B&H Mega Deal Zone: 77 Lens options participating

I accidentally started a B&H Photo Mega Deal Zone Marathon of Posts. I couldn’t possibly do this without a specific lens-centric post!

As of the time of writing there are 58 lenses participating including:

+ Sigma 12-24mm f4 DG HSM Art for $849
+ IRIX primes, including the 150mm f2.8 Macro 1:1 for $430 in Pentax K, Nikon F, Canon EF
+ lots and lots of Lensbabies
+ insert never-ending debate [whether they are “real” lenses or not] here

BUT WAIT, there’s more! There are 19 lenses in the Video Lenses category, from Sirui and Viltrox, many of them anamorphic.

PS: in the search-listings, each individual lens option counts as one. For example, if an imaginary 50mm 1.8 lens is available in six mounts, it will show up as six listings in the search results.

Lenovo 14″ IdeaPad Flex 5 Multi-Touch 2-in-1 for $450

AS of the time of writing, the Top Seller (of the 1498 participating products) in the B&H Mega Deal Zone is a Windows laptop! Move over M1 Macs and Chromebooks 😉 Which laptop is this?


It is the new condition Lenovo 14″ IdeaPad Flex 5 Multi-Touch 2-in-1 going for $450. This is in the “Abyss Blue” color scheme. How much did they pay the gurus to come up with that color name? 😉

If you look at the “Build Bundle” button, you have dozens of “combined purchase discounts” with software and computer accessories with this!

Why is this exciting so many shoppers?

+ AMD Ryzen 7 5700U 8-core
+ 16GB on-board DDR4
+ 512GB M.2 NVMe PCIe storage
+ 14″ IPS 16:9 1920 x 1080 display
+ Glossy, TouchScreen
+ 45% NTSC, 60 Hz
+ 2x USB-A 3.x, 1x USB-C 3.x, HDMI 1.4b
+ single memory-card SD/SD* slot
+ Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5
+ 3-cell LiPO (12 hour estimate)
+ 1.5 kilo (3.31 lb)
+ Windows 11 Home

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 for $1495

According to the “Top Sellers” ranking in the B&H Mega Deal Zone, the #1 seller camera of this All-Star Game is the new condition Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 going for $1495.

This is a Super35 compact-ish interchangeable-lens camera, using the Canon EF mount, and as such, it is compatible with 200+ lenses. Certainly a smart choice considering there are millions and millions of EF lenses out there!

ALSO part of this All-Star game is another EF-mount video camera, the new condition Canon EOS C200B Cinema Body Only going for $1999. Note that is camera is non-returnable, so purchase only if 99.05% certain!

PS: these are the only “real” cameras I’ve found. And there’s good reason, because mainstream cameras, because of the whole pricing thing, rarely (if ever) participate in daily deals, so you won’t find them in the All-Star Game. The only cameras in the Camera sub-category of the sale are 13 variants of the Paper Shoot Paper Camera type things.

Bag the Bags in the B&H Mega Deal Zone: $40 Lowepro 200AW, $10 Tamrac, Etc

Can’t have an All-Star Game without a “BAG the BAGS” alert! The Lowepro Photo Active 200 AW Backpack (Blue/Black) is on sale for $40 during the 72-hour window of the B&H Mega Deal Zone!

The “Black/Gray” is not on sale, it remains at the regular price of $165!

If you are a fan of the “Bag the Bags” segment, there are 135 options in the Bags and Cases section of the Mega Deal Zone! I can’t list them all individually (obviously), but here are some eclectic (okay, RANDOM) selections from this list, me being such a prolific taste-maker of course 😉

+ Tamrac Tradewind Zoom Bag 2.4 (Dark Gray) for $10

+ K&F Concept Beta Photography Backpack (Army Green, 20L) for $50

+ Ruggard Optica 15 DSLR Roller V2 (Black) for $90

+ more bags/cases from Shimoda, Lowepro, f-stop, Nomatic, Tenba, Pelican, Orca, etc, etc, etc

+ if you spot any great deals you’d think other readers (if there’s anybody left that is) may like, please feel free to point them out, so I can add them to this post!

B&H Mega Deal Zone Returns – The All-Star Game of Daily Deals!

Hide your e-wallets, or hide from your spouse(s), because here comes trouble! The B&H Photo Mega Deal Zone is back! It began on Tuesday 6/20/23 at 12:01am ET and it is expected to run until Thursday 6/22/23 at 11:59pm ET, a total of 72 hours!

As of the time of writing, 1498 products are participating! The “Mega Deal Zone” is like the All-Star Game of daily deals. Most of the daily deals of recent months have returned, all of them, at once! You can buy them all if you like! Until the sale ends or an individual product sells out, whichever happens first.

You can filter (on the left hand side on a desktop/laptop viewport) the products by “Categories” and Brand and custom price range, and you can even search within the search results. You can also sort by popularity and price and alphabetical and “newness” using the options on the top right corner of the page (desktop/laptop viewport).

Some of the products have “add to cart” coupon discounts, so be sure to look out for those, so you won’t miss any deals!

So many things, I obviously can’t list them all individually, but as I browse through them, I will point out some noteworthy deals in separate blog-posts!

Have Fun in this edition of the “All Star Game”! 🙂