In-Stock now: Fuji X100F for $1300 [also, auction by “real person” in progress]

It is pure coincidence that I’m updating the Stock Status Tracker on Mondays, it’s supposed to get updated a lot more often, but time seems to fly faster and faster these days. Anyway, enough meta-talk, to the Fuji X100F-landia we go…

… where the Best Buy’s eBay store has the silver X100F in-stock for $1300. Limit three per buyer per the listing page.

On the black X100F front, Amazon itself has a May 18 in-stock estimate as of the time of writing. Keep in mind these estimates change over time…

If you are a Prime member and pay with either the Chase Amazon VISA credit card or the Prime Store credit card, you will receive 5% back as a statement credit, which is no small change, it is $65~ given the current price.

If you are not a Prime member, and you pay with the Chase Amazon VISA credit card you get 3% back as a statement credit, around $39. Citibank’s Forward credit card used to offer 5% on Amazon, but unless you are in a grandfathered card that wasn’t switched over, they no longer offer it (as far as I can tell).

On the other hand, if you are a fan of buying used from eBay, an individual has a USED (eBay Auction) that ends on Tuesday at 10:30pm ET. As of the time of writing, the auction price is $1125 with 29 bids. Shipping is $12 from the state of MA.

Fuji X100T with Rode VideoMic Pro R Mic for $1099

The brand new Fuji X100F is slowly getting released for $1300 [see Stock Status Tracker] but if it’s the X100T the one you want, it currently goes for $1100 bundled with a Rode VideoMic Pro R Mic for $1099 with free shipping at Adorama and B&H Photo.

Or if you are a Prime member paying with either the Amazon Chase VISA or the Prime Store card, you can get $55 back as a statement credit thru Amazon.

(ENDED) Auction Watch: Fuji X100F ends 12:08pm ET today

This auction ended with someone scooping it up towards the end, 15 bids and a $1200 price… If you need some eBay auction entertainment/excitment, ending today at 12:08pm ET is a classic eBay auction by an individual seller on the Fuji X100F silver. As of 10:55am ET, there are 14 bids with a $1175 price. The individual eBay seller (100%, 65 ratings) is based in Los Angeles.

This used option sold out as well: There is a “Used – Like New” option for $1202 by Amazon Warehouse Deals with a detailed condition and half a dozen pictures of the actual item (click on one of the two thumbnails to see the gallery).

The new condition price of the X100F at authorized dealers is $1300. For more options, check the Stock Status Tracker where there is one retailer that has both colors for $1300. The listing says they ship from the USA, but the seller’s page says they are in Hong Kong. I haven’t tried to go through with a purchase to see what happens [poor blogger!]

In-stock now: Fuji X100F black for $1300

If you had been looking for the black Fuji X100F, rejoice! It is currently in-stock for its starting price of $1300 at Amazon by Amazon itself. At the moment this is restricted to Prime members only.

Meanwhile, if you are a more adventurous shopper and love eBay auctions, an individual eBay seller started an auction on the silver Fuji X100F starting at $900. The auction ends on Monday at 12:08pm eastern time.

For the big picture, check the Stock Status Tracker.

In-Stock Now: Fuji X100F in Silver and Black for $1300

In this “Stock Update Saturday” we have another addition to the Stock Status Tracker, the Fuji X100F big sensor prime, and this is currently in-stock for its starting price of $1300 as follows:

+ silver by Best Buy (eBay)

+ black by B&H Photo and Kenmore (eBay)

In-Stock Now: Fuji X100F for $1300

I’ve fallen behind on stock updates, so I don’t know when this became in-stock, but the Fuji X100F Big Sensor Prime is now in-stock and ready to ship at its starting price of $1300 at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of up to three units per customer.

PS: if you are a Prime member, and you pay with either the Amazon Chase VISA or the Amazon Store Credit card, you get 5% back on your purchases as cashback or a statement credit. In this case, 5% of this is $65, not a small amount!

PS2: if you have an Amazon Store credit card, you may be offered a 12-month 0% APR financing promotion as long as you pay it in full in 12 months. The financing offer cannot be combined with the 5% statement credit, so you have to pick one or the other. The shopping cart will guide you through it if eligible.

Ricoh GR II for $600 (or Used for $500)

To the Big Sensor Primes front we go now, where the new condition Ricoh GR II is currently on sale for $600 with free shipping at B&H Photo. Orders can be placed again Wednesday night. Orders will ship on April 19+ regardless of shipment method selected, so keep that in mind.

B&H also has it available in Used Condition for $500 with free shipping. Used items sold by B&H Photo come with a 90-day warranty covered by B&H.

Fuji X-100T with Free Fuji Mic (or Rewards) for $1100

The Big Sensor Primes are alive and kicking too, and Fuji has an instant savings price cut on the Fuji X-100T, making the price $1100. You can get it in Silver with two different options:

+ with 4% rewards (around $44 to spend in future B&H purchases)
+ or with Free Fuji MIC-ST1 Stereo Microphone ($110 price on its own but no promotional rewards).

Meanwhile the black color scheme of the X100T gets 4% promotional rewards, but there is no free microphone option.

All of the above X100-T options are priced at $1100 with free shipping, regardless of the freebies.

All four Sigma DP Quattro drop to $699 each, DP2 Merrill too

If you are a fan of Foveon and Big Sensor Primes, all four of Sigma’s dp Quattro big sensor primes are going for $699 each with 4% promotional rewards at B&H Photo, along with the DP2 Merrill (not a Quattro, not an Audi either).

In-stock now: Ricoh GR II Silver 80th Anniversary Edition for $747

If you had been waiting for B&H Photo to get it in-stock or if you have B&H gift cards that are clamoring to be spent, the Ricoh GR II Silver Edition (80th anniversary edition) is now in-stock and ready to ship there for $747 with free expedited shipping… It is also in-stock and ready to ship for the same price at Adorama

Fuji X-PRO2 Body and $100 Gift Card for $1699

The action continues at the B&H Photo Photoshop World Specials including the Fujifilm X-Pro2 Body only getting a $100 B&H Photo gift card at its normal price of $1699 with free expedited shipping.

Also getting a $100 B&H Photo Gift Card is the Fujifilm X100T for $1299 with free shipping along with a 32GB Sandisk Extreme card and 4% promotional rewards (= $52~ to be used in future purchases).

Fuji X70 with Official Leather Case or Boatload of Freebies for $700

Fuji started a successful run with APS-C Big Sensor Primes with the X100 and now their line-up has expanded and prices decreased too. The brand new Fuji X70 sells at its starting price of $700 but you have a choice of freebies. At B&H Photo you get a free Fujifilm BLC-X70 Leather Case (Black) automatically included by B&H. This is mentioned right above the Product Highlights (see annotated screenshot crop below):


If you don’t need the official case, or you prefer a boatload of free accessories, Adorama is bundling it with Corel software bundle (includes AfterShot PRO 2 and Paintshop PRO X8) along with a ProOptics 49mm Essentials Filter kit, a Lowepro pouch, a 16GB Toshiba SD card, and the obligatory cleaning kit.

Imported grey-market Fuji X100T with 1-year seller warranty for $800

The Fuji X100T BSP (Big Sensor Prime) goes for $1300 at authorized dealers who are allowed to offer some bonus items with it (eg free Rode Mic at Adorama or 4% rewards and 32GB SDHC at B&H Photo).

But if you are more of a risk taker and imported grey-market items do not give you nightmares on Warranty Street, then among the latest eBay Deals we find a new condition imported grey-market Fuji X100T with a 1-year seller warranty (not Fuji USA warranty) going for $800 with free shipping in either black or silver. The seller is Electronics Valley (99.5%) and it ships from New Jersey.

As usual with these type of situations, it is up to you to decide what’s right for you and how much risk and adventure you are willing to invite. We blog, you decide!

Speaking of eBay, they have a semi-curated refurbished camera gear sale with 60+ items included.

Sigma DP3 Quattro and $28 Rewards for $699

The Sigma DP3 Quattro Big Foveon Sensor Prime is down to $699 at authorized Sigma dealers, but you can get a little more, Adorama is offering 4% promotional rewards (around $28) to be used on future purchases. The rewards happen automatically when you place the order, there’s no coupon to enter.

Pre-order new Leica X-U element-proof Big Sensor Prime for $2950

Sometimes the display cases Leica collectors use to showcase their prized possessions are not completely dustproof or waterproof. Leica has solved those problems today with the brand new Leica X-U (Type 113) fixed lens camera, a 16mp APS-C CMOS with a 23mm f1.7 lens and with a “Water, Dust, and Shockproof Construction”. This new camera is now available for pre-order for $2950 at Adorama and B&H Photo… This too has been added to the New Cameras of 2016 tracking page

Pre-order new Fuji X70 Big Sensor Prime for $800

With sensor prices dropping, it was only a matter of time before the Fuji RAWsumer line-up below the X100 got “upgraded” to the APS-C sensor size. And it just happened, the new X70 has a 16mp APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor with a 18.5mm f2.8 lens (28~mm eq~) and a starting price of $800. It is available for pre-order as follows:

+ black: B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon by Amazon itself

+ silver-black: B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon by Amazon itself

+ this too has been added to the Interesting Cameras and Lenses of 2016 Tracking page

10% refurbished at Nikon Outlet store (eg A for $270)

The official Nikon Outlet store is running a refurbished sale good until the end of day on 12/14/15. The sale is 10% off refurbished items and it is factored in automatically in the shopping cart (no coupon needed). This yield sales such as the refurbished Nikon A BSP (big sensor prime) for $270, the Nikon FM10 film camera with the 35-70mm f/3.5-4.8 lens for $360, and various DSLRs, Lenses, and Coolpixies… Thanks to one of our readers for the email alert…

Fujifilm X100T w/Audio-Technica AT8024 Mic for $1100

The Fujifilm X100T Big Sensor PRime is bundled with the Audio-Technica AT8024 Stereo/Mono Microphone for $1100 at Adorama. The Microphone on its own goes for $250, so if you don’t need it, you can trade it or gift it or sell it to partially fund the X100T purchase. This bundle is available at Adorama for the black X100T or the silver X100T.

PreOrders Accepted: Sony RX1 R II FF BSP for $3300

Pre-orders are now accepted for the Sony RX1 R II FF Big Sensor Prime (BSP) for its starting price of $3300 at B&H Photo and Amazon by Amazon itself with a late November 2015 release estimate.

Shipping November 5: Sony RX1 R II FF BSP for $3300

Sony’s taking a page from the Apple book by separating (in time) the announcement from the ordering. Officially it is for Big Sensor Prime fans, the Sony RX1 R II with a starting price of $3300 and a 42mp full frame Exmor R sensor BSI CMOS (once upon a time Sony’s own people said BSI technology was best suited to make the most out of 1/2.x” sensors – ha!), and 35mm f2 Zeiss lens. Pre-orders are not accepted yet, but the camera has a page with specs and details at B&H Photo which says “Item will be available for purchase on Thu, Nov 5 8AM”.

This too has been added to the New Cameras of 2015 Tracking page.

Fuji X100T for $1100 (new, USA warranty, silver or black)

As of the time of writing there is ONLY ONE left in the silver color scheme, and you have to add to the shopping cart, and login with an eBay account to see the price, it is the new condition Fuji X100T offered for $1100 with free shipping, by Buydig’s eBay store.

To make sure I am not hallucinating or sleep-blogging, here’s an annotated screenshot crop of the eBay shopping cart:

UPDATE: if the above sells out, or if you prefer the black color scheme, the same $1100 price is also available from the BuyDig eBay store for the new condition black Fuji X100T. There are six left of this as of the time of writing.

Ricoh GR (first gen) for $500

The first generation Ricoh GR big sensor prime, in new condition, is currently on sale for $500 by 3rd-party seller “Eagle Camera” with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so it is eligible for Prime shipping. I don’t know if they are an authorized dealer.

In comparison, the second generation Ricoh GR II is in-stock and shipping for $626 at Amazon by Amazon itself and Adorama and B&H Photo.

Refurbished Nikon A for $300 (Big Sensor Prime)

If you are looking for the good old Nikon Coolpix A big-sensor-prime, you can get it for $300 with free shipping in manufacturer refurbished condition with a 90 day Nikon USA warranty by Adorama on eBay and Adorama directly.

In-stock Nao: Ricoh GR II for $700

The Ricoh GR II, with its 16mp APS-C sensor and f2.8 prime lens and no LPF is now in-stock and ready to ship to you for $700 prime dollars at B&H Photo and Adorama and various at Amazon (Amazon itself is 1-2 months away) and TheCameraBox on eBay.

On the other hand, if you prefer the original Ricoh GR, it is bundled with the Ricoh GV-1 EVF and 32GB Sandisk SDHC and 4% promotional rewards for $600 at Adorama.

In-stock nao: Olympus E-M5 II LE and Sigma dp0 Quattro

B&H Photo has two brand new cameras in-stock and ready to ship. They will be accepting orders again Saturday PM. They are:

+ Olympus E-M5 II body only (limited edition) for $1200
+ Sigma dp0 Quattro Big Sensor Prime for $1000

UPDATE: the E-M5 II Limited Edition is also in stock for $1200 at Adorama.

Pre-order new Ricoh GR II for $800

Don’t stop believing Ricoh GR fans! Ricoh has just announced the second generation Ricoh GR, aka Ricoh GR II with a 16mp APS-C sensor, no low pass filter, 28mm f2.8 eq lens, and it is available for pre-order for $800 at B&H Photo and Adorama.

The first generation model currently goes for $580 at B&H Photo (with free external GV-1 EVF and 32GB SD) and $600 at Adorama (with free GF-1 TTL Flash and 4% promotional rewards).

Pre-order new Leica Q for $4250

If you like fixed lens cameras and prime lenses and 35mm full frame sensors and Leica, this combination is now available for pre-order in the all new Leica Q Type 116 camera, with a Leica-esque pre-order price of $4250 at Adorama and B&H Photo.

Sigma DP Merrills for $700 to $710 {SD1 for $2000}

The instant discount wave from Shiguma is also lifting (down) the prices of the DP-series Merrill trio. The DP1 Merrill goes for $700, while the DP2 Merrill and the DP3 Merrill go for $710 each.

Meanwhile, the niche-within-a-niche hiding in the nooks and crannies of another niche-within-a-niche, a “Mean Girls” way of saying a Sigma DSLR, the Sigma SD1 body only goes for $2000 with 4% promotional rewards (=4%).

Nikon A with DF-CP1 OVF kit drops to $500 (silver) or $520 (black)

If you are interested in the Nikon A, we have good-news/bad-news for you. We start with the bad news: the silver Adorama bundle with four extras for $400 is sold-out and no longer orderable. Also, Amazon’s lowest price is now $460.

The good news now: if you want the Nikon A and the DF-CP1 OVF optical viewfinder, the black Nikon A bundle has dropped from $570 to $520 at B&H Photo.

If you prefer the silver Nikon A and the DF-CP1 OVF, at B&H Photo, you can click the “Save $300 On Nikon DF-CP1 Optical Viewfinder” under “Savings Available” and add it. This allows you to add the DF-CP1 OVF kit for +$100. So $400 + $100 = $500.

If you prefer the silver Nikon A without any extras, it continues to sell for $400 at B&H Photo and Best Buy (store pickup).

Fuji X100T stock update: more places in-stock (also new-other for $1200)

After nearly two weeks, we finally updated the Fuji X100T stock status page. Even more retailers now have the camera in-stock for its starting price of $1300 including Amazon itself and B&H Photo. Of the ones that have it in-stock, Adorama leads the bonus items with 4% promotional rewards (= $52). Of the well-known reputable online dealers, OneCall’s eBay store has some silver bodies in New-Other condition for $1200. The big picture at the Fuji X100T stock status page.