Sunday: Film Canisters, Pentax Bino, 5n1 Reflector, 8-slot Charger Kit, Etc

Sunday is here and to the B&H Photo daily deals we go, good until Sunday 11:59pm ET [or earlier if sold out]:

+ Watson 8-Bay Rapid Charger with MX AA NiMH and CX AA Rechargeable NiMH Battery Kit for $45
+ 8-slot (two 4-slot bays) battery charger
+ two 4-packs of AA rechargeables
+ two 4-slot cases

+ Impact 5-in-1 Collapsible Circular Reflector with Handles (32″) for $22

+ Pentax 4X20 VD WP 3-in-1 Binocular for $189

+ Ziv Film Storage Canisters, two options, $8 to $10

+ RucPac Professional Halo Headlamp for $20
+ put that high ISO to work and become the first ever headlamp light-painting photographer 🙂

+ LexMark MB2236adw Monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer for $160
+ think of all the Wikipedia and PDFs and ePUBs you can print on this 😉

Meanwhile the Adorama daily deal [changes Sunday 10am ET] is the new condition Apai Genie S1 Auto Smart Shooting 360 Degree Object Tracking Smart Phone Holder going for $15…

To the DiscountMags Weekend Sale we go, where they don’t have photography magazines this time either but the theme of the weekend is a multi-year sale. There are plenty of “six degrees of separation” magazines such as National Geographic, lifestyle, sports, fashion, travel, local travel, outdoors/wildlife, etc…

And if you are a fan of the Best Buy Way, these are their latet Open Box and Refurbished offers. This is not part of their daily deals, but of “clearance deals of the week”…