday Ads “Meet or Beat” page

eBay is innovating too in the ever-changing world of Black Friday madness. They have now launched a Black Friday Price Matching page where they meet or beat some of the advertised offers from the Black Friday ads. As of the time of writing, there are 88 listings there, a few of them are tech items, but no camera gear. I will monitor it (on a time permitting basis) to see if anything pops up.

Speaking of eBay and price-matching, the official BOSE eBay store has price-matched their own Black Friday offers 🙂

Speaking of eBay, here’s an appetizer doorbuster, the 8GB Transcend Class 10 SD card is offered for $5 with free shipping by PhotoVideo4Less (New York). Limit two per customer.

All the posts are sprawling today, so might as well, while we are talking eBay, the official Google eBAY store has their own Black Friday specials running with free shipping:
+ Google Chromecast for $25
+ Google Chromecast Audio for $25
+ Google Home for $79
+ limit three of each per customer

Black Friday deals at Focus Camera

Waves and waves of deals, these are the focus Camera Black Friday Deals, click on the big tabs (cameras, lenses, tripods, etc) to see all the details. Due to time constraints I can’t break them down further…

(ENDED) Amazon’s Black Friday has 37 Deals of the Day

These lighting deals expired… For the latest, check our string of Gold Box posts

[Read more…]

B&H Black Friday Specials (119 options)

B&H Photo has launched their 2017 Black Friday Specials page with 119 different items listed. You can filter them by manufacturer or other factors. I will “digest” these later on Thursday. 119 is a lot to digest late at night while spaced out 🙂

eBay reveals Cameras in their BF Ad – most likely imported/grey-market

eBay has revealed their eight page Black Friday ad and it has about half a dozen digital cameras in it. The eBay ad however does not specify the seller of the camera, the warranty situation, or the condition of the product, so that’s a mystery until the deal goes live. Judging by the prices, it looks like most of them are probably going to be imported/grey-market. About half of them are 35mm full frame cameras.

We integrated eBay’s offers in the Black Friday 2017 Ads Digest. You can find all the eBay additions by using your browser’s search function looking for “eBay” (not case sensitive).

I will price-check and dig around on eBay to see if these are already live.

Fry’s Black Friday Ads reveal B&M Doorbuster Canon DSLR two-lens kit for $299

Black Friday has revealed almost all of their Black Friday offers at their Weekly Ads page. The only thing missing are the early AM Thanksgiving offers that will be revealed by email to their newsletter subscribers. Their stores are closed on Thanksgiving, so the Thursday offers will be online-only. I integrated the existing offers into our everlong 2017 Black Friday Ads Digest

And that’s the key, the vast majority of both in-store and online offers require the use of personalized promo code that each customer receives in their emails every time Fry’s runs a promotion. So if you are interested in most of these offers, make sure you sign up for their emailing list.

Their big doorbuster is reversed for Black Friday at their B&M stores, an unspecified Canon DSLR two lens kit with the 18-55 and 75-300 lenses. This is the teaser from the middle of this ad page:

SPOILERS below if you want to guess on your own, or if you want to surprised in store. It is most likely the Canon D-Rebel T6 with 18-55 and 75-300 which is an official Black Friday deal for $450 at various B&M dealers that have already posted their ad. It matches the $450 price, along with the 1080p and Wifi and 18-megapixels and NFC.

And the fact that there is no other Canon DSLR that would go this low 🙂

As you can see from the ad, this will be offered on Black Friday only, at their brick and mortar stores only, with one per customer. You need to have your personal promo code from the Fry’s email newsletter of that day.

If you are interested in this, I highly suggest finding members of your local football team and asking them to be your offensive and defensive line while attempting to get this deal in-store 🙂

NewEgg launches Black Friday Sale (3400+ options)

NewEgg has launched their Black Friday with over 3400 items participating. This started at 4pm ET.

You can make the deals even better when you take advantage of the Masterpass promotion. Pay with Masterpass for orders of $200+ and use coupon code MPBF17 to get $25 off the $200+ total. Details at the aforelinked page. The Masterpass coupon expires 11/22/17 at 11:59pm pacific time. Masterpass is the Mastercard parallel to VISA Checkout.

UPDAT 5:15pm ET: it looks like there is little and less in terms of digital camera offers at their sale. I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise, NewEgg is a general tech website, and they move with the trends and hype of the tech world.

More updates to the Black Friday Ads Digest

More updates we did to the Black Friday Ads Digest, with new ads coming out from DJI, Gamestop, Groupon, and more! The DJI store will be offering additional free accessories with purchase. I do not know if retailers / authorized dealers are planning to match or beat them with their own freebies. We will find out soon enough, Black Friday is eight days away 🙂

The Quick Jump Links are back in the BF 2017 Situation Room

The “Quick Jump Links” are back in our on-going Black Friday 2017 Camera & Photo Situation Room. As the post grows longer and longer, these help in quickly jumping to the main areas of interest. The last one (Accessories) takes you quickly to the bottom, while the other links are self-explanatory. I am keeping Lenses as one mega category because a lot of sales are a mix of DSLR and mirrorless lenses.

Here’s a screenshot crop of this new section over there:

More Black Friday Ads Digested

Another buffet of BF ads has been digested in our Black Friday Ads Digest of 2017 with another handful of stores including Overstock, Microsoft and more. The new additions have been integrated to the various categories as usual. The biggest addition with this group was a mystery GoPRO HERO5 bundle at Overstock with lots of accessories but no price given 🙁

Here’s an example of the breakdown by category. As you can see, by grouping them together, the Nikon D3400 two lens kit that is offered at many places only appears once in the list, making it easier to skim and scan:

As usual, most of these will be price-matched by the internet sellers by (or often before) the actual Black Friday.

Amazon teases their Black Friday: Sandisk, Seagate, Holiday Cards, own hardware, HDTVs, etc

Amazon has revealed teasers for their Black Friday Ads via press release. Of camera and photo interest:

+ Save up to 35% on select SanDisk memory products
+ Save up to 25% on select Seagate hard drives
+ Save on Bushnell Binoculars
+ Save up to 25% on Nikon Coolshot 80 Rangefinder
+ Amazon Prints: holiday cards are 50% off (starting 11/19)
+ various discounts on Amazon’s own hardware devices, HDTVs, etc
+ sales begin November 17 (this Friday)

These too have been integrated into our Black Friday 2017 Ads Digest.

Target Weekly Ad officially posted

Target just posted their official Black Friday with an email to everyone in their emailing list. Their offers confirm the usual Canon and Nikon DSLR two lens kit that we saw from other retailers (Costco, Kohls), and introduce two new GoPRO offers that I hadn’t seen yet.

You can find them all integrated into our Black Friday 2017 Ads Digest post.

The longer/reference-y posts go to the main blog since this is the division of labor now. This blog focuses on short time-sensitive posts, while the main blog has longer and more long-running things.

Adorama Black Friday specials go live

The Adorama Black Friday Specials are now live, featuring specials from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, and Fuji. A total of 28 products are participating. You can click on the manufacturer names over there if you want to jump directly to their sections, or page down until you reach them.

Monoprice Black Friday Sale goes live

We are getting closer, less than two full days away from the symbolic Black Friday, although some could argue we are in a perpetual Black Friday. But I’ll leave the more esoteric comments for the philosophy blogs 🙂 To cut a long story short, Monoprice has launched their Black Friday Sale good until 11/27/16. No coupon code is needed, the price you see is the price you pay. Shipping is additional, as Monoprice has yet to crack the “free shipping code”, unlike most other major online retailers. Having said that, anyone who tried to mail or ship something will attest that it costs money every time, so there’s that hurdle 🙂

The top of the page has general-use doorbusters, $1 HDMI cables, $2 lightning cables, the Carbon Fiber Tripod/Monopod Expert Series (Large) (Product ID 12154) for $100. From there on, things are broken down by nebulous product categories. Under “Computer & Gaming” there are a couple of house-brand graphics tablets, and a couple of sections below that is the “Camera & Video” section [use the browser’s in-page search to quickly locate it using that exact string without the quotes]. It includes an $11 monopod, ball heads, half a dozen weatherproof hard cases ($43 to $168), a $2 camera extender (I guess they didn’t want to call it a selfie stick!), and such.

Moving along, further down is the “Home & Office” category which includes various single use and rechargeable batteries and chargers for the rechargeables. Further down [I feel like I’m a tour guide to an online sale], you will notice a beautiful castle made of microUSB cables. Or rather, various cables with prices starting at $0.49. This concludes the tour of the Monoprice gingerbread castle 🙂